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Robert Villers is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "The Hunted".


Robert Villers is a ruthless professional assassin. He has been employed to kill the wealthy industrialist Carter Anderson III and goes about this in a cold-blooded and ultra-efficient way. He romances Edna Mosconi to gain access to her photo processing studio and the use of her van which he converts into a surveillance vehicle. He does so well in gaining her trust that she wants to sell her business out to him and offers herself to marry him. Robert however kills her without a second thought when he no longer needed her.

He does the same for Coogan, a factory machinist whom he engages to fabricate some metal components for him (tubes for missile launchers). When Coogan had delivered the goods, Villers kills him. The fewer people konw what he is doing the better.

When his surveillance reveals that Santini Air has been engaged to fly Carter Anderson and that Caitlin will be the pilot, he romances her to find out as much as he can about the mission. Again he works on her with great effectiveness. Cate can't stop talking abut "the greatest day" she spent with him, and later, while dancing, she innocently reveals the dates of the mission to him.

Armed with this knowledge, Villers intercepts the transport flight in a Corsair equipped with Sidewinder missiles. Fortunately for Caitlin, who is flying the transport King Air, Hawke and Dominic are flying high cover in Airwolf. Villers' plane is hit and explodes before he can bail out. Still, he manages to say good bye to Caitlin and tell them all that it was a good show.

Who employed Villers is not clear. He was not working alone. Coogan had a call from someone who told him to treat Villers well.

Portrayed By

Robert Villers is played by Gregg Henry.[1]