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On board Airwolf and Barron's Learjet


DOMINIC: Doctors General, this is Mercy One leaving Point Discovery. ETA your location, one hour.

MAN: (ON RADIO) Roger, Mercy One. What is the condition of your cargo?

DOMINIC: Staying cool. And in real good condition.

MAN: Roger, Mercy One and I thank you. We have the red carpet out for you. Good luck on your flight. Over and out.

BARRON: Graydon, I'm gonna be two hours late for the meeting.

GRAYDON: I won't have time to notify everyone on the board, Mr. Barron.

BARRON: They can wait for me then. Maybe they'll think of something creative for a change.

GRAYDON: I'll tell them that.

BARRON: Do so. This is Barron One, clear.


DOMINIC: Hey, what's that? Oh, I don't believe this. Be with you in a minute, buddy.

DOMINIC: Okay, buddy?

BARRON: Except for a bruised ego, yes.

DOMINIC: Come on.

BARRON: What is this thing you're flying?

DOMINIC: That's the taxi that's gonna get you out of here. Come on.

BARRON: I thought my company was on the cutting edge of technology.

DOMINIC: Oh? You an engineer?

BARRON: Sort of.

DOMINIC: My name's Dominic Santini.

BARRON: Carl Barron.

DOMINIC: The Carl Barron? Well, I'll be.

BARRON: I want you to change course for Los Angeles.

DOMINIC: I'd like to oblige you, Mr. Barron, but I got a human heart back there. There's a team of doctors in Chicago waiting to transplant it into the chest of a sixteen-year-old kid.

BARRON: But I've got to get to LA. Twenty-five thousand dollars for you to change your flight plan.

DOMINIC: Maybe you didn't hear me. I said I got a human heart...

BARRON: Maybe you didn't hear me. Fifty thousand dollars. To Los Angeles, one way.

DOMINIC: I heard. And I don't believe what I heard. I guess what they say about you is true.

BARRON: Oh? What do they say?

DOMINIC: That you got a heart as cold as a snake.

BARRON: My temperature is my own business.

DOMINIC: And my flight plan is mine. You're going to Chicago, pal.

Washington D.C.

YOUNGER: Mr. Archangel, the House Oversight Committee has brought to our attention your payments to Santini Air.

ARCHANGEL: Santini Air provides transportation and surveillance services.

YOUNGER: Two men who have the most intimate knowledge of Airwolf, still work for the Firm.

ARCHANGEL: Because we need people we can trust. There's no mystery.

YOUNGER: Sir, you are testifying before a committee which represents the people of the United States! We deserve forthright answers to our questions.

ARCHANGEL: Then ask questions, Mr. Younger! All you have are innuendos and rumors! Your story belongs in the check-out line at a supermarket.

Onboard Airwolf, landing at Barron Technologies


DOMINIC: There you go, Mr. Barron, you're almost home.

BARRON: Chicago and back, in only.... My God, man, you must have flown almost Mach 1. In a helicopter?

DOMINIC: Miracles never cease, do they?

BARRON: I don't understand. You could have taken my offer, made $50,000, and still got the heart to Chicago on time.

DOMINIC: It's a matter of priorities. Fifty thousand isn't one of them.

BARRON: Money is the grease which makes the world go round, there's no denying it.

DOMINIC: Except that sometimes money gets in peoples' way.

BARRON: That's mine. I built it from the ground up.

DOMINIC: Suits your personality, steel and concrete.

BARRON: Steel and concrete, huh? Thanks, Santini, for the rescue, for everything.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: I'm telling you, it was 50 grand! He offered me 50 grand in cash!

HAWKE: Carl Barron? The richest man in the world?

DOMINIC: Hey. So help me, it was him! I swear it, String.

CAITLIN: But you got the heart to Chicago General first?

DOMINIC: Hey, what do you take me for?

CAITLIN: I take you for Dominic Santini.


Barron Techonologies

BARRON: (WRITING) This is my last will and testament.

GUARD: Good evening, Mr. Barron.

BARRON: Good evening, George. I'll be working in the Plasma Lab tonight.

