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Ramon Collarzo is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Mad Over Miami".


Ramon Collarzo is a Cuban publisher and writer and an anti-Castro critic. Some time in the past he had been trained by Dominic in Central America as part of the preparations for the Bay of Pigs operation. Collarzo was later captured and imprisoned in Cuba. Fortunately, a group of Cuban emigres led by Ivan Rivera and Stella Collarzo, who is Ramon's daughter, manage to raise $2 million to buy freedom for him and another prisoner Ramon Collarzo. Dominic, who knew the two men, was asked to fly the money to Cuba but the money is hijacked during the exchange by anti-Castro rebels led by Sanchez. Fortunately for Ramon, Hawke and Dominic manage to persuade Archangel to fork out $3 million for a second exchange attempt. With the help of Airwolf, Gomez is brought back to the US safely despite intervention from the Cuban military and Sanchez's forces.

Ramon doesn't have a speaking part in the episode, aside from some cheering in the helicopter when Airwolf shoots down the Cubn MiGs which were pursuing them. Background information about him is provided by Stella Collarzo and Dominic. When Stella asks Dominic whether he really knew her father, he confirms it, saying that he never knew a braver man.

Ivan Rivera calls Ramon Collarzo his son, although their surnames are different. While it is true that in the Spanish apellido naming convention a person would have two surnames (his father's and his mother's), whenever the name is shortened, the first surname, that of the father would be used. In this case, both Ivan and should have the same surname. The only plausible explanation for this is if Ramon is Ivan's son-in-law and he just calls him his son out of affection.

Stella points out her father for Hawke.

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Ramon Collarzo is not credited.