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Santini Air

(RADIO CHATTER) CONTROLLER: Midwest 509, you're clear to taxi. Runway 23, over.

PlLOT: I copy, tower.

CONTROLLER: Be advised. We have gusts at 7 knots, 270.

PILOT: Roger, tower. East Juliet 27.

PILOT: Control, this is 509-er. We're in 23 and awaiting clearance. Over.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom? Dom? You here?

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, what's the matter?

DOMINIC: Nothing. It's nothing. What did Archangel wanna see you about?

HAWKE: Some mission up north. It'll wait. What's wrong?

DOMINIC: All these years I missed seeing her grow up. Now I'm even gonna miss seeing her before they...

HAWKE: Dom, I still don't understand.

DOMINIC: It was an overdose. They found her on the beach.


DOMINIC: My God, what a way for your kid to die.


DOMINIC: And the funeral is tomorrow. Three thousand miles away.

Onboard Airwolf


HAWKE: You'll make it in time.

DOMINIC: What about Archangel's assignment?

HAWKE: We'll do the mission with a slight detour to San Remo Island.

HAWKE: I knew you were holding back on something from your past, but I figured you had your reasons.

DOMINIC: Sally was seven when my wife took her away. They just fell off the face of the Earth.

DOMINIC: What about Archangel's mission?

HAWKE: We'll make it in time. It's paradise.

DOMINIC: I suppose I should have some kind of feeling for the place I was born, but I don't.

DOMINIC: If Archangel ever finds out that you're sticking your neck out for me, String, instead of doing that mission, all hell will break loose. You know that. But I appreciate it, buddy.

Darius's casino, San Remo

DARIUS: And when we're completely finished, move over, Monte Carlo. Ladies and gentlemen,a special preview and a very private party.

SOLLY'S GIRL: Oh, it's gorgeous!

DARIUS: Here, ladies. Help yourselves. Come on, take some.

SOLLY: Beautiful, Jason.

DARIUS: Thank you.

SOLLY: Class, elegance, taste. I've always said it, you have it.

DARIUS: And it's all ours, Congressman. All ours.

GAMBLER: Here we go, one more time now. Come on now, baby. Here we go. All right! All right!

DARIUS: I hope you tell your friends about our beautiful set-up. No cameras,no watchdog committees...

SOLLY: It's a sanctuary.

Beach and later a church on San Remo

DOMINIC: Aaron! Aaron!

AARON: Dominic. (LAUGHlNG) Dominic.

DOMINIC: Aaron. Aaron, this is Stringfellow Hawke.

AARON: How are you?

HAWKE: Fine, thanks.

AARON: Dom, I'm really sorry.

DOMINIC: I know. Thanks for the call.

AARON: You gonna be able to keep things under control?

DOMINIC: Don't worry about me. I'm older now.

AARON: Dom and I grew upon these beaches. If it hadn't been for him getting the air bug, he'd still be chasingbluefin and marlin.

DOMINIC: It wasn't flying that took me off these islands.

AARON: I know that, Dom.

DOMINIC: How are your grandchildren, Aaron?

AARON: Sent 'em to the mainland. No good for kids around here anymore. Not like it was.

DOMINIC: What is?


HAWKE: Hey, Dom. You gonna be all right?

DOMINIC: I'll be fine.

AARON: Dom's parents were married in this chapel. Dom was christened here, so was Sally.



FATHER DONOVAN: I would like to begin by saying a few words about the tragic passing of this dearly beloved daughter of Lylah and Dominic Santini.

LYLAH:(IN SINGSONG VOICE) Dominic, Lylah, little Sally Anne.

FATHER DONOVAN: Only our Lord can know for certain the heartaches, the all too human trials...

LYLAH: It's a joke.

FATHER DONOVAN: ...that brought her to this tragic pass.

LYLAH: Hypocrites. Bloodsuckers.

BEATRlCE: Lylah, honey...

LYLAH: What are you doing here, huh? You never wanted to know usw hen she was still alive. Money. That's all anybody thinks about in this stinking hole.

DOMINIC: Lylah, this is not the place.

LYLAH: What are you doing here?

DOMINIC: She was my daughter, too.

LYLAH: She hated your guts just like I do.

