Airwolf Season 4 aka. AIRWOLF (1987)

The original cast was completely written out of the fourth season (1987); only Jan-Michael Vincent appears briefly in the first, transitional episode Blackjack. A double of Dominic, seen only from the back, was killed off in an explosion; Archangel was said to have suddenly been assigned overseas; and no mention was made of Caitlin.

Saint John Hawke, now played by Barry Van Dyke, was suddenly revealed to be alive and well (there were already contradicting facts about his fate in the original three seasons, and this new version confused things even more). St. John was rescued and subsequently replaced Stringfellow Hawke as the central character. Production moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a smaller budget of $300,000 an episode, less than one-third of the original CBS budget. The production crew no longer had access to the original Airwolf helicopter, and all in-flight shots were recycled from earlier seasons; the original full-size studio mockup was re-dressed and used for all interior shots. This new "Canadian" version of the series is generally held in very low opinion by many fans


4th season-1987

Series Regulars

Airwolf (1987) Cast
  Actor/Actress   Character   Notes
  Barry Van Dyke   St. John Hawke  
  Geraint Wyn Davies   Major Mike Rivers  
  Michele Scarabelli   Jo Santini  
  Anthony Sherwood   Jason Locke  

Cast Notes


Airwolf (1987) - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
57 1 Blackjack 23 Jan 1987 [1]
58 2 Escape  
59 3 A Town For Hire  
60 4 Salvage  
61 5 Windows  
62 6 A Piece of Cake  
63 7 Deathtrain  
64 8 Code of Silence  
65 9 Stavograd: Part 1  
66 10 Stavograd: Part 2  
67 11 Mime Troupe  
68 12 X-Virus  
69 13 Rogue Warrior  
70 14 Ground Zero  
71 15 Flowers of The Mountains  
72 16 The Key  
73 17 On The Double  
74 18 Storm Warning  
75 19 The Golden One  
76 20 The Puppet Master  
77 21 Malduke  
78 22 Poppy Chain  
79 23 Flying Home  
80 24 Welcome To Paradise  



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