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Inside a Beechcraft King Air aircraft

(voices) Where is this Quinzumel?

(another voice) I told you the museum should have sent us to Crete. And we'll be diving for sunken treasures right now.

Jonathan: And miss the chance to explore an ancient Mayan culture? Listen to this. The Mayan Civilisation developed a calendar superior to that of the Egyptians. And in mathematics, they discovered the use of zero before the Hindus. And they were considered to be the most advanced.

Kay: Does it say anything about the hotel we are staying in? You know last summer when mummy took me to China, they had places that didn't even have hot water.

Jonathan: Look. Down there! Right in the middle of all that jungle. It's them , the Mayan pyramids.

Ozzie: That's our dig all right. And you kids get two whole weeks to sift through it.

Hawke: Quite a change in climate cross over thouse mountains, huh?

Caitlin: Yes, sure is. Lake Toneopah. Locals call it the Oven of the Gods. There's our airstrip dead ahead.

(King Air lands at airstrip)


Chema: Senor Hathaway, bien venido, how are you doing boss?

Ozzie: Tip top, Comargo. Really raring to go. Where's the bus?

Chema: Over here. Dumb tie rod cracked on me. Don't worry. Mechanic cut it a hundred percent. Forging a brand new one. As good as Detroit's. You'll see.

Caitlin: Miguel, you forged that?

Miguel: Si, Senora.

Caitlin: Good work.

Miguel: Gracias.

Chema: You're not going to find me driving any clients across that lake in any vehicle that's not 100 percent. Good way to find youself as a pile of bleached bones.

Miguel: And the way to the temples is no place to lose a wheel either. Especially with guerillas running around.

Hawke: There's been a lot of guerilla activity lately?

Miguel: Si, lots.

Chema: Ah Miguel, not scare my friends. There's always going to be bandits in those hills, senor.

Miguel: Alzar is not just a bandit, Comargo.

Hawke: This Alzar, he's one bad guerilla, huh?

Miguel: Si senor. Across the Toneopah, many people are joining the side of Alzar because he says he's against Americans.

Chema: Senor Hathaway, we got to work out the trip. Follow me.

(to one side)

Ozzie: What have you got for me.

Chema: Ozzie my friend, you're going to be happy. Sixth century. Nicest pre-Colombian stuff you ever saw. Are you going to be able to smuggle it all at one time?

Ozzie: I have this private plane to load up. I can take out a fortune. You just get the shipment ready while I'm at the dig.

Chema: I'll do my best, boss.

Ozzie: You know you can count on me to make it worth your while.

Chema: (laughs) You got it.

(near the King Air)

Hawke: You know Cait, I'm a little bit worried about what the mechanic said.

Caitlin: Hawke, there've been bandits here for years. We're going to be fine.

Hawke: Take care, huh.

Caitlin: Thanks. I will. Bye. Thanks.

(door closes, King Air takes off.)

On the bus

Kay: Geez it's so hot. The least they could do is to have air-conditioning.... I'd give 5 dollars for a chocolate soda.

Jonathan: Hey, listen. We ought to have a contest to see who finds the first artefact.

Chema: Don't worry little ones. We'll be out of the desert soon. In the mountains it's very cool, no?

Chema: What did I tell you gang. Safe and sound, huh? May be you want to open up the windows. Let the mountain breezes get into your lungs. (laughs)

Caitlin: Comargo, did we leave the main road?

Chema: Shortcut, senorita. Big windstorm last month knocked some trees across the bridge.

Ozzie: Comargo, I think we're going the wrong way.

Chema: No, we're not, boss.

Ozzie: That temple was back that way. It's got to be.

Chema: Boss there's some very valuable stuff around here you'll be interested in looking at.

(crashing sounds)

Ozzie: Hey Comargo, take it easy!

Caitlin: Is everybody okay?

Jonathan: Yeah, we're okay.

Ozzie: There's gotta be a better road around here. Now turn around and find some other way. That's an order.

(bandit knocks on bus door)

Chema: My best greeting to Colonel Arturo Alzar.

