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Sergeant Tembrusco is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled Proof Through the Night.


Sergeant Tembrusco is the crew chief/boom operator of a KC-135 tanker tasked to refuel Airwolf during its mission to rescue Vladimir Rostoff from Russia. Out over the Baltic Sea, while waiting for the hook up, the pilot Captain Nuzo likes to make bets with his co-pilot about what type of aircraft they are going to refuel during these kinds of classified missions. Nuzo is certain the aircraft is a SR-71 but the co-pilot is sure it is a Harrier. Up front in the cockpit, Nuzo cannot see the aircraft hooking up so he asks Tembrusco what type it is. Tembrusco is so stunned to see Airwolf he tells Nuzo, "I'd rather not say...."

Tembrusco probably has not recovered by the time of the next sortie which is to refuel Airwolf on its way home. He asks to be excused from the flight, something he has not done for five years!

Portrayed By

Sergeant Tembrusco is played by Rick Garcia,[1] billed as Rick Garia. Unfortunately, we only ever see him hehind an oxygen mask in the boom operator's compartment.