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Suriana, a hospital




TERESA: (SPEAKING SPANISH) Buenos dias. Digame donde podemos.... (can't make out the rest)



TERESA: Estoy aqui, tengo por ti.

GUZMAN: Teresa....

TERESA: Shh. We're gonna get youout of here, Papa.







SOLDIER: Alto ese ascensor. Llama el capitán.

SOLDIER: Detenerlos!


lnside the ambulance

TERESA: How is he?

DOCTOR: He's worse than before.

TERESA: Those animals,they did nothing for him.

DOCTOR: He needs rest,warmth, time to recover.

GUZMAN: Where is he?

TERESA: Rest, Papa.

GUZMAN: Where is he?

On a fishing trip

MAN ON RADIO: The President returns today from his historic Middle East visit, promising to have the new trade bill outlined before the end of this month. The US Attorney General has given the go-ahead to new funding to be...

DOC: Well, look at this. Got yourself some beauties there, Hawke. Where'd you catch them?

HAWKE: Other side of the lake, over there. There's plenty more where these came from.You ought to try your hand.

DOC: Yeah, sure,this afternoon.

HAWKE: There some reason why you're always glued to the news like that?

DOC: There are some friends of mine. I think there might be something on the news about them. I wanna catch it.


HAWKE: Anybody I might know?

DOC: I don't think so. It's another place,another time, you know.

HAWKE: Well, I caught them. You clean them.

MAN ON RADIO.:...cockles of any heart. Little Tommy Rombeo and his...



EMILIO: Hello.

HAWKE: Hello to you, too. Sorry to tell you,but this little pieceof paradise is already taken.

EMILIO: We will not stay. Mr. Jason Gifford?

DOC: That's me.

EMILIO: The people at the lodge said that we might find you here. Someone needs medical attention. Will you help?

DOC: Sure, if I can.

HAWKE: There goes your fishing.

DOC: Okay, where is he?

EMILIO: Well, he is some distance.

DOC: And what's his name?

EMILIO: Marios Guzman.

DOC: No. She already asked me and I said, no. And I'm saying it to you again.

EMILIO: This time we must insist.




HAWKE: Don't worry, Doc. I'll come after you.

DOC: No, no, please! It's my problem, Hawke. Just stay away from this one.

HAWKE: The hell I will.

Later, Dominc and Caitlin joins Hawke by the lake

HAWKE: G-U-Z, Guzman. Goozman. Something like that.

CAITLIN: Marios Guzman. The former president of Suriana. A group of commandoes just busted him out of prison.

DOMINIC: What's this got to do with Doc Gifford?

HAWKE: Well, earlier, he was talking about old friends. I'll be willing to bet you a brand new set of dry flies he's an unwilling passenger on his way to South America right now.

DOMINIC: Then I guess those dry flies are gonna stay dry for a while.

HAWKE: Looks like it.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Okay. Clear sailing.

CAITLIN: You know, we're gonna cross a different country's airspace every 10 minutes down there.

DOMINIC: Thank God for radar suppression.

HAWKE: I'm more concerned about our reception in Suriana. I hope Archangel reached the ambassador.

Suriana, Guzman's safehouse


TERESA: (SPEAKING SPANISH) Carlos, Carlos. Esconde de pones arma.... (can't make out the rest)


GUZMAN: Is it really possible? Tomas, can I speak to the people one more time?

TOMAS:We have the equipment. We have the will to do much more than talk, Mr. President.

GUZMAN: What do you have in mind, Tomas?

TOMAS: A demonstration of your continuing powers.

TERESA: I gave orders that no one was to be let in.

TOMAS: I am Tomas Sanchez. I was your father's political advisor.

TERESA: I know who you are. The fact is, you've compromised security by coming here. There are patrols all over the region. Jets in the sky.

TOMAS: Then he has to be moved.

TERESA: Don't you tell me what I must do with my father. Luis, show him out.

GUZMAN: Tomas, we will talk later.

TERESA: Papa, you can't continue to see people until you're better.

GUZMAN: Did you hear what Tomas said, mi hija? He said there is a way that I can broadcast to the people.