GUARD: Yes, sir. Just let me know when you're through.

BARRON: I'll do that.




GUARD: Mr. Barron! Oh! Oh, my God! Mr. Barron! Mr. Barron!

In a chapel


GRAYDON: Carl Barron's legacy was to the future of mankind. He was the embodiment of a self-made man. He was a self-reliant man. Now I know that Barron Technology will remain a part of the family tradition as long as his granddaughter, Margo Brewster, has anything to do with it. And I also know that we'll offer her all the support that she needs in this difficult time of transition. Thank you.

SELKIRK: Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me, please. I'm sorry. My name's Charles Selkirk, I'm Mr. Barron's attorney. Before this tragic accident, Mr. Barron made out a new will in his own handwriting. He requested that it be read at his funeral.


DOMINIC: See, I told you he was a weird duck.

HAWKE: I guess that's why he liked you, huh, Dom?

SELKIRK: Now, just a second please. Just a second. "I don't believe in a lot of legal jargon, so I'll get right to it. My homes and other real property I leave to my granddaughter, Margo Brewster. The remainder of my estate, will be divided. Sixty percent to Margo Brewster, the remaining 40% I leave to the only honest man I ever met, Dominic Santini."


SELKIRK: Just a second, please. Please let me continue. Please, ladies and gentleman. "Even though he was flying a secret advanced-design helicopter on a mission of mercy, he stopped to save me when my plane crashed in the wilderness and refused any reward. In my life, I always suspected the motives of a Good Samaritan. In death, I reward at least this one."


SELKIRK: The guest register indicates that Mr. Santini is present. Mr. Santini, would you please identify yourself? Please.

WOMAN: There he is. There he is.

MAN: That's him?


MALE REPORTER: How long have you known Carl Barron?

DOMINIC: I just met him one time.

FEMALE REPORTER: What is the future of Barron Technology? Are you going to be splitting it up, Miss Brewster?

MARGO: I don't know. I haven't had the time to think about that.

MALE REPORTER: Miss Brewster, what do you think about your grandfather giving up 40% of his company to a complete stranger.

MARGO: I'm sorry. I can't answer that question right now.

MALE REPORTER: Mr. Santini, what was that that Barron said about a super helicopter?

DOMINIC: Well, I...

MALE REPORTER: You must have some reaction to that, Miss Brewster.

FEMALE REPORTER: Yes, yes, tell us.

MARGO: Please, leave me alone! All of you, just leave me alone!

MALE REPORTER: Come on, Miss Brewster, just one more question. (REPORTERS CLAMORING)

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

TV ANNOUNCER: (ON TV) Dominic Santini, owner of Santini Air, is the windfall recipient of Carl Barron's estate, estimated to be in the vicinity (PHONE BEEPING) of 100 million dollars.

ARCHANGEL: Yeah. Right. Put him through.

ARCHANGEL: Yes, Mr. Younger.

YOUNGER: (ON THE PHONE) That's quite a tale, don't you think? Canada, to Chicago, to Los Angeles in an advanced chopper flown by Dominic Santini.

ARCHANGEL: I think it's preposterous.

YOUNGER: There's a public committee meeting in 10 days. You'd better have an explanation.


Santini Air

ARCHANGEL: What was he doing flying Airwolf?

HAWKE: Hey, I was sick with the flu.

ARCHANGEL: Well, it's an incredible breech of security.

DOMINIC: I did it because some kid needed a new heart!

ARCHANGEL: I'm talking about Barron!

DOMINIC: Well, what was I supposed to do? Let him freeze to death? You would have done the same thing, I think.

ARCHANGEL: Maybe.... Maybe if you said the man was delirious when you picked him up.

CAITLIN: Dominic's in that will because he's an honest man. Now you want him to lie?

HAWKE: Besides, if Barron's state of mind comes into contest, Dom could lose the whole thing.

CAITLIN: Right. Don't worry, Michael, you'll think of something.

ARCHANGEL: Dominic Santini, with 40 million dollars, what a terrifying prospect!

