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Sullivan is a character who makes an appearance in the Season 3 episode titled Where Have All The Children Gone? (episode) and then in an uncredited role in Desperate Monday (episode).


Sullivan was the commander of a F.I.R.M. Assault team. He led the team to storm the town hall of Beaudy which Billy Fargo had converted into a secret missile launch facility.

In Desperate Monday (episode), Sullivan shows up again in an uncredited role. His name is not actually given so it is just assumed to be Sullivan. It could just as well have been Price. Here he is asked by Archangel to deploy his Zebra squad and make a risk assessment of a hostage rescue situation.

In other episodes, the F.I.R.M. assault team (not always called the Zebra squad) had leaders such as Price and Hansen.

Portrayed By

Sullivan is played by Louie Elias.[1] In Discovery Elias had also played another commander of the F.I.R.M. assault team (there it was called the Zebra squad). In that episode, he had the name Price.