TERESA: I didn't get you out of the hospital to revive your career.

GUZMAN: No, no. Nothing like that.Nothing. Just.... Just a farewell from an old man.

TERESA: We'll see.

U.S. Ambassador's residence

HOFFMAN: Your friend, Jason Gifford, is a jack of all trades. Six years ago, he was employed by a local company as a crop duster. He met Marios Guzman at that time. Guzman was a popular revolutionary figure and Gifford flew some non-combat missions for him. Guzman was a strange one. Suffers from liver ailments but never trusted doctors. Only your friend,Gifford. He swore by this serum that he picked up at a quack clinic across the border. Hansen's Clinic, maybe you've heard of it.

HAWKE: What happened after he came to power?

HOFFMAN: What always happens, absolute power. He was president for five years. A lonely, a sick man. Finally, the military threw him in prison.

CAITLIN: What happened to his daughter?

HOFFMAN: Obviously, they patched up their differences.

HAWKE: Why do you say that?

HOFFMAN: Because she was the one who broke him out of jail.

HAWKE: Well, then where are they?

HOFFMAN: Probably up in the Contadora District. He's still very popular up there. That's big, big territory to cover. Which brings me to my final point. This country is dangerous right now. My advice to you is to be very careful and do not take sides.

Guzman's safehouse



EMILIO: Okay. There's a step here. Watch your step.

EMILIO: Lo logramos, lo logramos!

DOC: Hello, Teresa. Nice of you to invite me here on such short notice.

TERESA:I respect that you didn't want to come.

GUZMAN: Doc? Esta aqui? Doc?

GUZMAN: Oh, Doc. You're here. You're here, and you brought the serum. Oh! Teresa. Teresa. Come. Stand next to Doc. Like the old days. Make me a picture. Come.

GUZMAN: Oh, now everything is right. Everything is possible. Everything.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Oh, it's a real circus down there, String.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, they're worried about more than just an escaped prisoner. He's a political threat, too.

CAITLIN: You know, guys, we have to remain completely neutral in this situation.

HAWKE: Yeah, if we can.

Guzman's safehouse

TERESA: Here we are. Like the old days.

DOC: The old days.Do you remember the old days the way I do? That excitement. That feeling that anything was possible now that your revolution had been achieved. Peace. Equality. Justice.


DOC: Yeah, that, too. Why didn't you come back with me? You knew what he was becoming, Teresa. You knew it.

TERESA: This is my country. He is my father. How could I leave either of them at that time?

DOC: So who are you doing it for now, your father or your country?

TERESA: This is not a political act, Jason. They were killing him in that hospital. I begged them. I tried all the proper channels, the international committees, nothing made any difference. I had to take action. Now he's in your hands. I'm glad. Even if it's wrong.

DOC: Teresa, I gotta tell you the truth.

TERESA: Doc, don't....

DOC: The serum that your father believes in so much is absolutely worthless.

TERESA: It worked before.

DOC: No, it didn't.

TERESA: He seemed to improve.

DOC: You just wanted to believe it, but it didn't. I'm so sorry.

TERESA: You can make him well. He trusts you.

DOC: Teresa, what happens when he dies?

TERESA: You're free to go. I give you my word.

Jensen's Clinic

JENSEN: Do you realize that since Marios Guzman was taken from prison, I've had the police,the army, and the secret police of two nations flying in here at all hours to ask a few questions? My patients are delicate. I hate to think what all this is doing to my cure ratio.

HAWKE: What about your most famous patient, Doctor?

JENSEN: I wish the President a speedy recovery.

DOMINIC: But you won't admit to supplying him with the stuff?

JENSEN: A man in my position must be circumspect, do you understand?

CAITLIN: Doctor, we're just trying to find our friend. We really don't have anything to do with politics.

JENSEN: A group of young men came here yesterday for serum. Gifford was with them. I remembered him from the times he used to fly Guzman here for treatment. They left, and I don't know where.

HAWKE: Well, thank you very much, Doctor.

JENSEN: Look, could I say something? He must be terminal this time. Your friend hasn't a chance.