At restaurant

MARGO: It's just like my grandfather to do something like this. He was always good at messing up other peoples' lives.

GRAYDON: Look, I'm positive that Carl wouldn't give Santini anything.


GRAYDON: It was a hoax.

MARGO: Are you sure?

GRAYDON: You just wait and see how fast he takes our offer. And then you're going to have everything.

MARGO: What will I do with it?

GRAYDON: That's why I'm here, darling.

MARGO: Oh, James, you've always been so sweet and helpful.

GRAYDON: Oh, Margo.

MARGO: Are you going to ask me to marry you again?

GRAYDON: I guess, I don't give up easily, huh?

MARGO: Jim, I'm so confused about all of this. I'm just a preschool teacher. I don't.... I need more time.

GRAYDON: I won't rush you.

MARGO: You know what? Funny about time. You believe you have plenty of it. (SNIFFLING) Until something like this happens. Now, I'll never be able to tell my grandfather what was in my heart.

Santini Air


MAN: Water into gasoline. We'll corner the market.

DOMINIC: Well, what are we going to drink?

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, come here.

MAN ON TV: Margo Brewster, Carl Barron's heir and granddaughter, eluded reporters outside the preschool where she teaches. Her resignation from the school fuels rumors...

DOMINIC: Poor kid. At least I'm used to craziness.


MAN ON TV: ...role as head of Barron's lndustry, a multi-billion-dollar international conglomeration founded by her grandfather...

HAWKE: Santini Air.

GRAYDON: Hello, Mr. Hawke. This is Graydon. I'm outside, I'd like to see you.

MAN ON TV: ...who was killed by a sudden...

HAWKE: Okay.

MAN ON TV: ...and still unexplained explosion in the Barron Industry laboratories, early this week. It is assumed...

HAWKE: We've got visitors, outside in a limo.

MAN ON TV: ...if Miss Barron chooses to exercise her voting stock...


GRAYDON: Well, that's quite a little circus you have there, Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: I wish they'd all go away. How are you?

GRAYDON: They will. This bubble won't last forever.

DOMINIC: What bubble?

GRAYDON: Mr. Santini, somebody's played a very cruel joke on you, and we feel badly about it. Those of us who are close to the Barron family, we'd like you to come away with something a little more than just circus memories.

HAWKE: Just how bad do you feel, Mr. Graydon? Say, seven figures?

GRAYDON: Five. Five hundred thousand to walk away and not say anything when we're forced to contest the will.

DOMINIC: Why would I do that?

CAITLIN: Because over half that 40 million is in BTS stock, Dom. Those guys are worried about their jobs.

GRAYDON: We want to save Mr. Santini some embarrassment. And we also want to retain family control over what's a family company.

DOMINIC: Mr. Barron put me in that will for some reason.

GRAYDON: Take the money, Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: I don't like being bought and sold, mister.

GRAYDON: It won't be offered again.

DOMINIC: Then I guess I blew it.

GRAYDON: I guess you did.

DOMINIC: How much of that was in Barron stock, Caitlin?

CAITLIN: A lot. Over half.

DOMINIC: I'll see you in the boardroom, Mr. Graydon.

HAWKE: You sound like a real executive there, Dom.

DOMINIC: Well, listen, I've been running this operation on a shoestring for so long, that I've gotten some practical experience.

DOMINIC: Mamma mia, I forgot. We got a gig at the studio tomorrow.

CAITLIN: Surely you don't intend to work.

DOMINIC: You're darn right! It'll make me feel like going back to something normal again.


GRAYDON: See him in the boardroom. I'll see him in hell first.

At a film location

DIRECTOR: It's sort of an aerial ballet. I can't describe it any better.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, Dom will take you on a dry run that way you'll get the feel of it.

DIRECTOR: It's the feel. That's what I'm after. The feel. You see, in order for me to visualize what's happening, I must have the texture, the substance, the feel, as you say, in order to produce the most dynamic possible ensemble. Yes, that's what I'm after.

DOLORES: Hi, Dominic. Hi.

DOMINIC: Oh, hi.

