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Sara Longwood is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Dambreakers".


Sara Longwood is the 16 year old daughter of the Longwoods, who are leaders of a reclusive "back to nature" community which has been taken over and held hostage by a gang of terrorists led by Johann Rector. The gang plans to attack a nearby hydro-electric dam and need the place to base their B-25 Mitchell bomber.

However, because Sara had already invited a TV station KWWT to do a story on the community, the gang is forced to put up an elaborate cover when the reporter Kelly Dayton is flown in by Hawke to film the interview. Sara's father Mr. Longwood is locked up together with most of the other children. Rector poses as the leader, taking the name "Brother Jebediah" while Sara's mother Estelle is forced to pose as his wife. The other adult members of the community are also forced to act normally, attending sham religious services and working in the fields.

During the interview, Sara appears tense and unnatural and there are several awkward moments over lunch when she tries to answer some of Hawke and Kelly's questions. After lunch, Sara brings water for the community members who are working in the fields. Hawke seizes the opportunity and approaches her for a drink. She whispers that she needs to talk to him but they are interrupted by one of the terrorist minders, "Hana". Sara hastily arranges to meet Hawke during the night in the woods.

The meeting fails to materialize because of the ever vigilant minders, Brother Ahab and Hana who don't let Sara out of their sight. Nonetheless Hawke and Kelly's suspicions have been aroused. Prowling the grounds, they discover the gang's B-25 being loaded up with bombs. They are soon captured by Rector and Hana but managed to escape. They break into the house where the Longwoods and the other community members are being kept locked up. Hawke tells them they need to fetch help and asks for their fastest rider. Sara steps forward to volunteer. Hawke sends her off to the nearest telephone to make a call to Dominic.

Hawke and Kelly's escape is discovered and the alarm is raised. Rector sends some gang members out in pursuit of Sara. They catch her in the phone booth and pull her away but she has managed to utter a few important words which are enough to tell Dominic and Caitlin that there is trouble.

Dominic and Caitlin bring Airwolf to the scene. Together with Hawke, they manage to intercept and shoot down Rector's B-25, putting an end to the gang's operations and freeing the community.

Portrayed By

Sara Longwood is played by Cindi Eyman.[1]