Susan Hill

Susan Hill is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Echoes From The Past".


Susan Hill is a nurse in an unnamed hospital. She is intrigued by the fact that the fourth floor of her hospital is a restricted location. The elevators do not go to the fourth floor unless a special key is inserted. Once, a glitch in the mechanism causes the elevator to go to the fourth floor. When the doors to open, Susan sees a patient attempting to escape and being caught by Nurse Simmons and an attendant. Simmons reprimands Susan and quickly tells her to get lost.

The patient Susan had seen was Hawke. He had been kidnapped by a group of East German spies and tricked into thinking that he had been in coma for almost a year.

Susan's curiosity gets the better of her and she sneaks up to the fourth floor again (probably by means of the same glitch). She goes into Hawke's ward. By this time, Hawke has figured out what has gone on. Susan manages to convince Hawke that she is on his side, and she helps him escape. They are however caught and bundled into a C-130 and flown first to the Valley of the Gods to collect Airwolf and then towards Cuba. Despite the danger, Susan's spunky side never leaves her. When Hawke says they are probably bound for South America or Cuba, she hopes it will be Cuba as she always wanted a Caribbean vacation. When she sees Airwolf being loaded into the C-130, she says, "All this for a lousy helicopter?" To this, Hawke replies, "Yeah."

Susan is one of the first outsiders to know about Airwolf and who may know the location of the Wolf's Lair. This list grows longer and longer in subsequent episodes. She sat through a dogfight where Airwolf shoots down several MiGs. But she tells Archangel at the end that she only sort of knew. She "saw a lot of snow and a lot of scenery and it all went by very fast" and she was asleep when they landed.

Portrayed By

Susan Hill is played by Michelle Nicastro.[1]


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