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Hawke learns a Vietnam war buddy of his has been gunned down in the Texas desert by a corrupt Sheriff (Lance LeGault) after the man supposedly escaped from jail. Hawke and Santini fly Airwolf there to investigate the incident and find the conditions of the killing are suspicious. There, Hawke meets and takes interest in a female highway patrol deputy named Caitlin O'Shannessy, who is quite aware of the Sheriff's strange dealings and corruption. After being caught snooping around, the Sheriff has Hawke arrested and taken to a game reserve where ruthless sportsmen pay big money to hunt down people and Hawke is being used as prey. [1]

Episode summary

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work in progress

Story locations

  • Pope County, Texas

Aircraft seen

  • Airwolf
  • Hughes 500 Model 369D - N58428 with a Texas Department of Public Safety logo. This is Caitlin's chopper. Her callsign was Helo Papa Five.
  • Boeing-Stearman PT-17

Firearms seen

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