Airwolf Wiki

A lab in Sverdlovsk, U.S.S.R

[Shows a serum being used]

[Some Russian speaking]

Scientist: Nyet!

[Rostoff leaves]

Hawke's Cabin

Archangel: You may be his only hope for escape.

Hawke: Do we have other options?

Marella: Of course. We can always invade Russia.

Archangel: Moses will make his way to that hunting cabin. it's in a remote section of the Urals, about 90 kilometres east of Sverdlovsk. Marella will give you precise coordinates for Airwolf's computer.

Hawke: Moses?

Marella: If you would read the dossier, Stringfellow, instead of just looking at all the pretty pictures, You would know that Vladimir Rostoff's codename is Moses.

[Tet whines]

Hawke: Cute.

Marella: Thank you!

Archangel: I don't think either of you realises the seriousness of this situation.

Marella: Yes-

Archangel: If Moses has blown his cover after 22 years, it has to be for something big. He's risen higher than we dared hope. Kept us out of at least a dozen small wars, and maybe on a couple of occasions, the big one. And now he's thrown all that away, for whatever it's worth, so you can bet it's going to be for something damned important.

[Hawke takes a photo out of the dossier]

Hawke: Who's this?

Archangel: Natalia and Tanya Rostoff.

Hawke: So he's got a family.

Archangel: He's been there 22 years.

Hawke: I assume you've got a refuelling tanker somewhere in the Norwegian basin.

Archangel: Yes.

Hawke: It's still a 3000 mile round trip through Russian airspace. Airwolf could make it, but not with 5 people.

Archangel: She can if you strip the armament.

Hawke: [Laughs] You're asking me to fly Airwolf into Russia without any guns?

Archangel: It's the only way.

Hawke: It's not exactly like pulling a mole out of easier territory.

Archangel: I told you, he's got something big or he wouldn't be coming out!

Marella: Rostoff is no ordinary agent. On his first assignment, he was decorated for saving the life of a fellow agent when the mission went sour.

Archangel: Marella...

Marella: That agent's name is Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, codenamed-

Hawke. Archangel.

Archangel: That has nothing to do with it.

Hawke: Of course not.

Archangel: Will you take the mission?

Hawke: The third, huh?

[Marella chuckles]

Archangel: I wouldn't throw stones, Stringfellow.

[Archangel's JetRanger lifts off.]

Archangel's JetRanger

Marella: Sir, could I play devil's advocate for a moment?

Archangel: I encourage you too.

Marella: Well, some of our sister agencies suspect that we are in liaison with Hawke and Airwolf.

Archangel: They haven't been able to prove it.

Marella: No, sir. But you can be sure that if they suspect, so do the Russians. And that this might possibly be an elaborate effort by the Soviets to capture Airwolf.

Archangel: Anything is possible, but it's not very probable.

Marella: I agree, unless one of two things has happened. One, the Soviets have uncovered Moses and are using him, giving him something that he thinks is so important that he has to bring us in to extract him.

Archangel: No. If the KGB uncovered him, they wouldn't risk his slipping away in a rouse to capture Airwolf.

Marella: Two, he's been living is Russia for over 20 years. He's got a wife, daughter, friends...he may have turned.

[Archangel gives Marella an incredulous look.]

Marella: I didn't say you'd like it.

Archangel: I think it stinks.

Marella: Yes, sir.

Archangel: I assume you've run these scenarios of yours through the computer.

Marella: Yes, sir. I took the statistics for all our counter-intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, covering deep undercover agents. I cross-referenced with those who has turned, and out of the psychological probability of change doe to midlife crisis, sexual promiscuity, children reaching-

Archangel: Dammit Marella, what's the bottom line?

Marella: The odds are 50-50 that Hawke is flying Airwolf into a trap.

Valley of the Gods

Dominic: This is the stupidest plan I ever heard. Some Ruskie out hoppin' bear with a bow and arrow could bring us down.

Hawke: He'd have to have armour piercing arrows.

Dominic: Aw, you know what I mean.

Hawke: So you don't like the plan.

Dominic: I think it stinks.

Hawke: Got a better one?

Dominic: You bet! Let's not go at all!

[Dominic laughs]

Inside the Lair

Dominic: Ah. No matter how many times I see her, she still takes my breath away.

Hawke: Yeah.

