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Proof Through The Night was the fourth episode of Season 1. The episode first aired on 2/11/1984.[1] This is still early in the series and a lot of screen time is spent introducing the audience to background details: Airwolf's capabilities, the Wolf's Lair, and the F.I.R.M. headquarters (whose codename "Knightsbridge" is mentioned for the first time). Time is also spent developing the relationship between Archangel and Marella. Archangel's real name is mentioned in full for the first time, by Marella.

Plot synopsis

Archangel sends Hawke and Santini to extract a F.I.R.M agent from the Soviet Union. The agent has obtained something so urgent and vital that he has deemed it necessary to blow his cover after 22 years: a deadly neurotoxin developed by Russian scientists. The mission is complicated by the fact that Airwolf's must fly without its weapons in order to carry the fuel needed to cover the requisite distance with the "extra weight" of the agent and his family. To make things worse, the agent's wife and daughter refuse to leave.

Episode summary

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Story Locations

  • Sverdlovsk, U.S.S.R.
  • Kirivitz, U.S.S.R.

Aircraft seen

Firearms seen

Research notes

  • Marella uses the callsign "Angel 1" when flying Archangel's LongRanger helicopter. This callsign is heard again in Season 2 Moffett's Ghost (episode) when Marella is flying a JetRanger.
  • The callsign or codename "Jericho" is also heard. This is also used by Hawke in Moffett's Ghost (episode) to summon Archangel on the radio.
  • Hawke calls Marella the most beautiful, most intelligent woman in the world.

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