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Richard Peabody, or more frequently Dick Peabody, is perhaps best known as Private Littlejohn, the tall yet gentle and amiable soldier in the 1960s black and white TV series Combat!. Born in 1925, Peabody served in the navy during the Second World War and then studied at the University of Kansas City. He started his career as a producer of screen advertising and TV commercials but later, bored with what he was doing, he decided to take up acting. He thought he was a "homely" type and was suitable as a villain in Westerns. His first big break was as Private Littlejohn in Combat!, a series which spanned 100 episodes from 1962 to 1967. Other credits include appearances in Bonanza, Gunsmoke and McKenna's Gold. His appearance in Airwolf came towards the end of his acting career which he was forced to withdraw from in 1985 because of back surgery.

At other times, Peabody has also been a news anchor, a newspaper columnist and a TV talk show host. He died of prostate cancer in 1999.[1][2]


Flight 093 is Missing

Character Played

Peabody played an unnamed passenger on Flight 093. He loses his cool when the plane becomes hijacked. When the aircraft settles underwater, he keeps telling everyone that they are all going to die. Caitlin is trying to cheer everyone up and tells him they do not need a "party pooper".

Later, he tries to force open a fuselage door, trying to leave the aircraft. A stewardess and Caitlin try to stop him because he will flood the cabin. He pushes the stewardess aside and threatens Caitlin with a steak knife (they still had steel cutlery in those days). So Caitlin has to disarm him with an arm lock.

When Caitlin has rallied the entire plane and got them all doing something useful, he continues in his negative mode: he tells Caitlin that they are not going to get out of here. Caitlin is getting annoyed with him. "You wanna bet?" She offers ten to one odds. "Now put up or shut up!"