[Airwolf starting up][Music starts][Airwolf leaving the Lair][Airwolf howl]

Somewhere in the Baltic Sea

Pilot: 10 bucks it's an SR-71.

Co-Pilot: Harrier Jet.

Pilot: What the hell would we be doing refuelling a Harrier within spitting distance of Russia?

Co-Pilot: I don't know the mission, I just know it's a Harrier. Why else would we be using a straight line refuelling rig?

Pilot: An SR-71 uses a straight line refuelling rig.

Co-Pilot: I didn't know that.

Pilot: That's why you're going to lose 10 bucks.

Crew: Captain, I-I have an aircraft approaching for hook up.

Pilot: What is it?

Crew: Uh, I'd rather not say, sir.

[Airwolf approaches for hook up]

Inside Airwolf

Dominic: Uh oh. I got two bogies, Angel 30's, closing fast on the heading of 0-1-5.

Hawke: MIGs?

Dominic: MIG 23's. Hey, I thought this was Finland?

Hawke: I don't think the Soviet's pay too much attention to road signs around their borders. Hang on.

[Airwolf drops][Shots of the MIGs][Music playing][Airwolf flying]

Dominic: They're directly overhead.

Hawke: Altitude?

Dominic: Angel's 30, I'm absorbing 90% of their radar scan. They're retaining altitude. Heading North-east-hey, I don't think they spotted us String.

[Music Playing][Sun going down]

Dominic: Oh! When the sun goes down here it really goes down, huh?

Hawke: Well it come us just as fast. We've got around 8 hours this time of year. Three in, three out and two if it moves or something.

Dominic: Uh-uh. Could be less. Those MIG's are descending and coming back. Now why would they do a thing like that?

Hawke: Well Dom, they might have spotted us.

[Shots of the MIG's][Shot of Airwolf][Music playing]

Dominic: They're climbing, I think they lost us.

[Shot of Airwolf]

Dominic: Oh my god, no one can fly blind this low!

Hawke: I know.

Dominic: Then pull up!

Hawke: I can't, Russians will pick us up on radar.

Dominic: It's better than in little pieces!

[Shot of Airwolf]

Dominic: Aw String, this is nuts.

Hawke: Those MIG's gone?

Dominic: They're moving off the grid to the North.

Hawke: Turn on my helmet view. It's the CC panel.

[Dominic turns it on]

Dominic: Mama mia! What is that?

Hawke: SLAS. Star Light Amplification System. It amplifies available light a million times. Turns night into day.

Dominic: Ooh, that's great String. But now that the MIG's are gone, can we go up just a little?

Hawke: Yeah, I guess we could ease up a few feet.

Dominic: Thank you.

[Shots of Airwolf]

Archangel's JetRanger

Archangel: Well, if they snagged a snowdrift or been run over by a heard of reindeer, they should be approaching that cabin just about now.

Marella: Then one way or another, we should know what is happening soon.

Archangel: We won't, but they will.

[Archangel turns on radio]

Marella: Knightsbridge, this is Angel 1. We are five miles out over the main gate. Request a Jericho approach to the pad?

Knightsbridge: Angel 1? Knightsbridge, approach approved. You are clear to land.

[JetRanger lands]

Inside Airwolf

[Shots of Airwolf]

Dominic: According to the computer, we should be within 10 kilometres of the cabin. No wait, you'd better slow down. In 4, 3, 2, 1

[Airwolf's turbo's cut]

Dominic: String, I got a heat source 300 meters up at three o'clock, could be human.

Hawke: Give me the lights.

[Airwolf's searchlight turns on]

[birds chirping] Hawke: Hit the lights.

[Airwolf's searchlight comes on] Hawke: Invite him into the clearing.

Dominic: Right.

[computer beeping]

Dominic: Hey, see if you can get him to look up, will you?


Dominic: I said get him to look up, not scare the hell out of me.

Hawke: Sorry. Is it him?

Dominic: A little older, but it's him.

Hawke: You got any other heat sources?

Dominic: Nope.

Hawke: That's too bad.

Dominic: Why, you looking for trouble?

Hawke: No. But if Rostoff's bringing his family out, there ought to be two other heat sources somewhere in the area.

Rostoff's cabin

Hawke: Rostoff?

Hawke:I came to take you home, Moses.

