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In a cafe at Van Nuys

DOMINIC: Well, there it is. Lucky old flight jacket, took me all the way through the war.

CAITLIN: This is mighty good of you, Dom.

HAWKE: You bet it is. I know how much that means to him.

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure brings back a lot of memories. I can remember when your dad and me we use to tear up the Rhein-Main Ridge, and shoot down a couple of Messerschmitts, then fly home on the fumes, party all night long. You know, I'm kind of glad those days are over. I can't drink like that anymore, you know.

LIA: You mean I have to take these ice teas back?

DOMINIC: Oh, no.

HAWKE: He was just telling old war stories.

LIA: Oh, which one this time?

CAITLIN: The Rhein-Main Ridge run.

LIA: Oh, that's the one where you shot down three Stukas all in one day, right?

DOMINIC: No, it was four Stukas and it was over the Black Forest.

HAWKE: That's a new one.

DOMINIC: Oh, you never heard that one before? Let me tell you. We were operating up around Bad Tölz. Now Bad Tölz, there's baths... You know what I mean? We used to go up there for those nice steam baths. Hot water baths...

BOANRT: We gotta talk.

LIA: This is not the right time or place.

BONART: I don't care.

DOMINIC: [BACKGROUND] You know what I mean?

BOANRT: Back in Saigon the right time was anytime, especially if someone had the right amount of scrip, or maybe a couple of Thai sticks.

LIA: The boss already warned me, all right?

BONART: I don't care if he fires you.

HAWKE: Lia. I don't know if I'm interrupting something I shouldn't. You tell me if I am.

BONART: Well, I'm telling you, pal.

HAWKE: I'm telling you, I'm talking to the lady.

LIA: It's all right, Hawke.

LIA: Look, it's a different time and a different place, so why don't you grow up and leave me alone.

BARTENDER: Just a minute, friend. I'd suggest you bail on out of here before Hawke here decides to rearrange your nose gear.

CAITLIN: Lia, why don't you join us for lunch?

DOMINIC: Yeah, come on over. Come on over and sit down there. I was just telling the boys about the time I was over the Bad Tölz, you know, and this Junkers was just about ready to put some tracers up my tailpipe.

DOMINIC: What the hell is so funny about being shot in the butt?

Outside the cafe

DOMINIC: I ate too much.


HAWKE: Ice tea did that to me I wouldn't drink it.

CAITLIN: Next time you'll have to tell us how you won the Boer War.

DOMINIC: I missed that one.

CAITLIN: Only because it was before the airplane.

HAWKE: Listen, I'll see that Lia gets home. I'll catch a cab back.

Oshiro residence

CAROL: Nine and a half nine and three quarters. Ten. Eleven. Hey, that's it. Great. Come on. Okay, guys, time for bed. Upsy-daisy. No, nothing. Come on, lights out.


CAROL: Oh, my God! No!

Santini Air


HAWKE: You know, I can't believe this, Michael. Jim's family taken by terrorists. And there's Ralph's and Pete's, too.

ARCHANGEL: Believe it. Oshiro's family was taken last night, Kovac's almost a week ago, and Miller's family two weeks back.

ARCHANGEL: You won't get an answer.

HAWKE: How the hell do you know?.

ARCHANGEL: Oshiro is at the Firm. So are Kovac and Miller, undergoing questioning.

ARCHANGEL: Listen, I'm in this because of Oshiro. He has access to top-secret documents, so this could be terrorist action directed against the Army.

ARCHANGEL: Now, I know you're upset and I know you want to help your friends, so I want you to just listen before you go off half-cocked!

HAWKE: All right.

ARCHANGEL: Now, you four men have a connection to each other, a very strong connection.

HAWKE: Hell, we've been close since Nam.

ARCHANGEL: And you're still buddies. You call each other, you stay in touch. Oshiro told me last month he and his family came to visit you and Dom took the kids for a ride in a chopper.

HAWKE: Michael, what are you getting at?

ARCHANGEL: You guys are so close that if you had a family of your own, I'd be worried they'd be next. You don't. But maybe there is something that you know. Something that these guys all have in common.

HAWKE: Like what? What do you want from me?

ARCHANGEL: I want you to think about it. Try to remember if something could have happened that would link all of you together with these kidnappings.

HAWKE: I have no idea, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Okay. My debriefing team should be finished this afternoon. I'll let you know what I find out.

HAWKE: Yeah, Santini Air.

LIA: [ON THE PHONE] Hello, Hawke? I feel like a fool for calling you, but...

HAWKE: What's the matter? That squid bothering you again?

LIA: I'm really starting to get scared.

HAWKE: Okay, I'll be right over.

Lia's residence

LIA: He helped arrange my evacuation through his contacts. I was able to get out at Tan Son Nhat. It was years after the war, but he was able to track me down in the States. I felt obligated to him.

HAWKE: Yeah, I can understand that.

LIA: But he had changed, he wasn't the same. I tried to break it off with him, and Art got mean. He's been making my life miserable and it's getting worse.

HAWKE: You have family or friends or anyone you could stay with?


HAWKE: Yeah, hi, Caitlin.

CAITLIN: Hawke, hi. How's Lia?

HAWKE: This guy is getting a little mean. You think maybe you could put her up for a week or so?

Santini Air

CAITLIN: Yeah, sure, she can stay at my place. in fact, she'll have it all to herself.

CAITLIN: I'm gonna be here working on this engine mostly.

MASKED MEN: Drop the phone!


HAWKE: Caitlin!

CAITLIN: What are you...


HAWKE: Caitlin!

DAO: Stringfellow Hawke?

HAWKE: Who the hell is this?

DAO: This is the guy who's got your little family, pal. Now just shut your face and keep it shut until you hear from me, or they're as good as dead.