DOMINIC: Is this the stuff?

JENSEN: Oh, careful. That's radioactive.

DOMINIC: Oh, radioactive, huh? Hmm.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Another village coming up, String.

CAITLIN: This is number 11. How long is it gonna take?

HAWKE: As long as it takes.

DOMINIC: Bingo. That's got to be it. In that house.

CAITLIN: You know, we can't just go in there shooting. There's no telling what might happen to Doc.

HAWKE: No, I'll fly off about a mile or so and set her down.

DOMINIC: And then what?

HAWKE: You two wait for my signal.

DOMINIC: Yeah, I was afraid you'd say that.

CAITLIN: There's probably a rebel army down there. How are you gonna get past them?

HAWKE: Easy. I'll pretend I'm not there.

Guzman's safehouse

EMILIO: Those old windows never have fit like they should, sir.

GUZMAN: Don't apologize.

EMILIO: May I say something, sir? I want you to know I was there. In the city, the day your troops marched in. September 10. It's a day I shall never forget. People dancing in the streets, barefoot, even in the cold. The revolution was at hand. And I said then, "I'm going to join our Presidente." And here I am. It's a fond memory.

GUZMAN: Thank you, Emilio. What about you, Doc? You were there, too. Do you remember it fondly, the 10th of September?

DOC: Look, just lie still, please.

GUZMAN: You see, Tomas, Doc blames me that the people eventually felt the cold of the streets on their bare feet.

DOC: That's not what happened, is it? The cold they felt was your turning against them. That's what happened.

GUZMAN: You see, Tomas, Doc has never been married. He doesn't know about honeymoons, that they don't last forever. And he's never ruled a nation. He doesn't know that events rule the man and rarely the other way around.

DOC: Well, I still believe that we have something to say about what happens to us.



DOC: Hawke! How the hell did you find me here?

HAWKE: You smell like fish. Next time you clean them,wash your hands better.

GUZMAN: Who are you?

EMILIO: He's a friend, Senor Presidente.

TOMAS: He's an American.



HAWKE: Come on, let's go.

DOC: We'll never make it.

HAWKE: Yeah, we will.I've got the lady along.


HAWKE: Hold it right there! Get your hand off your weapon.

HAWKE: Come on, let's go.

GUZMAN: Doc, you can't leave me.

DOC: String, I gotta stay a while and look after the old man.

HAWKE: Doc, this guy kidnapped you.

DOC: I'm gonna see this through as long as he goes free.

HAWKE: I'm not buying that.

DOC: If I have her word, you can buy it.

TERESA: Go ahead. Doc can leave in a week, no matter what happens.

DOC: Okay.


TOMAS: You can't be serious.

TERESA: Forget him, Tomas.

TOMAS: Doc is an American. Their own necks are all they care about. It's insane, Teresa. He'll go right to the junta.

TERESA: I gave Doc my word. Doc gave me his.

TOMAS: Your word? A word? Did you tell the hospital you were a holy sister? Did you tell your father he would live to be 100 years old? Don't let him go. For God's sake, Marios, tell her this is the real world.

GUZMAN: It's her decision.

HAWKE: So you're really gonna stay, huh? I can't talk youout of it?

DOC: Well, it's a good place to work on my tan.

TERESA: Emilio! Luis!

DOC: Teresa?

HAWKE: Dom, lift off. Code Fire.

TOMAS: What's Code Fire?

DOC: You go to hell, all of you. So much for your word.

GUZMAN: Now you are beginning to see. You must be a realist. You had no more choice than I had when I was President.Events rule us, not the other way around. Look at this storm. Even the gods are on our side.

TERESA: On our side, Papa? Are you mad?

GUZMAN: I mean that there can be no air search in such weather. There, that's what I mean.

TERESA: Papa, I feel alien here. Whatever happened to trust, to keeping a promise?

GUZMAN: What happened to Doc's friend? Why didn't you let him go? Why did you keep the advantage? You're not an alien. You're Teresa Guzman. This is your home. You're my daughter. My heir. My revenge.

