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Sarah Lebow is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Fight Like a Dove".


Sarah Lebow was the daughter of the well-known Nazi hunter Harry Lebow, also known as "The Dove". She served as his research assistant and had helped to bring 23 Nazi war criminals to trial. After her father had been killed by the war criminal Helmut Kruger in Paris, Sarah was determined to hunt him down.

Somehow she knew about Airowlf and she managed to find the location of the Wolf's Lair. She sneaked herself in there and persuaded Hawke and Dominic to go with her in Airwolf to Paraguay where Kruger lived in a heavily fortified hacienda. Hawke was at first reluctant but she convinced him. She found the Wolf's Lair, after all (she never revealed how) and she might be able to help Hawke find Saint John. She had a cheerful positive outlook. Dominic asked what if their mission failed. "Well, if we fail, then no one will know, will they?" she replied. They might as well look on the bright side. Dominic laughed. He didn't like what they were going to do but was enjoying it. That's because he had a zest for life, like her father, Sarah tells him. Sarah is also a deadly crackshot and one of her trademarks was to cut her enemy's ear with a grazing shot instead of killing him.

As Hawke was preparing Airwolf for the final assault on Kruger's stronghold, Sarah insisted on going after Kruger herself. Hawke realised that she wanted to kill Kruger face to face. He told her not to do it. He had been there and done that, and he doesn't want her to live with that or die trying. Sarah then responded with that dread statement: I'm not going to die. "Don't ever say that. And don't promise what you can't keep." Hawke rebukes her. Sarah realises that what she had said has just brought back terrible memories for Hawke. "Which woman did?" She asks. "All of them," he replies.

At the end of the episode, Sarah cornered Kruger and took aim. But Hawke again persuaded her to let her personal anger go. She listens to him and contents herself with grazing his ear. Kruger is instead captured for trial.

Portrayed By

Sarah Lebow is played by Tovah Feldshuh.[1] This was her only appearance on Airwolf.