Caitlin: Okay, just do whatever he says, understand, no heroics.

Sergeant: Very wise of you, senorita.

Sergeant: You, [???] you follow behind.

Chema: [Spanish] [???]

Alzar's camp

(bus enters camp. Soldiers cheer and fire weapons into the air.)

Sergeant: All right, everybody out. [???]

Sergeant: (Spanish ) Jefe (Chief).

Alzar: So Comargo, our paths cross again.

Chema: Colonel, I am very honored you remember me.

Ozzie: Comargo, you know this bossman, tell him about the business. Tell him I can make him a fortune.

Alzar: You can speak for yourself.

Ozzie: I have means of exporting any amount of pre-Colombian art you can lay your hands on. I have buyers in the States. They're paying tens of thousands for good pieces.

Ozzie: Colonel, let us go and I'll be your agent. You have the only access to the temples now that you are controlling so much of Quinzumel.

Alzar: If I control the whole world, it could not control my own greed. It would be nothing. Bribery will be added to your list of crimes.

Alzar: Take them away.

Sergeant: Move!

Kay: Where are we?

Cookie: I don't know.

Kay: What's going to happen?

Caitlin: It's going to be okay. We're going to be fine.

Caitlin: This way. Don't be afraid. Just do what they want.

(door shuts)

On board Airwolf

Dominic: Go ahead, Michael.

Archangel: Well, we have a little more information. Their bus has been found abandoned in territory known to be held by a Colonel Arturo Alzar. We also have unconfirmed reports of Americans being sighted inside his compound.

Dominic: Terrific.

Hawke: You know, Michael. I really don't understand. Caitlin cleared this thing with your office just like we always do when we go overseas.

Archangel: And we gave her the green light, I know it. And we feel terrible about it. But Alzar's new activity just took us all by surprise.

He used to be just a local nuisance, little more than a bandit.

He must have gotten some new backing somewhere. Some big brother in the region. He'd never risk this without it.

Hawke: Well, who's his backer?

Archangel: That's what I want you to find out. So get down there, free those people, and then if you can, find out who's behind Alzar and what his plans are. Map coordinates to follow, good luck.


Alzar's camp, lockup

(bird screeching)

Jonathan: Never seen one outside a zoo before. Psittacine. Genus Amazona ochrocephala oratrix.

Cookie: What?

Jonathan: A parrot.

Kay: I'm sick. I'm getting worse. Really.

Caitlin: Well, you don't have a fever, Kay.

Kay: How can you tell without a thermometer?

Caitlin: Braille system.

Ernie: Cookie, what's really gonna happen now?

Cookie: Well, whatever it is, I ain't gonna barf over it.

Ernie: Hey, I did't barf.

Cookie: Pretty much.

Caitlin: What the devil were you trying to pull with Alzar?

Ozzie: I was trying anything. I was trying to save us. I'm not a smuggler. I was hoping he would go for that.

Caitlin: Comargo's the one that turned us in. Comargo's your friend, Ozzie.

Ozzie: He took a wrong turn, may be.

Cookie: We were sold out, man. And you're responsible.

(Kay screams)

Caitlin: It's okay. You're all right. You're okay. You're okay.

Alzar's camp, HQ

Chema: I brought you a very rich gift, my friend. The scientific equipment, cameras, nearly twenty thousand dollars in travelers cheques. (laughs)

Alzar: Chema, you ever think back to the time we were both driving taxis in the states?

Chema: Do I ever, Arturo. Do I ever!

Alzar: And if a limo from Bocaraton had a flat tire in the Everglades, what would you do?

Chema: Strip it clean. (laughs) Just like you would. (laughs)

Alzar: I don't settle for stripping anymore. I take the whole car. I the whole country.

Chema: That's a hell of a big bite to take, my old friend. Kidnapping U.S. citizens.

Alzar: I'm not afraid.

Chema: You must have some protection. Some Jews, huh?

Alzar: Yes....

Sergeant: Jefe, the connection to Havana ... is made.

Alzar: Hello. Yes, this is Colonel Alzar. Hello my friend.

