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Quist is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Discovery".


Quist was a hitman for John Bradford Horn. He had been ordered to execute Tom Billings and his girlfriend Grace Harrison. Grace managed to escape and Quist found himself in big trouble, having to report his failure to his boss who did not tolerate mistakes. However Grace during her escape stumbled onto the location of the Wolf's Lair. Horn was keen to steal Airwolf and this offered Quist a chance to redeem himself. He worked with Grace and managed to locate the helicopter which was soon being ferried to ship at San Pedro harbour.

Quist thought his career was made and that he would be promoted to become Horn's right hand man. However Horn had other plans. Once Airwolf had been safely loaded on his ship, Horn instructed his men to execute Quist, because, like his victim Billings, the boss no longer had any use for him. His execution was however interrupted by the arrival of Hawke, Archangel and a F.I.R.M. assault team. Quist dived for cover and took part in the ensuing firefight between the F.I.R.M. personnel and Horn's men, although it is not clear which side he was taking. When he saw that Horn was about to escape in a helicopter, he charged for it and was shot dead by Horn's men.

Portrayed By

Tom Billings is played by Asher Brauner.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.