Rostoff: I thought you were Soviet military.

Hawke: Why, are they hunting you?

Rostoff: I must assume so.

Rostoff: They may have deduced by now it was no accident.

Hawke: What?

Rostoff: I've been without sleep for three days.

Rostoff: My thinking is a bit muddled.

Rostoff: I stole a biological weapon and covered the theft by creating an accident, a fatal accident. Some of them were my friends.

Hawke: It must be some weapon.

Rostoff: It is. Air carried. Lethal in two seconds. Totally undetectable and untraceable.

Rostoff: The only deterrent is for both sides to have it then each will fear retaliation.

Hawke: Archangel was right. You are an exceptional man.

Rostoff: How is Michael?

Hawke: Oh, he's a little the worse for wear but he's still recruiting the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world.

Rostoff: I used to think that would be his downfall. Now I think it may be his strength.

Hawke: We gotta get going.

Rostoff: Yes, of course.

Hawke: Where is your family?

Rostoff: They're waiting at Kirivitz, 200 kilometers east of here.

Hawke: Hey, I'm not running a shuttle bus service.

Rostoff: I didn't know how long it would take the Firm to extract me.

Rostoff: I couldn't risk my family being caught here with me.

Hawke: My orders are to get you out.

Hawke: You would separate a man from his family?

Hawke: If I had to. Yes.

Rostoff:That's why I left the serum I stole with my wife.

On board Airwolf

Rostoff: Your helicopter, it's incredible. Mach 1 plus. We have nothing like this.

Dominic: What do you mean we?

Rostoff: I mean the Soviets.

Rostoff: I.R. jamming. Automatic defense system. Stealth mode. A choice of 14 offensive weapons.


Dominic: We wish. We had to strip the guns to--

Hawke: Dom.

Dominic: Huh?

Hawke: Have you got that readout on Kirivitz?

Rostoff: Of course. You had to trade weight for fuel.

Rostoff: You have nothing to shoot with, do you?

Hawke: I always save a little something.

Dominic: Kirivitz.

Dominic: Agro community. 1,200 people. 62 degrees north, 51 degrees west.

Rostoff: My family will be at my wife's brother's farm, north of the village.

Dominic: Hey, String. There's a Soviet missile complex all around Kirivitz.

Dominic: It's gotta have more security than Fort Knox.

Rostoff: The missiles were removed three months ago.

Rostoff: Those silos are empty and so are the barracks. It's part of the air defense rotation program.

Dominic: Yeah, but that's not what the computer says.

Rostoff:Then the computer is wrong.

Hawke: Archangel gave us the latest tapes for this mission.

Rostoff: Then there is obviously an intelligence lag.

Hawke: Or you're lying.

Down at Kirivitz

[owl hooting]

[crickets chirruping]

[men chattering in Russian]

[Airwolf hovers low]

Hawke: We are how far from the farmhouse?

Dominic: 10,000 meters.

Rostoff: Amazing.

Hawke: I count five people.

Rostoff: My family and Turgyev's wife and son.

Hawke: What do you think, Dom?

Dominic: Why ask me now?

Dominic: I don't think we should've have taken this job in the first place.

Dominic: I think we should have gone home from the cabin.

Dominic: And I think we're walking right into a trap.

Dominic: And I think that you're gonna do whatever you're gonna do no matter what I think.

Dominic: So why you asking me what I think?

Hawke: Hey, sorry.

Rostoff: There is a missile silo a mile to the west and another a mile and a half south.

Rostoff: They're both connected to the road that's in front of the farm.

Rostoff: As I said, they are empty, so you can take your pick.

Hawke: Dom?

Dominic: Now, let's see. I've got a small clearing, big enough, but not too big.

Dominic: There's a creek that runs through it to the farm about 1,500 meters on a heading of 215.

Hawke: Okay.

[men talking in Russian]

[balalaika playing and man singing Polyushko-polye]

Dominic: Nice, huh?

Rostoff: Turgyev has a great voice.He used to sing in the army choir.

Dominic: Kind of catchy. Where've I heard that before?

Rostoff: It's a song of bloodshed. Of struggle. Of glory.

Rostoff: A song of the Revolution.

[Turgyev continues singing]

Dominic: Revolu-- Oh, now I remember. You mean I've been humming a Communist song?