U.S. Ambassador's residence

HOFFMAN: I've never heard of Code Fire.

DOMINIC: It means, "Get me out," if he's in trouble.

HOFFMAN: And what if he can't get out in time?

CAITLIN: Then we do whatever is necessary to get him out. Make sure he doesn't suffer.

DOMINIC: If he's being abused.

HOFFMAN: Our intelligence reports that Guzman's planning to address the nation on the radio. If he calls for violence, we could find ourselves in the middle of a civil war. Just make sure you don't start it.

Guzman's safehouse

GUZMAN: (SPEAKING INTO A TAPE RECORDER) My children, the crying need for reform and revolution in this nation has not disappeared magically under the present government. It exists. No, it more than exists, it flourishes. The same spirit that enabled us to fight against impossible odds. That same spirit that danced barefoot in the cold streets but felt only the warmth of freedom. I will be with you always and always ready if you call.

TOMAS: A wonderful speech, my President.

GUZMAN:Thank you, Tomas. Now prepare to broadcast this.

TOMAS: Yes, my President.

TERESA: That didn't sound like a farewell speech to me.

GUZMAN: Who can say?




HAWKE: Give me a gun.




DOC: Yeah?

HAWKE: You cover my tail.

DOC: Got it.



TERESA: Emilio!

HAWKE: You got any more friends like this one?

DOC: Do you realize this man just saved your lives?

TERESA: I'm grateful. They probably radioed for help. Get the stretcher. We'll take the back road.

DOC: You're all soldier now, aren't you?

TERESA: Help them with the stretcher.

Out in the bush


TERESA: Andarle. Luis.


TERESA: Doc, let's rest a moment.

DOC: That's it.

DOC: String, String.

EMILIO: Andarle, andarle.

HAWKE: I don't like what you're thinking.

DOC: We'll never have a better chance than right now,my friend. Come on.

HAWKE: They'll cut us down before we're halfway there.

DOC: They got other things to think about.Come on.

HAWKE: I don't know.

DOC: Come on. We can separate. I'll meet you back at the home of the American Ambassador. Okay? I promise.

DOC: Will you move?


HAWKE: You were right, Doc. They never got off a shot. Doc? Doc?

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Coming up on the village. All scanners on.

DOMINIC: Hey, I don't like the looks of this.

CAITLIN: What do you mean?

DOMINIC: Well, I read one shot-up house. There's still some radioactive...

DOMINIC: Uh-oh, I've got one body down there moving.

HAWKE: Come in, Airwolf!


DOMINIC: Hey, you all right?

HAWKE: Yeah, I'm fine. Doc got me out. But we lost him again. I'll meet you at the landing site.

DOMINIC: Let's go, Cate.

Out in the bush and at a telephone depot

EMILIO: Vamanos. Vamanos.


TOMAS: Esta bien. .... tiempo. Vamanos. Vamanos.


Onboard Airwolf

HAWKE: We pick up Doc tracing the old man. Then we swing back to the Ambassador's for Caitlin.

DOMINIC: She understands. We need the room.

At a warehouse

TERESA: Haganlo, ne tan lo. A la casa. Rmilio. Llevate camion por camino ???? okay?

EMILIO: Bueno.

OTHERS: Vamonos. Mas ???? presidente. Andarle.

DOC: What is all that stuff?

MANUEL: It's for the broadcast. The weather balloon takes the antenna aloft. And from here we can reach nearly the whole country.

GUZMAN: I have.... I have no more serum.

TERESA: The serum didn't work anyway. It was always Doc who got you through. And you, you're a fighter. You always were. Fight now!

GUZMAN: My little, little Teresa. Doc, you understand. Explain.


DOC: Come here.

DOC: He's not gonna make it, you know?

TERESA: I know. Thank you for letting my friend Hawke go.

TERESA: All I ever wanted was to get my father to a decent hospital. Look at me now. An armed fugitive. You and I enemies.

DOC: No.

TERESA: Once we broadcast, who knows? My father was right. Events will just overtake us. I am his revenge. His heir.

TERESA: It's okay, Papa. Relax.

