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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

  • Mad Over Miami (episode) - Sanchez personally handles one and fires it at Airwolf. He tells rebel troops erroneously that he is showing them the latest hand-launched heat-seeking missile. He is probably referring to the SA-7 Strela but he is clearly holding a ROG-7.

In "Mad Over Miami", Sanchez, the rebel leader shows off the RPG-7 to his troops. He will later fire it at Airwolf.

The running bandit to the right has just left the RPG-7 launcher by the wooden box. Note that it is not loaded with a rocket. This same footage is used in both "Mad Over Miami" and "Short Walk To Freedom".

This government soldier (second from the front) appears to be holding an RPG-7 launcher upside down.

  • Half-Pint (episode) - appears to be the type of rocket launcher which Carson's gang uses to engage Airwolf.

One of Carson's gang members takes aim at Airwolf with his rocket launcher. It looks mighty like an unloaded RPG-7!