Rostoff: Think of it as a Russian version of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

[Turgyev continues singing]

Hawke: Hey, hold on a minute, let's have a look.

[crickets chirruping]

[singing continues]

Hawke: Just your family, huh?

Rostoff: Turgyev's in the local militia. They must be his friends.

Dominic: Oh, really?

Rostoff: Probably on a routine patrol checking the empty missile silos. To guard against vandalism.

Dominic: With AK-47s?

Hawke: I'll get rid of them.

Rostoff: No. You yourself said we were on a tight schedule.

Hawke: Did you ever think that maybe your accident has been discovered and they're here to pick you up?

Rostoff: They don't send the local militia for that, Mr. Hawke.

Hawke: Hey.

[gun clicks]

Rostoff: Shoot me and you lose the serum.

[gun cocking]

Hawke: And you lose your life.


[thunder rumbling]

Marella: The 1800 situation report is in.

Archangel: Well?

Marella: There's unusual Soviet air activity near the Manchurian border.

Archangel: Over 2,000 miles from Airwolf.

Marella: A satellite was launched at 1200 Zulu time from their space center at Baikonur.

Archangel: Orbit?

Marella: North-south elliptical, covering England, France, ltaly.

Archangel: They're beefing up their M.R. Missile spotting network.

Marella: Armored activity near Polish border.

Archangel: There was a work stoppage at Lodz yesterday. The Russians are just flexing their muscles.

Marella: And the rest was on the 1200 report.

Archangel: What is it?

Marella: An update in the communication section.

Marella: Increased radio traffic on KGB frequencies throughout the central Urals.

Marella: Specifically in the Sverdlovsk area.

Archangel: It's beginning to look like you could be right.

At Kirivitz

[balalaika playing]

Dominic: Hmm, beautiful. Sounds like one of them sad ltalian arias, huh?

Rostoff: It's a song about a young couple who die of unrequited love.

[man singing]

Dominic: Romeo and Juliet.


Rostoff: This was sung on the steppes of Russia long before Shakespeare was born.

Rostoff: He probably stole the idea from us.

Dominic: There you go with that us again.

Rostoff: I am Russian, Mr. Santini.

Dominic: I thought you were an American.

Rostoff: I was born in a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania, of Russian parents.

Rostoff: I was rocked to sleep to Russian lullabies. I celebrated Christmas on January 5. Prayed to God in a Russian Orthodox church. And when I fell in love, it was with a Russian girl.

Rostoff: I am American by birth and political conviction. But my heart and soul is Russian.

[crickets chirruping]

Dominic: Hmm!

[soldier speaking Russian]

[Turgyev speaking Russian]


[motorcycle revving]

[Rostoff speaking Russian]

[Turgyev converses with Rostoff in Russian]

[dog barks]


[Turgyev muttering in Russian]

Hawke: Hey, enough of this.

Hawke: Rostoff, we don't have time for this.

Hawke: You should have told your daughter earlier.

Tanya: Yes. You should have.

Dominic: Hey, she speaks English.

Tanya: And French and ltalian. We are not ignorant.

Dominic: [speaking French] Excuse me.

Tanya: [speaking Russian]

Hawke: If you speak English, speak English. Tanya: Nyet!

Dominic: I don't think she likes us, String.

Natalya: Neither do I.

Hawke: In your place I wouldn't like us much, either. But the reality is, your husband has to leave Russia or he's gonna be shot.

Tanya: Nyet.


Turgyev: [speaking Russian]

Rostoff: [speaking Russian]

Turgyev: [speaking Russian]

Natalya: [speaking Russian]

Turgyev: [speaking Russian]

Hawke: English, please.

Natalya: My brother does not speak English.

Hawke: Then he's excused. The rest of you aren't.

Hawke: Have you got that serum?

Natalya: In the bedroom.

Hawke: Hold on a minute. You say your brother-in-law's in the militia, where does he keep his gun?

Natalya: Also in the bedroom.

Hawke: Dom.

Dominic: Yeah, sure.

Tanya: [speaking Russian]

Hawke: Tanya, l like your spunk but if you don't start speaking English I'm gonna spank your butt.

Rostoff: Stop it, Tanya. I'm doing what I feel I must. Not for America, for people. For Russians and Americans.