DOMINIC: Don't say that. Don't say anymore.

LYLAH: Hell, you can't even be sure she was your kid. I wasn't.

HAWKE: Dom, Dom! Dom!


BEATRICE: Oh, my God.

FATHER DONOVAN: Please. Ladies and gentlemen, please.

DOMINIC: Aaron, I got to know. Did my daughter hate me?

AARON: The child was confused.

DOMINIC: Answer me!

AARON: She loved you, Dom.

FATHER DONOVAN: Let us remember the happy times...

DOMINIC: Sure.'Cause I was so good to her. 'Cause I was always there when she needed me.

FATHER DONOVAN: For it leaves behind itthe bitterness and poignancy of lives left unfinished...


AARON: When we were kids there was nothing out there but islands, schooners, and fat-bellied sponge fishermen. Now they crowd people in like fleas on a dog. I'll take the old days. Remember, Dom? Just around that point where we used to take those mainland girls?

HAWKE: Are you telling me that Dom was a skirt-chaser?

AARON: Oh, hey. Ladies' man in those days.

DOMINIC: I'll be right back.

HAWKE: You want meto go with you?

DOMINIC: No! I won't be long.

AARON: Guys like Dom never change. He's still touchy.

HAWKE: Is that the famous casino of yours?

AARON: Yeah, it's been closed for three months. Expanding.

HAWKE: You know,more tourists, more bucks. Economics of scale.

WAITRESS: Economics of bunk. Me and my husband had a nice little place. Then they decided they needed a new parking lot. We didn't want to sell, but they offered us 180 for our two-bedroom.

HAWKE: Doesn't sound too bad.

WAITRESS: Yeah, that's what we thought. Then we found out the only other housing we could get was one of their condos. 250. I'm living in a trailer.

Lylah's house


DOMINIC: I came for the locket. That's all I want from you.

LYLAH: Who knows where it is? Hell, it isn't worth 5 bucks.

DOMINIC: I gave her that locket. She loved it. I want it back.

LYLAH: My God, look at you. A two-bit mechanic. Why couldn't you have been more like me.

DOMINIC: She'd be what you are now.

LYLAH: She would have had the strength to survive.

DOMINIC: The locket. I want it.

LYLAH: Dom, wait. Of all the mistakes I've made in my life, you're the only one I truly regret.

DOMINIC: I'm sorry too, Lylah.

LYLAH: Men. You always fall for it, don't you?

Onboard Airwolf

ARCHANGEL: I'm not going to go into where you guys have been. Why? I thought you were taking care of business. Specifically, overflight of a certain ice station a thousand Ks north of the north of the Arctic Circle. Infrareds and micro-scans, if you please.

HAWKE: I've got it.

ARCHANGEL: Coordinates should be coming through now.

DOMINIC: He said we got it.

ARCHANGEL: Let's not be flip. That's inside Soviet airspace.

HAWKE: We won't tell if you don't.

ARCHANGEL: No hitches, guys, and maybe we'll overlook this recent unauthorized jaunt of yours. Any problems?

DOMINIC: Yeah, where are my mukluks? I'm numb already.


HAWKE: Do you need much more?

DOMINIC: We're past it. We got everything he asked for.

HAWKE: Good. I'm drained. Let's head back before anybody decides to send up a greeting.


Santini Air

CAITLIN: String, Mr. Santini... Wait, I gotta talk to you quick.

DOMINIC: Did you miss us?

CAITLIN: Oh, knock it off, you two.

DOMINIC: Well, I guess you didn't miss us. We're not good enough for you, huh?

CAITLIN: Would you stop it?The police are here, Lieutenant Grodin.

HAWKE: Oh? Okay Grodin, you got us cold. Hand over the parking warrants and let us hit the racks, huh?

GRODIN: Hi, fellows. This is serious.

GRODIN: Dominic, what were your precise whereabouts last night between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. this morning.

DOMINIC: (laughs) Well that's easy, I was at....

HAWKE: He was at the North Pole.

GRODIN: You know this woman, Dominic?

DOMINIC: Sure, I know her. Why?

GRODIN: Dominic Santini,you're under arrest.

HAWKE: You're out of your mind, Grodin.

DOMINIC: What charge?