DOLORES: A stir stick for your coffee?

DOMINIC: Uh-huh, thanks.


DOMINIC: You'd better watch out for the rotors on my helicopter.


DOMINIC: Yeah. The draft is liable to give you pneumonia.

DOLORES: Oh, you're just a big old teddy bear.


DOLORES: You know, I read about you in the paper.


DOLORES: I think it's wonderful. Keys, Dominic?



DOMINIC: (LAUGHING) Oh! Well, not right now. You see, I'd better be getting to work.

DOLORES: Well, we all have to work, don't we?

DOMINIC: (CHUCKLING) Yeah. Mamma mia!

HAWKE: Healthy girl.

DOMINIC: And so sincere.

On board a JetRanger

DOMINIC: Hey, I'm starting the run. You ready?

DIRECTOR: I'm focused.


HAWKE: Dom, hey, what's wrong? What happened?

DOMINIC: I'm into counter-rotation.


DOMINIC: Cut? Hell, just hang on.


DIRECTOR: It's a wrap. It's a wrap. Let it be a wrap. It's a wrap.

DOMINIC: That reminds me. I better get a will of my own.


Santini Air

MAN: Your uncle, Anthony, sent me.

DOMINIC: Hey, he's been dead for 10 years, lady.

MAN: I know.

DOMINIC: I still don't know how it happened.

CAITLIN: She'll patch, Dom. You put her down real easy.

HAWKE: There's still no reason for a rod to fail like that.

DOMINIC: You know, String, I wonder if being rich isn't the first step on the road to paranoia.

SELKIRK: You might have to get used to it, Mr. Santini. The court dismissed the challenge. The validation of the handwriting was upheld. You'll soon be a wealthy man.

DOMINIC: Well, I feel better. Not because of the money. Because now they know I'm not a liar.

Nighttime at Santini Air

HAWKE: Hangar's all buttoned up! Ready to go home?


DOMINIC: Barron lndustries is having their board meeting tomorrow, I'm trying to make some sense out of these reports so I won't look like a total idiot.

HAWKE: Looks pretty thick.

DOMINIC: Yeah. Like my head.

HAWKE: You know, Dom, you and I kid around a lot, trading shots and whatnot. But I'll tell you something, you're one of the most intelligent men I know. And if you want to figure that out, you can do it.

DOMINIC: Thanks, String.

Barron Technology Services

GRAYDON: I'm telling you, Margo, Santini is dangerous. He thinks your grandfather gave him this money for a special purpose. He's making noises about shaking up this company. Now we have to be prepared to do battle with him.

MARGO: Battle? Jim, you make it sound like war.

GRAYDON: It is war, Margo. Now your grandfather would have told you that.

MARGO: Everything was to Carl Barron, business, marriage, children, grandchildren, all a study in tactics.

GRAYDON: I know. You thought about my proposal?

MARGO: Another tactic.


MARGO: Jim, I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that. It's just I haven't decided yet.

GRAYDON: Margo, the company needs your help now. We have to fight off Santini. Now, you can wait to decide about marriage, but I have to have your proxy now.

MARGO: Of course. I'll do it.


GRAYDON: Now, this concludes the acquisition profile for BTS in the last quarter. And as you can see we are a well-balanced and diversified company.

BOARD MEMBER: Good job, Jim. I'm disposed to give you carte blanche.

GRAYDON: Thank you. Mr. Santini, would you like to make that unanimous? Mr. Santini! Would you like to make that unanimous?

DOMINIC: Uh, what?

GRAYDON: You have read the report?

DOMINIC: Oh, well... It would take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure this out. But I read it, last night, all night, and I got a couple of problems, Mr. Graydon.


DOMINIC: It says here we charged the United States Air Force 16,000 dollars for sensors to go with the helicopter guidance system. Now, I know helicopters, gentlemen, and I know that those sensors shouldn't cost any more than 160 bucks.

DOMINIC: We are ripping off the American taxpayer. And you know it.

MARGO: Is that true? Is that true?

GRAYDON: Mr. Santini, you don't buy these things off the rack. You have to consider research and development costs.