On board Airwolf

Dominic: I've got something. There's a camp deah ahead.

Hawke: I've got it.

Dominic: Twenty five, thrity people. And I'm getting a lot of heat sources. Some kind of sophisticated machinery.

Hawke: Yeah, military machinery.

Dominic: That's it. If Cait can just give some kind of signal.

Hawke: If Caitlin's in there, she'll find a way.

Dominic: Oh, come on.

Alzar's camp, lock up

(they hear Airwolf as it makes a low pass)

Caitlin: Move. Everybody. get up! Get up and move around. Just move. Keep moving.

(clicking of light on and off)

(on Airwolf)

Dominic: Ah hah, I got something. Oh ho, give that lady a cigar for ingenuity. B - L - A - S ....

(back at the lock up)

Jonathan: O - U- T - H....

On board Airwolf

Dominic: W - A - L - L. Wall. Blast south wall.

Hawke: Let's take out that wall and Cait and the kids are looking at the courtyard.

Dominic: String, what we need is a little diversion.

Hawke: Looks like an ammo dump down there.

Dominic: Ten o'clock.

(Airwolf's guns fire)


(small arms return fire)

(Airwolf's guns fire again)

(a tank explodes)

Alzar's camp, various places

(at the lock up)

Caitlin: Get up against that wall with these mattresses, come on. Everybody get under these mattresses. Quick, move it.

Cookie: Okay. do what she said. Hey. Ernie. Come on. get down. Hurry up, do what she said.

Ernie: Why? What's going on.

(Rocket fire. Explosions.)

(Airwolf's guns. A truck explodes.)

(on Airwolf)

Hawke: Small cannon.

Dominic: Roger.

(Rocket fires. Wall blasted.)

(back at the lock up)

Caitlin: Get outside. Come on. Hurry up. Let's go.

(other voices: get out there.)

Alzar: Get the bazooka!

(small arms fire)

(Bazooka fires. Airwolf is hit.)

(out over the desert)

Caitlin: Hang on!

Dominic: Come on, baby. Come on.

Caitlin: No! Hawke!

Alzar: They will not fly far.

In the desert

Caitlin: Stay inside the net!

Dominic: Oh, come on, baby.

Caitlin: Everybody get out, clear the basket! Move!

(Airwolf lands with a thud. Shuts down.)

Caitlin: Man!

Dominic: Well?

Caitlin: Well, the pitch link was damaged by that rocket.

Dominic: I figured as much. Ah!

Caitlin: How is it? Your back?

Dominic: Ar, It's been out behind. I'll be okay. What about String?

Caitlin: He jumped off the net so we could lift off.

Dominic: That sounds like him.

Dominic: What about Ozzie?

Caitlin: He didn't make it either but I don't think self sacrifice is in his character.

Dominic: Well character or not, one thing's for sure. We'll going to go back there and bust them out. A deal?

Caitlin: Deal. Thanks.

Kay: Can you fix the radio?

Caitlin: No. Erm. The generator's out. Anyway using the radio would be the surest way of letting the bandits know where we are.

Kay: Do you think they'll come after us?

Caitlin: Yeah, I'll bet my last dollar. If for nothing else, they'll going to come after Airwolf.

Jonathan: You know, the human body can survive without food for 60 days, but without water....

Caitlin: Jon, thank you.

Caitlin: You know that mechanic across the lake bed, if he's as good with aircraft as he is with buses, we don't have anything to worry about. All we have to do is get Airwolf over there.

Jonathan: Yeah, how?

Caitlin: We'll do it together. Let's go.

Caitlin: Kay put this in the cockpit for me, okay?

Kay: Yeah.

Caitlin: Cookie, there's lotion in that kit over there.

Cookie: No, it's all right. And they're going to need it more than me.

Caitlin: Kay, didn;t you already have a drink?

Kay: No, I didn't. You started with Ernie.

Dominic: Okay guys, the recess is over.

Alzar's camp, HQ

Alzar: You are a lying spy.