GRODlN: Suspicion of murder. The victim's name was Lylah Morgan,formerly known as Mrs. Dominic Santini.


GRODlN: She was beaten to death last night, Dominic. Mr. Santini, it's my duty to inform you that you have a right to remain silent. If you give up that right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

LAPD Valley headquarters

POLICE PHOTOGRAPHER: Turn sideways, face the wall.


GRODIN: You okay?

DOMINIC: Any reason I shouldn't be?

GRODIN: You need anything?

DOMINIC: Yeah, the key.

POLICE PHOTOGRAPHER: Here, use this. Come with me. Right through here. Remove your clothes.


HAWKE: That bad, huh?

GRODIN: What do you want me to say?

CAITLIN: Say we can take him home.

GRODIN: It's out of my hands.

CAITLIN: Now come on. If he was the cop and you were in there, he'd help you.

HAWKE: How long before they're gonna send me back?

CAITLIN: You know,you're some friend. All he is to you is a poker hand, that's all.

GRODIN: Well, if he fights extradition, it could take years.

CAITLIN: Some guy across from the table on Thursday nights, right?

HAWKE: What about bail?

GRODIN: Probably not.

CAITLIN: A face behind a handful of dollars.

HAWKE: Caitlin! What if he...

CAITLIN: That's all Mr. Santini is to him. You know that.

HAWKE: Caitlin! What if he waives extradition?

GRODIN: Maybe two weeks.

HAWKE: Let's go.

CAITLIN: You keep an eye on him.

GRODIN: I will.

CAITLIN: Can I bring him some magazines and stuff like that?

GRODIN: No problem.

CAITLIN: Thanks.

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

HAWKE: The man needs an alibi. He has the most perfect one in the world. He was 2 thousand miles away working for Uncle Sam. Airwolf's his alibi!

ARCHANGEL: You know and I know he can't use that.

HAWKE: Well, fine. Give him another one.


HAWKE: Well, then, pull a couple of phony witnesses out of a hat. Say that you were having dinner with him at the time. I don't care, whatever.

ARCHANGEL: I told you when I brought it upstairs, they said, "Absolutely no overt Firm involvement."

HAWKE: Yeah, well, they won't turn their back on Dom. There'll be hell if they will!

ARCHANGEL: I'm not gonna turn my back on Dom! Just bear with me.

HAWKE: It's not good enough, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: I said no overt involvement. Now, behind the scenes, I'll see if I can get to the judge or find a way that the D.A. can refuse to indict himon a technicality. Maybe I got... Look... Just leave it to me,I'll handle it.

HAWKE: Yeah, and the bottom line is that you guarantee nothing.

ARCHANGEL: Don't jump all over me. I'm asking you to give me some time.

HAWKE: How long?

ARCHANGEL: A few weeks, maybe a month. Two at the most.

HAWKE: What if he's convicted.

HAWKE: You know, I might take Airwolf and I'm gonna land right on top of that city hall, and I'm gonna put up a fireworks show that they'll never forget.

ARCHANGEL: And then you'd lose Airwolf and you still won't have Dominic out!

County of Los Angeles Jail

DOMINIC: Not a clue. I hadn't seen the woman in years. You know that, String.

HAWKE: Why did you leave us?

DOMINIC: I went up to her place.

HAWKE: For what, a nightcap?

DOMINIC: I went up there for something of my daughter's. A locket. What are you doing?Grilling me? I never touched her! I couldn't have! No matter what!

HAWKE: Damn it, I know that, Dom. You don't have to say it.

DOMINIC: You know String, I keep thinking about that North Korean prison camp when I went down behind Chinese lines. They kept us in holes in the ground, String. And it was 40 below. 40 below, String.

HAWKE: Dom, compared to that, this is a piece of cake.

DOMINIC: You gotta get me out, String.

OFFlCER: Come on, buddy.

DOMINIC: Get me out.

HAWKE: I will. I sure will.

Lylah's house

(CAR SPEEDlNG PAST) BABBITT: Don't move. Just stand still. Just stand still.

HAWKE: Officer...

BABBITT: Don't give me no problems.

HAWKE: I was looking for you.

BABBITT: Who the hell are you? And what are you doing breaking into a crime scene?