DOMINIC: Research and development does not justify this kind of a markup, sir.

DOMINIC: Now, on page 47, it shows that you're buying up a lot of farmland in Tucker Valley.


DOMINIC: Well, I know that area, because I fly over it.

MARGO: I know it, too, it's lovely.

DOMINIC: And what you've got there is a lot of small family farms. Now, what I'd like to know is, are we muscling those people off their land?

GRAYDON: I'm not gonna to be cross-examined by some throttle jockey. Now this report stands approved as presented!

DOMINIC: Not till I get these answers.

GRAYDON: You are outvoted, sir!

MARGO: No, he is not. Mr. Santini, you and I are long overdue for a talk.

DOMINIC: Miss Brewster, you're on. Excuse me, gentlemen.


Outside Barron Technology Services

DOMINIC: You know, I wish I could say I knew your grandfather, but I didn't even like him very much.

MARGO: You know, that's the same with me.

DOMINIC: Really?

MARGO: You see, after my parents died, 10 years ago, a plane crash in Europe, well, we just pulled away. I don't know. A note once a year at Christmas on the back of the card, checks I never cashed.... That's why I can't understand all of this. Why leave it to me? I can't manage it.

DOMINIC: Are you sure about that? You know, every big corporation needs someone at the top with that human touch. Well, you know, you have that Barron blood in you. You could make it work. Maybe he knew that.

DOMINIC: You know, I've been trying to figure out why Carl Barron put me in his will. I figured there must be some reason. And you know something? I think this is it, this talk we're having.

Various places at Barron Technologies Services

COOPER: Well, what should I do?

GRAYDON: Just keep watching her.


MARGO: Yes? Edna? Dominic Santini wants me to meet him in the parking lot? Okay, I'll be there in five minutes. Thank you.


MARGO: You're not... Oh, my God!

(INSIDE THE BUILDING) COOPER: (ON THE PHONE) Give me Graydon. He's on the test range.



COOPER: Graydon, I lost her.

GRAYDON: What, you lost her?

COOPER: Yeah, Santini took her up in one of his choppers and.... Look, it didn't look right.

GRAYDON: Meet me there.

Santini Air


COOPER: Look, she got into one of your red, white and blue choppers only half an hour ago!

DOMINIC: Come here. Come here. Look at that rotor. That's my bird.

CAITLIN: Dom, doesn't Angelo do your painting?

DOMINIC: Yeah, across the runway.

DOMINIC: Cait, watch the store. Come on, String. Let's go see Ange.

ANGELO: He was a cash customer, Dom. I figured it was something to do with the 40 million. A present or something.

DOMINIC: But what did he look like, Angelo?

ANGELO: Old guy, 60, at least. I don't know, important-looking.

DOMINIC: My God! And if he's still alive, then...

GRAYDON: That's right, Santini. lf he's alive, you don't get it.

GRAYDON: Is this him?

ANGELO: That's him.

GRAYDON: Correction. You don't get it either way. Cooper.

DOMINIC: Is there any other way out of here?

ANGELO: No, it's all locked up, Dom.

ANGELO: It's thinner. It's paint thinner. Cover your mouths.

GRAYDON: When the door opens, Cooper, it'll cause a spark, and then the whole place will go up in flames.


COOPER: Listen, that chopper's course was northeast.

GRAYDON: So why don't you fly it?

COOPER: All right.

GRAYDON: (ON RADIO) Choppers Baker and Charlie, join us over Big Bear in 15 minutes.

CAITLIN: Dom? Angelo? Are you guys here?

CAITLIN: Hawke? Hawke!


CAITLIN: Hawke! Are you all right? Dom?

CAITLIN: They had that door rigged to blow this place up.

DOMINIC: Barron's alive.


DOMINIC: And he's got Margo. And now, Graydon's trying to finish them off.

HAWKE: Come on, we've got to borrow one of your choppers.

ANGELO: All right.

Onboard Graydon's Hughes

COOPER.: Where are we going?

