President Harold Ngomo

President Harold Ngomo is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled And They Are Us (episode).


President Harold Ngomo is the president of the African country of South Limbawe which has been at war with its neighbour North Limbawe. Formerly a history professor, Marella describes him as "your basic figurehead statesman, but very popular with the people." His military commander, General Ali Butami, was the real power in the country, making Ngomo somewhat like a "nice guy with a Hitler calling the shots," as Archangel put it.

At the time of the events in the episode, Butami has been dominating the important decisions in the country for three years. He has secretly set up a missile base with help of Eastern bloc countries and has been planning to launch an attack on North Limbawe. When Ngomo finds out, he angrily approaches General Butami at the missile base and demands that the planned attack be stopped. He threatens to call a special session of congress. But General Butami places him under arrest and orders his soldiers to execute him. Basically mounting a military coup.

But Hawke and Dominic happen to be at the base to talk to Colonel Martin James Vidor and they see Ngomo being marched out and tied to a stake to face the firing squad. Just then, Butami's troops also capture Hawke and Dominic and Butami wants them to be executed as well. However, Hawke and Dominic break free and run towards Airwolf, releasing Ngomo on the way. Hawke is hit but manages to get on board in time and the three escape to safety.

Ngomo is taken to the North where he meets with President Seko Logana. They settle their differences and agree to form a coalition government, but that would only work if Airwolf could stop Butami from starting his war--which of course Airwolf does, by blowing up the missile base and killing Butami.

At the end of the episode, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that the coalition government is still holding very well, and that Ngomo and Logana are even friends "in a manner of speaking".

Vidor office-and they are us.jpg
Ngomo (right) being taken into custody by troops of General Butami. Colonel Vidor (center) doesn't exactly approve but then he is a "soldier for hire" for General Butami.

Portrayed By

President Harold Ngomo is played by Milton Murill[1]


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