HAWKE: My name is Stringfellow Hawke. I'm a friend of Dominic Santini's.

Beach bar

(CARlBBEAN MUSlC PLAYlNG) BABBITT: As far as we're concerned, Mr Hawke, we've got our man. Physical evidence. Witness that placed him at the scene of the crime. Even a prior attempted assault against the victim.

HAWKE: Dominic Santini's no killer.

BABBITT: Look, not many are, Mr. Hawke. We yell and curse and threaten each other and then get into bed together. Until one time too many. One word too much and...

HAWKE: He hasn't even seen her in years. Everything's been over between them for so long, why would he kill her now?

BABBITT: Well, his daughter was alive till now.

HAWKE: An awful lot of upset people at that funeral.

BABBITT: I don't know what you're trying to sell, Mr. Hawke. But the lady was a slut for the asking. Look, I know he didn't try to see it that way. Even that worked against him. Maybe he faced up to it just before he killed her.

HAWKE: How close was she with Vince?

BABBITT: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

HAWKE: If they don't break the law, I don't make 'em my business.

BABBITT: See a different kind of element's been coming over to the islands since the casino went up. It's the price we pay.

HAWKE: For what?

BABBITT: Growth. Prosperity. A better way of life.

HAWKE: It sure wasn't better for Sally Anne Santini or Lylah.

Tennis club

WOMAN ON PA.: Miss Margolis, you have a phone call at the salad bar.

VINCE: Okay Mrs. Molinowski,now remember, the important thing is the elevation.


VINCE: Well, I think that's enough for today, don't you? See you tomorrow,same time. Your game looks great, by the way. It's really coming along.

WOMAN ON PA: Mrs. Sinclair, your court is ready. Sinclair party, court's ready...

HAWKE: Think I can buy you something cold?

VINCE: Why not? [???] The regular, Bob.

HAWKE: You probably could use a little work on your serve, but your basic style's pretty good.

VINCE: This beer is free.

HAWKE: I'm just trying to make talk.

VINCE: Just trying to make a living. It doesn't get any easier.

HAWKE: Sometimes it's just kind of how the cards fall.

VINCE: Don't tell me. Three weeks ago I was all set to buy this place. This particular lady's cash, and my contacts... All of the sudden,down the tubes.

HAWKE: What happened?

VINCE: She cut me out.

HAWKE: So why did Lylah cut you out?

VINCE: Who said Lylah? Say, I know where it was. Sally Anne's funeral.

VINCE: You were with Lylah's ex, that guy Santini. You're trying to pin this on me, aren't you!

VINCE: `Did I look bad?

HAWKE: I don't think anybody even noticed.

VlNCE: Nobody saw? You sure? I have my reputation to protect.

HAWKE: So, what was Lylah like?

VINCE: Problem's loaded. She had more cash than she knew what to do with it. She gave me plenty when she had it. And I'll say that for her, too, even after our business arrangements fell apart. Why would I kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Tell me,why would I do that? What do I look like, some kind of an idiot or what?

HAWKE: Why would you even say you didn't kill her?

VINCE: Because I didn't.

HAWKE: Nobody asked you either.

Dominic's old house

AARON: Dominic bought this place on the Gl Bill. He and Lylah moved in before Sally was born. They had some happy times here, too. We all did. Well, here we go.

HAWKE: Why did Dom keep this house all these years? He never came back.

AARON: Well, he thought maybe one day Sally'd come home. And if she did, it'd be here waiting.

HAWKE: I thought you said she did live here.

AARON: Only for the last few weeks before she died. She was in with that casino crowd, Hawke. In our day, we didn't even know slime like that existed.

(watching an old home movie) AARON: This film must be every bit of 20 years old. That Lylah was a showstopper in those days, no need denying it.

HAWKE: Hey, can you back it up?

AARON: Yeah.

HAWKE: Right there, that lady. Was she at the funeral?

AARON: Beatrice Moretti. That's Lylah's oldest friend. If Lylah trusted anyone on this island, it would be Beatrice. You know, Hawke, for what Lylah did to that child, he did kill her, I swear he did.

HAWKE: What are you saying, Aaron?