Hawke: My name is Stringfellow Hawke. I work for a private charter service. Hired by the Los Angeles Archaeological Museum to transport a group of science students on a field trip to Quinzumel.

Alzar: A charter service that just happens to own a military helicopter.

Hawke: It's a private aircraft. Experimental.

Alzar: With private and experimental weapons. Why does Washington send such a mixed bag of weapons to Quinzumel? What kind of listening post are you setting up.

Hawke: Colonel, those young people are exactly what they say they are.

Alzar: Their presence here is illegal.

Hawke: They were given government permits.

Alzar: I am the government in this country. And I do not permit foreigners to steal our heritage. You damned Americans take anything you want. Anywhere in the world. You steal the record of our past like brats in a candy store. Strip us of our civilisation. A civilisation more advanced than yours. My ancestors had calendars and astrological observatories when your ancestors were still living in caves and painting themselves blue.

Alzar: You will be tried by a people's court. Before we are through, the world will know your name, I promise. You will be as famous as Francis Gary Powers. Stringfellow Hawke.

In the desert

Dominic: Dammit, Caitlin, I feel like a big lump sitting here while you people are working.

Caitlin: I know Dom. But your back's too bad, and I need you to steer it anyway.

Dominic: How are we doing?

Dominic: I'm not exactly sure where we came down. But I can tell you we are in for a couple of days of hell, may be more.

Caitlin: Yeah, let's hope they don't come looking for us.

Dominic: Oh, bite your tongue. Listen, how're the kids doing?

Caitlin: Great. They're just great. If they'd just work together and don't lose heart.

Caitlin; Dom, the wind's coming up. Looks like we got a sandstorm.

Dominic: Uh ah. Worse. Stop right here.

Caitlin: What?

Dominic: Stop.

Caitlin: Stop! Stop!

Dominic: Right, drop your harness. Get out of your harness. Get back here!

Dominic: All right come here. Let's swing this bird around so the guns are facing him.

Jonathan: Aren't your systems out?

Dominic: Radio's out, she can't fly. Otherwise she's perfect. Now get back there, swing her around. Come on, let's go.

Ernie: It's one of Alzar's men. They followed us.

Dominic: (on loudspeaker) Hold it right there.

Sergeant: I have been sent by my commander. Colonel Alzar. You must return to the camp at once.

Dominic: Well, you send the colonel our regrets. And tell him we're on our way home. Now back off or I'll shoot.

Sergeant: You remain his prisoners. I have my orders.

(a burst of gunfire from Airwolf)

Sergeant: Then die here. In the oven of the gods.

Dominic: Okay kids, get ready.

Kay: But they're leaving.

Dominic: Not on your life. Get ready to swing ship.

Dominic: Turn right. Turn right. Turn right.

(machine guns from the sergeant's jeep)

(Airwolf fires)

(jeep backs off)

Caitlin: Port, come on.

Dominic: Push your left. Push.

Dominic: Mamma mia, what am I doing. Caitlin, get in here and give me a Copperhead.

(launchers extend)

(Copperhead is launched)

Sergeant: (laughs) Hey! I'm over here!

Caitlin: I know where you are, swine.



Kay: You were fabulous.

Jonathan: If you could just somehow saved the jeep, we'd been home free.

Caitlin: Jonathan, you got a good idea, fine. Until then, just be thankful.

(night time)

Caitlin: You get some sleep.

Cookie: Can you hold on a minute?

Caitlin: Yeah, what, what's up?

Cookie: I've been thinking. I mean something like this really makes you think, right? It's like I never really been scared before. Yeah, a little bit, may be.

Caitlin: Cookie, we're going to make it.

Cookie: Just saying in some lousy case we don't. Well, there could be one experience. I mean I've been thinking. You're absolutely.... there's no better lady in the world than you. And this sort of a special experience.... Get what I'm kind of referring to?

Caitlin: Yeah. Cookie. You're right. It really is very special. But it doesn't mean anything unless you share it with someone you love.

Cookie: Caitlin....

Caitlin: I'm very fond of you, Cookie. Yeah. You get some sleep.

(morning. Jeep approaches.)