DOC: Telefonos Contadora? Oh, my God.

GUZMAN: (ON TAPE, BEING BROADCAST) I was with you then, in the mountains along the banks....

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: There it is. Bearing one-niner-five.

HAWKE: Dom, give me turbos.


At the warehouse


GUZMAN ON TAPE: ....and in the barricades....

LUIS: Senorita Guzman, Emilio is dead.

DOC: There are patrols out there. You gotta...

GUZMAN: (ON TAPE) we faced a common foe. We were invincible then. We were comrades.We were brothers....

TERESA: For you and for Emilio.

GUZMAN: When the last of our enemies has fallen and we ourselves are dust, our...

REBEL: I'll watch the road.

DOC: Teresa, there are dynamite boxes in the garage next door. They got detonator caps, wire. What are they for?

LUIS: We didn't bring those.

DOC: Now, what was the dynamite for?

TERESA: I don't know.

GUZMAN: (ON TAPE) My blood spilled with yours as we faced a common...

DOC: Look, you. You were here when we got here. You work for Sanchez, right?

GUZMAN: (ON TAPE) That same spirit that danced barefoot in the cold streets but felt only the warmth of freedom.

DOC: That was a signal, wasn't it?

TERESA: Manuel?

MANUEL: It's too late. It's too late to stop the trucks now.

DOC: You see, car bombs.


TERESA: Where? How many?

MANUEL: Four. The palace, the shipyard, the barracks.

DOC: Well, that's three. What's the other one?

MANUEL: Sanchez, and he is driving that one himself. And he didn't say the target. That's the truth. I swear it.

DOC: Teresa, you're the only one who can stop them. Get on this microphone. All right. Bring this country back to its senses.


TERESA: (ON RADIO) This is Teresa Guzman.


TERESA: This is Teresa Guzman.

TERESA: We are helpless.


DOC: Come on. Let's go.


DOMINIC: Easy with the mayhem, String. We don't want to hurt anybody if we don't have to.

HAWKE: I'm keeping them honest.


DOMINIC: Honest?


DOC: There are car bombs. The revolution has to be stopped. Teresa can do it. She's gonna broadcast on the government frequency, all right?

DOMINIC: We're all set on the government's frequency.

TERESA: This is Teresa Guzman. I am broadcasting to the people of Suriana. My father is dead. His voice, which you heard moments ago, was a tape recording, a trick. It is time for the conflict to end. There are men on missions of terrorism who believe they are acting in the name of my father. They're not.


TERESA: I implore you, before you reach your targets, destroy your vehicles in uninhabited areas. This is the legacy my father would truly cherish.

DOMINIC: I knew it. It was only a matter of time. Government F-4's, a pair of them, closing fast.

TERESA: They'll shoot us down.

HAWKE: They'll have to catch us first.

TERESA: Whatever happens, I thank you for trying.

DOMINIC: Trying, hell! I just registered three ground explosions out in the middle of nowhere.

HAWKE: Where's number four?

TERESA: That must be Sanchez.

HAWKE: He's pretty bitter against Americans. You suppose he'd go after the Embassy?

DOMINIC: It's too well protected.

HAWKE: So what else do we have?

TERESA: The Ambassador's residence.

DOMINIC: My God, Caitlin's there.

U.S. Ambassador's residence



CAITLIN: Hey, kids! Here, take my hand. Take my hand. Come on. Run! Run!


DOMINIC: More Phantoms at 9.:00.



Back at the warehouse

DOMINIC: Hey, you okay?

DOC: Sure, after a taste of Airwolf, they never come back.

LUIS: Where is Senorita Guzman?

CAITLIN: We dropped her off back at the Ambassador's house.

DOMINIC: Well, I guess you're going to have to sit in my lap, Doc.

DOC: Listen, I don't know what to say but...

HAWKE: You're staying, huh?

DOC: Yeah, for a few weeks,maybe longer.

CAITLIN: We understand.

DOMINIC: Hey, we got things we believe in, too.

DOC: Okay. Thumbs up,everybody.

CAITLIN: Good bye.