GRAYDON: The old seismology lab. It's been shut down for years. Barron knows the place. It fits.

COOPER: Why would he fake his own death?

GRAYDON: He didn't. He died in that plasma explosion. Margo died at the hands of her kidnappers. And we all know what happened to Santini. The estate will be in probate for years.


GRAYDON: I'll control the company.

GRAYDON: Gang's all here.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: What do we do now, String? Those BTS choppers got about an hour's head start on us. And we don't know where Margo could be.

HAWKE: Dom, you remember the other night, we were talking about trying to patch into the air traffic control system?

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure. I can get the LA pattern on my scope. But we're talking about hundreds of radar blips. Here take a look.

DOMINIC: See? There's Caitlin taking that chopper back to Angelo. What are all the rest of those things?

HAWKE: Graydon's chopper had rocket pods on it, like he'd been to the test range.

DOMINIC: String, you're brilliant.

HAWKE: Punch in Barron's test range. See what comes up.

DOMINIC: Got him. One departure in the last hour. No, wait.

HAWKE: Two in 25 minutes. Three to one odds, Dom.

At Barron's seismology lab

MARGO: How could you do this to me? You think you have the right to interfere in other peoples' lives, to judge what's good for them. You're despicable!

BARRON: You have a perfect right to your anger. But hear me out. I berate employees when they do not learn from mistakes, but I never did, my whole life. When your mother and father died, I felt terribly betrayed. So I retreated into my office, into my work. Just when I should have been close to you. It was a terrible mistake.

BARRON: Then a couple weeks ago, I met a man. Santini made me feel the loss of all those years. I felt the pain, but I hadn't learned anything. I retreated again. I made the ultimate retreat. I gave you one last big Christmas present and played dead.

MARGO: You should have come to me.

BARRON: That's what I said to myself five days ago in a mountain cabin, on the North Island of New Zealand, the place I had chosen to live out my life. I woke up saying your name.

The attack

GRAYDON: Assault formation. Choppers Baker and Charlie, we're going in.

BARRON: Margo.

GRAYDON: I see movement inside. It's got to be them. Fire.

GRAYDON: Baker, Charlie, on the ground at one o'clock.

HAWKE: There they are. On the ground.

GRAYDON: Baker, Charlie, we got company.


HAWKE: Graydon, give it up. There's no chance you're gonna win.

GRAYDON: I want you and that chopper out of here, or I'm gonna waste them. Now, get over that horizon. Move.


GRAYDON: No. Not now. Don't rush me. After 20 years, I want to savor this moment.

DOMINIC: What the hell are you doing?

HAWKE: Are we over the horizon?

DOMINIC: Yes, but....

HAWKE: Turbos.

BARRON: What are you waiting for, Graydon?


Barron Techonology Services



MALE REPORTER: We thought you were dead, sir. What's going on here?

FEMALE REPORTER: Where have you been hiding? Can you tell us where you've been hiding?


BARRON: Please, please, ladies and gentlemen. Please, just a moment. Please, I'm prepared to make a statement. Now I disappeared because I thought I wanted to be totally alone for the rest of my life. But someone very important to me changed my mind.

MALE REPORTER: Will you be staying with the company, Mr. Barron? Well, that will be decided at a later date. But my will, of course, has been invalidated.

MALE REPORTER: Will you be running the company, sir? Or will it be someone else?

BARRON: No. My granddaughter, Margo, will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company.

MALE REPORTER: What's all this we've been hearing about a super helicopter, sir?

BARRON: Yes. Well, there was no super helicopter. As a matter of fact, when my plane crashed, I was delirious. It was just an ordinary chopper, flown by an extraordinary man, Dominic Santini.

BARRON: Dominic.


BARRON: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. No more questions, please.

BARRON: You know, Dominic, I was just wondering.... Well, maybe I shouldn't ask.

DOMINIC: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

BARRON: Well, the second time you saved my life, you lost 40 million.

DOMINIC: Right. So?

BARRON: Well, did it ever occur to you to, at any time, to look the other way?


BARRON: Well, keep looking in your mailbox. I won't live forever.