Chema: (laughs)


Dominic: Hold it, right there.

Cookie: Hey, he said hold it.

Chema: Relax, muchachoes

Jonathan: You see my plan worked like a million dollars.

Caitlin: It was a great plan, Jon. You guys were brilliant. Ernie you were a positive lion.

Kay: Thanks Cookie. Without you I would have ruined everything.

Cookie: You're welcome, Kay.

Alzar's camp, lock up

(sound of smoldering flames)


Alzar: I don't know what to do with an insect like you. A man who hides behind children for his own profit. You're hardly worth a bullet.

Ozzie: What are you gonna do?

Alzar: I don't know. You know it's not hard to kill a man. But you don 't deserve a man's death. Take him away. He offends me.

(door creaks)

Hawke: Buenas tardes.


Ozzie: I'm not a man! You butchers.

(Ozzie fires an AK-47.)

Ozzie: Alzar!

(Hawkw starts a jeep.)

Alzar: Stop him! Stop him!


Alzar: Get me Air Minister Pizarro in Havana. It's Arturo Alzar.

Alzar: Get the armored vehicle ready. We're going in pursuit. And load the 50 caliber.

Alzar: Minister, I regret I must ask you for a favor. Yes sir. Air support. Combat.

(Cuban jets take off)

At the airstrip

Caitlin: I got through to Washington. They say that Marella is well on her way. She should be here any second with our transport.

Dominic: What did they say about String and Ozzie?

Caitlin: I told them. We're going back.

Caitlin: Archangel's got reports of MIGs being scrambled out of Cuba. They're headed this way.

Alzar's half-track

Alzar: This is little brother, do you read me?

(radio) Squadron leader to little brother. Come in, little brother.

Alzar: Welcome to our airspace, combat major. With the exception of this vehicle, you may feel free to fire on anything that moves. And particularly anything that flies.

At the airstrip

(on board Airwolf)

Dominic: All set Cait, keep you fingers crossed.

(engine start sounds)

Dominic: Come on baby. All systems coming on line.

Dominic: Atta girl.

Caitlin: Looks pretty good so far, Dom. Come on.

Dominic: Power's up.

Caitlin: Easy does it. Come on.

(engine spins down)

Caitlin: Damn!

Dominic: What is it?

Caitlin: I can't get enough power to the turbines.

(Hawke's jeep drives in)

Hawke: Move over, Cait.

Caitlin: Hawke, you made it.

Dominic: How'd you get away.

Hawke: Ozzie got me out. Before they killed him.

Hawke: Let's get this lady in the air.

Caitlin: We can't get enough speed to the turbines to start her, Hawke.

Hawke: Bypass the mains, Dom. We'll try for a quick start on the secondaries.

Dominic: Go,lady go. Go, sweetheart, go.

Marella: Rescue One, to Airwolf, I'm 5 miles out.

(Alzar's half-track approaches. machine gun fire)

Marella: Rescue One to Airwolf. Final approach.

Hawke: Marella, we're drawing fire. Go around.

(more machine gun fire)

(Airwolf lifts off)

(weapons extend)

(rocket launches. Half-track explodes)

(MIGs approach. Missile launched. Explodes on ground near Marella's King Air.)


(Airwolf launches missile. MIG explodes. Guns. Another MIG explodes)

(King Air lands, picks up passengers and takes off.)

(MIG launches a missile. Misses King Air, explodes on the ground.)

(MIG launches missile at Airwolf. Sunburst deployed. Missile explodes.)

(Airwolf launches a missile. MIG explodes. And again.)

Hawke: Good job, Marella.

Marella: Airwolf will escort us all the way home. My name is Marella.

Cookie: This is the first airline I ever heard where all the pilots are women.

(all laugh)

Jonathan: Hey, look out there.

Kay and Jonathan: Hi!

Caitlin: Will you look at that? Hardship just rolls off their backs.

Dominic: Ha. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Dominic: Now what would you do if you had to live it all over again? Huh?

Hawke: Well, I'll tell you one thing. If I had to live it all over again, I wouldn't want to do it with anybody else.