Tanya: [speaking Russian] By betraying our country?

Rostoff: It's not a simple matter of betrayal.

Tanya: It seems simple to me.

Rostoff: That's because you are young and naive.

Tanya: Perhaps. But I am old enough to know that I will not betray my country.

Rostoff: Nor I mine.

Tanya: But Russia is your country.

Rostoff: No, Tanya. Russia is my heritage. The United States is my country and l took an oath to protect it, even if it cost me my life.

[helicopter approaching]

Hawke: I suppose it's just the local militia for some tea, huh?

Rostoff: They know the lab was not an accident.

Dominic: Is it Russian?

Dominic: Never mind.

[helicopter whirring]

Rostoff: We can try for your helicopter if one of us decoys them.

[Natalya yells in Russian]

[Turgyev runs out]


[loudspeaker on helicopter, shouting in Russian]

[pilot continues shouting in Russian]

[pilot speaking English. Do not move or I will shoot.]

Dominic: On the count of three, douse that light. And you get that lamp.And then hide behind that stove.

Dominic: You ready?

Rostoff: Da.

Dominic: One.

Dominic: Two.

[glass breaking]

Dominic: Three.

[Natalya and Tanya sobbing]

[Dominic fires AK-47]

[Helicopter fires machine guns]

[women screaming]

Dominic: Anybody hit?

Rostoff: No.

Rostoff: [speaking Russian]

Hawke: Don't shoot.

Dominic: If my reflexes were just a little faster, you'd have been a dead bunny.

Hawke: I was counting on that.

Dominic: T-Turgyev?

Hawke: He's okay. Took off toward the road, I think.

[helicopter whirring]

Rostoff: What is it?

Hawke: Get down!

[helicopter fires machine guns again]

[women screaming]

[helicopter receding]

Hawke: He's not trying to kill us.

Dominic: Yeah? You couldn't prove it by me.

Hawke: No, he's shooting high. Or trying to keep us pinned down till they get ground support.

Hawke: We'll have to decoy him to get out of here.

Rostoff: I will do it if you will get my family out.

Tanya: No, Papa. No!

Natalya: We will not go without you.

Rostoff: [speaking Russian]

Natalya: Nyet!


Natalya: Nyet.

Hawke: Hey, Moses, I don't know what they're saying, but it sounds like no to me.

Hawke: I'm not gonna haul two screaming, kicking women through the woods in the dark.

Hawke: Not when there's another way.

Rostoff: What other way?

Dominic: Hey, she ain't got no guns, remember?

[glass breaking]

[helicopter fires machine guns again]

[women screaming]

[bullets ricocheting]

Dominic: And in case you hadn't noticed, he does.

Hawke: Yeah, well, I figure that'll just about make it even.

[Machine guns firing again]

[women screaming]


[clock ticking]

Marella: Do you want something to eat?

Archangel: What?

Marella: Can I get you a sandwich or some hot soup?

Marella: I could send to--

Archangel: Oh, no, no, thank you, no.

Archangel: Oh, not yet, please, Marella. I wanna enjoy the sunset.

Marella: I'm sorry.

Archangel: For what?

Marella: For being right.

Archangel: Don't write this mission off yet.

Marella: But it's sunrise over the Urals.

Marella: Hawke was supposed to rendezvous with the tanker 15 minutes ago.

Archangel: That doesn't mean he's failed. Just that he's late.

Marella: Sir, if I were to put this mission through my computer right now, the odds would be a 1,000-to-1 against it.

Archangel: Probably higher. But we've got one thing going for us.

Marella: What? Archangel: Hawke doesn't know the odds.


Rostoff: He must hate me.

Dominic: Who, Turgyev?

Dominic: No. Not the way he greeted you last night.

Dominic: Oh, he... He may be hurt and angry. But given time, he'll remember all the good things between you.

Dominic: You say you sang together?

Rostoff: All the time. Our families used to say we drove them crazy, but they loved it. Especially the children.

Dominic: He'll remember.

[birds chirping]

Rostoff: You're a philosopher, Mr. Santini.

Dominic: Me? No. I've just lived a little. And I'd like to continue.

Dominic: I wonder what the hell he's up to.

[trucks approach]

Rostoff: It is over.

Dominic: No. We ain't finished yet.

Rostoff: At least he got out with the serum.

