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Roper is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Inn at the End of the Road".


Roper is a member of a terrorist gang led by Steele. They are professional assassins, offering their services to the highest bidder and have accepted a 10 million dollar contract to kill Lord Killebrew. The first part of their mission involves a raid to seize the "Loki" flight computer from the Sandex Corporation. Unfortunately, Lucas, another gang member starts a firefight with a security guard and Roper is hit.

Steele, the leader of the gang realizes that Roper is vital to their mission. The gang is hoping to use a "Loki" equipped helicopter to shoot down an aircraft which Lord Killebrew is flying, and Roper is the only one who knows how to install "Loki". The gang is forced to make a diversion and incur a delay to seek medical attention for Roper.

After Roper has been treated by Jason "Doc" Gifford, Roper succeeds in installing "Loki" into a rocket equipped Hughes 500. The helicopter takes off to attack Lord Killebrew's aircraft but Airwolf intervenes just in time. The "Loki" helicopter turns away from Lord Killebrew to pursue Airwolf and fires a rocket at it. Dominic cuts the engines and the rocket overshoots, hitting and killing the entire terrorist gang which has been watching in a nearby Jetranger.

Portrayed By

Roper is played by Robert F. Hoy (billed as Robert Hoy)[1]