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Stark is a hitman working for crime boss Kenneth Langhorn who makes a one time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Random Target".


Stark is one of several hitmen working for crime boss Kenneth Langhorn. He usually operates with his partner Rayco. They are probably Langhorn's best team as they are assigned to the difficult mission of recovering the film taken by Hawke and Dominic's chopper when they overfly the desert hideout where his boss is.

Compared to his partner, Stark plays the brains of the team while Rayco supplies the brawn. When Dominic and Hawke overfly the desert resort, it is Stark who identifies the chopper as coming from "Kowal Air Services". When the pair are questioning Sam Kowal as to the whereabouts of the film, Stark gets highly annoyed with Rayco when he hits Kowal so hard that he kills him instead of keeping him alive for questioning. Later when Rayco knocks Caitlin out in the Santini Air Hangar the first time he sees her, Stark asks sarcastically, "Did you kill her too?"

They fail to get the film but manage to set fire to the Santini Air Hangar, destroying the film inside. Later, when Det. Sergeant Anne Brannen takes Hawke out into the desert for a meeting, Kenneth Langhorn sends Rayco and Stark to execute him. However Hawke manages to knock down the two of them and make his escape in Brannen's car, dragging the detective along. Rayco and Stark pursue in their car. But Hawke had anticipated treachery. Airwolf, flown by Dominic and Caitlin, has been waiting nearby. It intervenes and blows up Rayco and Stark's car with a missile.

Portrayed By

Stark is played by stuntman Dean Wein.[1]. He also appeared as Mark Gordon, the Airwolf co-pilot in the pilot episode, Shadow of The Hawke (episode).