Dominic: What are you talking about? Hawke?

Rostoff: Of course. He did what he had to do: get the serum back.

Dominic: Yeah, well, you don't know Hawke.

Dominic: I'm gonna teach you to sit up there and make life miserable.

[Airwolf swoops in. Music]

[Russian helicopter crashes]


[truck overturns]


[chattering in Russian]

[Airwolf lands]

Dominic: Who needs guns?

[Dominic laughing]

Dominic: Get in! Get in!

[guns firing]

[Airwolf lifts off]

[guns continue firing]


Rendezvous with tanker

[MIGs fire several missiles. They miss.]

Pilot: I still can't figure Sgt. Tembrusco.

Pilot: He's flown on and off as my crew chief for five years. I've never seen him act so weird before.

Co-Pilot: Maybe that's why.

Pilot: I don't follow you.

Co-Pilot: Well, he knows it's a Harrier. He just didn't want you to lose the bet.

Pilot: It was not a Harrier. It was an SR-71.

Co-Pilot: Then why didn't Tembrusco say so?

Pilot: I don't know. Something's wrong.

Pilot: This is the first flight he's missed since--

Munga: Capt. Nuzo, I have an aircraft approaching for hookup.

Pilot: Same bet?

Co-Pilot: You're on.

Pilot: Airman, what's your name, son?

Munga: Uh, Airman Munga, sir.

Pilot: What kind of aircraft is that, Munga?

Munga: Uh, type, sir?

Pilot: That's right, Airman. What type?

Munga: Uh, it's a helicopter, sir.

Pilot: Where'd you get this guy?


[birds chirping]

[clock ticking]

Dominic: I was wrong.

Archangel: Hmm? What?

Marella: 0600 Zulu. Aircraft linkup with refueling tanker Tango over the Norwegian basin 0547 confirmed.


Marella: Hawke did it!

Archangel: Yeah, try to control yourself.

Marella: Yes, sir.

Archangel: You're acting like a trainee on her first mission instead of...


Archangel: He did it! All right.

Hawke's cabin

[wind whistling]

Dominic: I haven't had halupkis since I was a kid.

Dominic: And my friend Milo's mom, they were Russian, too, she made it for me.

Dominic: A-and then there was a special soup that she used to make for Christmas. With, uh, pasta and, uh, little meatballs.

Natalya: I never heard of that.

Dominic: Oh?

Dominic: Well, maybe that was Ling Soo's mom. They were Chinese, you know.

[all laugh]

Marella: So, uh, tell me, Mr. Rostoff, what was Michael like in the early days?

Archangel: Early days? You make me sound ancient.

Rostoff: Michael, you do look a little the worse for wear.

Archangel: All earned in the line of duty.


Tanya: [speaking Russian]

Rostoff: Tanya?

Tanya: [speaking Russian]

Archangel: Give her time, Vlad.

[liquid pouring]

Marella: Well, you haven't answered my question.

Marella: Thank you.

Hawke: Excuse me.

Rostoff: Well, in the beginning, Michael was a bit of a womanizer.

Archangel: What?


Marella: Do you, uh... Have you made any plans?

Marella: Now that you're back in the United States...


[bird cawing]

[birds twittering]

Hawke: Kind of pretty, huh?

Tanya: lt is not so beautiful as Russia.

Hawke: Yeah. From what I saw, that was a really beautiful country.

Tanya: Not commercial like United States.

[birds chirping]

Hawke: I guess you'll be going back.

Tanya: Of course. Just as soon as Mama and Papa...

Tanya: I will never give up Russia. Never.

Hawke: Nobody is asking you to, Tanya. You can't give up what's in your heart.

Tanya: You mean I will not be forced to become American?

Hawke: Well, I'm sure there'll be a lot of people who'll try to Americanize you. That's only natural.

Hawke: You might even find out some things about this country you like.

Tanya: Like what?

Hawke: I don't know. Music, books, films, fast food.

[bird chirping]

Hawke: But most of all, the freedom to accept or reject our culture or our politics as you see fit. Tanya: Prove it.

Hawke: That's something you'll have to find out for yourself.

[Hawke plays Polyushko-polye on his cello]

[Tanya sings to the music]

[Over at Kirivitz, Turgyev plays the balalaika and sings Polyushko-polye also].