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Santini Air

(RADIO CHATTER) CONTROLLER: Midwest 509, you're clear to taxi. Runway 23, over.

PlLOT: I copy, tower.

CONTROLLER: Be advised. We have gusts at 7 knots, 270.

PILOT: Roger, tower. East Juliet 27.

PILOT: Control, this is 509-er. We're in 23 and awaiting clearance. Over.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom? Dom? You here?

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, what's the matter?

DOMINIC: Nothing. It's nothing. What did Archangel wanna see you about?

HAWKE: Some mission up north. It'll wait. What's wrong?

DOMINIC: All these years I missed seeing her grow up. Now I'm even gonna miss seeing her before they...

HAWKE: Dom, I still don't understand.

DOMINIC: It was an overdose. They found her on the beach.


DOMINIC: My God, what a way for your kid to die.


DOMINIC: And the funeral is tomorrow. Three thousand miles away.

Onboard Airwolf


HAWKE: You'll make it in time.

DOMINIC: What about Archangel's assignment?

HAWKE: We'll do the mission with a slight detour to San Remo Island.

HAWKE: I knew you were holding back on something from your past, but I figured you had your reasons.

DOMINIC: Sally was seven when my wife took her away. They just fell off the face of the Earth.

DOMINIC: What about Archangel's mission?

HAWKE: We'll make it in time. It's paradise.

DOMINIC: I suppose I should have some kind of feeling for the place I was born, but I don't.

DOMINIC: If Archangel ever finds out that you're sticking your neck out for me, String, instead of doing that mission, all hell will break loose. You know that. But I appreciate it, buddy.

Darius's casino, San Remo

DARIUS: And when we're completely finished, move over, Monte Carlo. Ladies and gentlemen,a special preview and a very private party.

SOLLY'S GIRL: Oh, it's gorgeous!

DARIUS: Here, ladies. Help yourselves. Come on, take some.

SOLLY: Beautiful, Jason.

DARIUS: Thank you.

SOLLY: Class, elegance, taste. I've always said it, you have it.

DARIUS: And it's all ours, Congressman. All ours.

GAMBLER: Here we go, one more time now. Come on now, baby. Here we go. All right! All right!

DARIUS: I hope you tell your friends about our beautiful set-up. No cameras,no watchdog committees...

SOLLY: It's a sanctuary.

Beach and later a church on San Remo

DOMINIC: Aaron! Aaron!

AARON: Dominic. (LAUGHlNG) Dominic.

DOMINIC: Aaron. Aaron, this is Stringfellow Hawke.

AARON: How are you?

HAWKE: Fine, thanks.

AARON: Dom, I'm really sorry.

DOMINIC: I know. Thanks for the call.

AARON: You gonna be able to keep things under control?

DOMINIC: Don't worry about me. I'm older now.

AARON: Dom and I grew upon these beaches. If it hadn't been for him getting the air bug, he'd still be chasingbluefin and marlin.

DOMINIC: It wasn't flying that took me off these islands.

AARON: I know that, Dom.

DOMINIC: How are your grandchildren, Aaron?

AARON: Sent 'em to the mainland. No good for kids around here anymore. Not like it was.

DOMINIC: What is?


HAWKE: Hey, Dom. You gonna be all right?

DOMINIC: I'll be fine.

AARON: Dom's parents were married in this chapel. Dom was christened here, so was Sally.



FATHER DONOVAN: I would like to begin by saying a few words about the tragic passing of this dearly beloved daughter of Lylah and Dominic Santini.

LYLAH:(IN SINGSONG VOICE) Dominic, Lylah, little Sally Anne.

FATHER DONOVAN: Only our Lord can know for certain the heartaches, the all too human trials...

LYLAH: It's a joke.

FATHER DONOVAN: ...that brought her to this tragic pass.

LYLAH: Hypocrites. Bloodsuckers.

BEATRlCE: Lylah, honey...

LYLAH: What are you doing here, huh? You never wanted to know usw hen she was still alive. Money. That's all anybody thinks about in this stinking hole.

DOMINIC: Lylah, this is not the place.

LYLAH: What are you doing here?

DOMINIC: She was my daughter, too.

LYLAH: She hated your guts just like I do.

DOMINIC: Don't say that. Don't say anymore.

LYLAH: Hell, you can't even be sure she was your kid. I wasn't.

HAWKE: Dom, Dom! Dom!


BEATRICE: Oh, my God.

FATHER DONOVAN: Please. Ladies and gentlemen, please.

DOMINIC: Aaron, I got to know. Did my daughter hate me?

AARON: The child was confused.

DOMINIC: Answer me!

AARON: She loved you, Dom.

FATHER DONOVAN: Let us remember the happy times...

DOMINIC: Sure.'Cause I was so good to her. 'Cause I was always there when she needed me.

FATHER DONOVAN: For it leaves behind itthe bitterness and poignancy of lives left unfinished...


AARON: When we were kids there was nothing out there but islands, schooners, and fat-bellied sponge fishermen. Now they crowd people in like fleas on a dog. I'll take the old days. Remember, Dom? Just around that point where we used to take those mainland girls?

HAWKE: Are you telling me that Dom was a skirt-chaser?

AARON: Oh, hey. Ladies' man in those days.

DOMINIC: I'll be right back.

HAWKE: You want meto go with you?

DOMINIC: No! I won't be long.

AARON: Guys like Dom never change. He's still touchy.

HAWKE: Is that the famous casino of yours?

AARON: Yeah, it's been closed for three months. Expanding.

HAWKE: You know,more tourists, more bucks. Economics of scale.

WAITRESS: Economics of bunk. Me and my husband had a nice little place. Then they decided they needed a new parking lot. We didn't want to sell, but they offered us 180 for our two-bedroom.

HAWKE: Doesn't sound too bad.

WAITRESS: Yeah, that's what we thought. Then we found out the only other housing we could get was one of their condos. 250. I'm living in a trailer.

Lylah's house


DOMINIC: I came for the locket. That's all I want from you.

LYLAH: Who knows where it is? Hell, it isn't worth 5 bucks.

DOMINIC: I gave her that locket. She loved it. I want it back.

LYLAH: My God, look at you. A two-bit mechanic. Why couldn't you have been more like me.

DOMINIC: She'd be what you are now.

LYLAH: She would have had the strength to survive.

DOMINIC: The locket. I want it.

LYLAH: Dom, wait. Of all the mistakes I've made in my life, you're the only one I truly regret.

DOMINIC: I'm sorry too, Lylah.

LYLAH: Men. You always fall for it, don't you?

Onboard Airwolf

ARCHANGEL: I'm not going to go into where you guys have been. Why? I thought you were taking care of business. Specifically, overflight of a certain ice station a thousand Ks north of the north of the Arctic Circle. Infrareds and micro-scans, if you please.

HAWKE: I've got it.

ARCHANGEL: Coordinates should be coming through now.

DOMINIC: He said we got it.

ARCHANGEL: Let's not be flip. That's inside Soviet airspace.

HAWKE: We won't tell if you don't.

ARCHANGEL: No hitches, guys, and maybe we'll overlook this recent unauthorized jaunt of yours. Any problems?

DOMINIC: Yeah, where are my mukluks? I'm numb already.


HAWKE: Do you need much more?

DOMINIC: We're past it. We got everything he asked for.

HAWKE: Good. I'm drained. Let's head back before anybody decides to send up a greeting.


(work in progress)