AARON: When Lylah was over the hill, she used her daughter as bait for men, and Dom knew it.


HAWKE: `What do you suppose he was after?

AARON: There's nothing here.


PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, ladies.

BEATRICE: It's legal to admire,Mr. Hawke, so long as you don't disturb the artistry. This is our spring line. And then, once in a while, even perfection could use a little helping hand.... There you go.

MODEL: Thank you, Bea.

BEATRICE: Don't mention it. Lylah was an attention getter right up to the hilt. She really knew how to handle men. Rough 'em up a little bit, she used to say, they love it.

BEATRICE: But Lylah was getting desperate and maybe she did push Sally Anne at the men she needed a little.

HAWKE: So what did the girl think of it?

MODEL: Careful, Beatrice.

BEATRICE: Sorry, dear. Lylah and I were like sisters. And I am not going to start to throw stones now that she is dead...


BEATRICE: ...and in her grave.

MODEL: Ow! What's wrong with you, Bea?

BEATRICE: You're too skinny to see.

HAWKE: You know,you were in half the photos at the old house.

BEATRICE: Listen. Dominic could have any girl he wanted. Rich families came to the island on holiday, and, oh, he had a way.

BEATRICE: Oh, Lylah was exciting. But Dominic never really loved her. She told him she was pregnant. She wasn't pregnant. Sally Anne wasn't born until years later.

HAWKE: Sounds like the lady sure hurt an awful lot of people.

BEATRICE: Used is the correct word. People around here are getting very good at that.

DARIUS HEAVY: Mr. Hawke,Mr. Darius would like to see you.

BEATRICE: And he's one of the best.

Darius' casino

DARIUS: I'm sorry about your friend. Let's hope justice is done. In the meantime, what are you doing here, Mr. Hawke?

HAWKE: Looking for answers.

DARIUS: I've heard you've been stirring things up. There've been some complaints.

HAWKE: Complaints? You're pretty important around here. People come to you with complaints?

DARIUS: I have a big stake in this island, it's no secret people come to me.

HAWKE: Yeah, like Lylah? If Lylah had troubles, you know I'd like to know what they were.

DARIUS: Lylah had only one trouble, Mr. Hawke, no money. And around here people need money or they get pushed aside.

HAWKE: She had enough to keep Vince.

DARIUS: You must be kidding. If I didn't buy him his tennis rackets, he'd have to hit the balls with his head. Lylah kept him? That's a laugh. They were two losers in search of a handout.

HAWKE: Yeah, losers maybe. But you had quite a thing with Lylah for a long time.

DARIUS: That's ancient history. Go home, Mr. Hawke.


HAWKE: So, how long did this go on between her and Darius?

AARON: Not long. Lylah got rid of men very fast.

HAWKE: Why didn't you tell me?

AARON: If you started hitting on him, I was afraid of what might happen.

HAWKE: What? To me?

AARON: To me. I live on this island. I've seen things happen. Boat goes down with all hands. A car misses the curb, piles up below the jetty. You see how it is?

LA Country Jail

CAITLIN: Hey. You look great, Mr. Santini, really, really great.

DOMINIC: I know how I look. I know how I feel. What's the word from String?

CAITLIN: Oh, he wanted me to tell you that everything's gonna be fine.

DOMINIC: He got nothing.

CAITLIN: Mr. Santini, can I bring you something? Books, chocolates, anything.

DOMINIC: You could bring me a chopper. Set it down in the jail yard in 10 minutes. I'll be there, I guarantee it. What am I doing here?

CAITLIN: Mr. Santini, we're gonna get you out.

DOMINIC: I'm not a criminal, Cate.

CAITLIN: I know that, Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: Look at me. I never hurt a soul in my life. Where do they think I'll go? Murderers, they let walk. Me, they keep in a cage!

San Remo waterfront


HAWKE: Hey, Vince!

VINCE: Excuse me, ladies.

HAWKE: You're on Darius' payroll. Who isn't?

HAWKE: I'm not.

VINCE: Well, you don't live here. You don't breathe his air.

HAWKE: You also lied to me about Lylah's money.

VINCE: Hey, no way. She told me she was about to make a big score and she'd take me along.

HAWKE: And you believed her?

