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Peters is the name of a FIRM employee who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Day of Jeopardy (episode).


It is not entirely clear which character is Peters. There is a FIRM employee with many lines who is not named in the dialogue, and this might be Peters. After Airwolf had been intercepted by some Hughes 500 gunships sent out by Barkley Kase, Hawke and Archangel suspected that there might be a traitor within the FIRM. At the time, Airwolf was being flown remotely by Ground Control from the FIRM. Investigations by Archangel's aide Vivian narrowed it down to a FIRM ground control officer who we shall assume is named Peters. For one thing, Peters was the ground control officer who was on duty during the incident. For another, Peters was known to be in financial difficulties. Also, someone had transferred $50,000 to his account two days after he had been given the assignment. In his defence, Peters said he had two ex-wives and this accounted for his financial difficulties. In any case, the flight plan for the flight of Airwolf by ground control was transmitted from higher up to the FIRM with a 15 second lead time. How could he hope to leak that information out? Archangel, listening to his explanations, was forced to admit that he had a point.

Portrayed By

Peters is played by Jack Hogan.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.