VINCE: Nah, I didn't trust her. But I went with it just in case. Wouldn't you.

WOMAN 1 : Yoo-hoo!

WOMAN 2: Hi!

HAWKE: They know you're broke?

VINCE: There was one more thing. She said if anybody ever tried to do her in....

HAWKE: (ON THE PHONE) ...her baby would protect her. What do you suppose she meant by that?

AARON ON PHONE: I'm not sure, but I got an idea. Meet me at the cottage.


AARON: I'll explain it when you get here. Just get here.

Lylah's house

LYLAH ON TAPE.: Sally Anne,if anything should happen to me...

DARIUS THUG: That's her.

LYLAH ON TAPE: ...take the contents of this parcel to your father, Dominic Santini. It will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the identity of my murderer. Jason Darius. He skimmed casino money. I` blackmailed him. Why not?

MAN: Hey, come back. What are you doing?

(SCREAMS) DARIUS THUG: Have a nice swim, Hawke.

(SCUFFLE) DARIUS THUG: He's gone. Let's go.




BABBITT: You were lucky. Go home, Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE: Darius killed Lylah.

BABBITT: Go home, Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE: She was blackmailing him.

BABBITT: Can you prove it?

HAWKE: He was skimming from the casino.He was afraid she'd go to the feds.

BABBITT: Mr. Hawke, stay alive to visit your friend in jail.

HAWKE: They own you too, huh?

BABBITT: I'm a good cop, mostly. I keep things pretty straight for these people here. Most of that casino never touches us.

HAWKE: Lie to yourself.

BABBITT: Well, what do you want from me? They have all the power! Just listen. am sorry about Dominic. I really am.

BABBITT: Now, look, Darius has big connections on the mainland. They sent him here over here to avoid prosecution for murder. And so many other things that'd turn your stomach. Can you try and understand that?

HAWKE: Do what you can. I'll help you.

BABBITT: But there's no way.

HAWKE: If you're afraid of Darius, you're dead already.

Darius' casino

DARlUS: You're what?

BABBITT: I'm taking you in for questioning.

DARIUS: What's wrong, Babbitt? Are you starting to think that piece of scrapon your chest is for real?

BABBITT: Come on, let's go.

BODYGUARD: ls he serious?

DARIUS: What's the charge?

BABBITT: Suspicion of murder.

BODYGUARD: Hey cop, why don't you arrest me. My tie is dirty.

DARIUS: I guess you've got me.

BABBITT: You've the right to remain silent.

DARIUS: You clown! You ridiculous fool. Get rid of him.

BABBITT: Wait. Hold it,hold it. What you gonna do? You going to kill me, Darius? You gonna shove me off some cliff with the other victims, or bury me in the sand,is that it?

DARIUS: Where did you get this sudden strength? Are you high on something?

BABBITT: Actually, I'm dead. Hawke was right. Until we do something about you, I'm as good as dead, we're all as good as dead. Now come on, let's go.

DARIUS HEAVY: Aren't you gonna read us our rights?

DARIUS: I see you're in good hands. I have to return to my guests.

Elsewhere in the casino

SOLLY'S GIRL: (LAUGHlNG)I don't believe it!

MAN: Eleven, eleven!

SOLLY'S GIRL: I don't believe it!I've never been goodat gambling before.



SOLLY'S GIRL: Solly! Solly! Solly! Solly! Solly, what is that thing?

HAWKE: (ON SPEAKER) Darius, I want you for the murder of Lylah Santini!

SOLLY: What the hell is he talking about?

HAWKE: It's over, Darius.

DARIUS: I thought you took careof him.

HAWKE: Everyone else, clear out.

DARIUS: Get that thing!Get that thing! Get it!



DARIUS: Get him! Do something! Get me out of here!

BABBITT: With pleasure. I repeat, you're under arrest.

BABBlTT: (ON SPEAKER) All right, Hawke. The place is empty. And we got Darius. Take it down.

Santini Air

CAITLIN: Welcome home, Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: Hey, it's about time you started calling me Dom.


CAITLIN: Listen, do you guys think we can get that Sikorsky back in the air before sundown?

DOMINIC: Bet on it. What do you say, String?

HAWKE: Yeah, well, I think my gambling days are over.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, what's holding you up?