LIA: Hawke. What's the matter?

HAWKE: He's got Cate and Dom.

Santini Air

ARCHANGEL: I'm gonna double the number of agents I've got working on this. My initial gut reaction was that this is retaliatory.

HAWKE: What, for something that happened in Nam?

ARCHANGEL: More than likely.

HAWKE: But so far, you guys haven't been able to pinpoint it. I think it's time you put your heads together. I'll arrange a meeting.

HAWKE: I'll be there.

LIA: My own problem doesn't seem very important now.

HAWKE: The fact is, you still have one. You know, I think I've found a place for you to stay.

HAWKE: I gave this to him when my dog chewed up his old one. Boy, was he odd.

At an old mine


DAO: Here.



DAO: Just so everything is upfront.

BONART: Hold it, old man. You don't want to get on the bad side of Dao. He's flat mean.

DOMINIC: Just what the helI's going on around here?

DAO: It would be better if you didn't ask questions. Just obey orders and don't try to escape. Do as you're told and you'll be released in three days.

CAROL: Oh, it's Dominic and Caitlin.

BONART: Go on in.

CAROL: I've never been so happy and so sorry to see two people in my whole life.

CAITLIN: Are you all right?

CAROL: So far.

CAITLIN: How about you kids?

BRENNAN: Not bad, Cate.

BILLY: Not too good. I miss my dog.

CAITLIN: Well, we'll get you all out of here. Don't worry about it.

CAITLIN: Carol, who are these guys? You know what they want?

CAROL: I wish I knew. The Kovacs are here, too.

BRENNAN: And the Millers.

CAROL: They said they're gonna keep us here for just a couple of days and then let us go.

CAITLIN: Yeah. They said about three days.

DOMINIC: Yeah, if you believe that, you still believe in the tooth fairy.

BILLY: I do.


CAROL: [ON A VIDEOTAPE] The kids and I are all right, Jimmy. Except Billy. He misses Rusty awful bad.

CAROL: Jimmy, I love you, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Rusty is Jimmy's puppy. God.

VOICE: And you.

CAITLIN: No one's been hurt. They're feeding us okay and everyone's trying real hard not to be afraid.

BRENNAN: Hey, Dad, look who's here, Mr. Santini. Remember when he gave us a ride in his chopper? He says Hawke is gonna glve us a ride in` a real special one.

DOMINIC: That's right, you know the one I mean, String. Oh, we really got it good here. We're right up close to some pretty granite mountains and we can hear the sound of... I love you, too. I sure wish you could introduce the Lady to these folks, String.

KELLY: Daddy, I don't like this. These people are bad. I wanna go home.

HAWKE: Jim. Jim, listen.

JIMMY: Why? That's what's really driving me crazy, Hawke. Why would anybody want to do something like this, huh? What do they want?

HAWKE: You got anything?

ARCHANGEL: Nothing. Except that tape. t arrived at the Firm this morning.

HAWKE: And that means that they know you're in on this now.

KOVAC: Yeah, and they don't care either.

ARCHANGEL: Gentlemen, we're all agreed that the root cause has to be in Vietnam. But what is it?

ARCHANGEL: Now, I know we've gone over this hard, but either you're not remembering or maybe you're holding something back. Something that you'd all rather not talk about.

KOVAC: What is that supposed to mean?

JIMMY: What the hell are you saying, huh? That we might've done something in Vietnam we can't talk about?

MILLER: We're buddies, chopper pilots, that's all.

HAWKE: Michael, you listen to this. There is nothing and I mean nothing that any of us have to apologize for. We went there to fight a war and that's it.

ARCHANGEL: I believe that.

HAWKE: You had better think about this, Michael. You better figure out a way to get those women and children back here now. Or else we're gonna have to make our own moves. And Lord help anybody that gets in our way.



BRENNAN: [ON TAPE] Hey, Dad, look who's here, Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: [ON TAPE] I sure wish you could introduce the Lady to these folks, String.

KELLY: Daddy, I don't like this. These people are bad. I want to go home. Please come and take us home. Please.

LIA: Hawke, I saw your friends leave.

HAWKE: Yeah, I'm... I'm sorry about having to ask you to take a walk.

LIA: That's all right. Do you know her?

HAWKE: You know, I can't understand anybody would wanna harm innocent women and children like that. It's crazy, it's insane.

LIA: Hawke I think it would be best if I left. You have enough going on without having to worry about me. I'll be all right, really.

At the old mine

DOMINIC: Who is it out there?

CAITLIN: It's clear.

CAITLIN: Dom, do you really have a plan?

DOMINIC: Cate, the greatest plan in the world never could replace dumb luck.

DOMINIC: Watch, watch. Now, if I could find myself a loose board...

Tran's office

TRAN: After all the sacrifices that have been made to bring this about, after all the loneliness and the bitterness of a thousand nights of tears, now, to finally realize the sweetness of revenge.

TRAN: You have done well, Dao. Very well.

DAO: Thank you. It's taken him a long time to come around but I think he finally can appreciate me.

DAO: How about that? Hey, what's with you?

TRAN: I'm surprised. You do not seem to share in our joy. Perhaps, you're having seconds thoughts about what we are doing?

DAO: Lia? No way.

TRAN: The pictures have been burned into my mind. Our village destroyed my parents murdered, my wife and children dead and dying. Could you so easily forget?

TRAN: Dao's family slaughtered, yours also. I kept you alive when you wanted to die. I became your family. We became your only friends.

TRAN: I have been your only lover. Then why do I read in your look doubt, reservation?

LIA: I saw the tape that Dao made and I saw a little girl, and she had my eyes. Eyes of fear.

TRAN: Hawke and his friends, how much do they know?.

LIA: Very little.

TRAN: Then they must know a little more, enough so when they find the bodies of their loved ones, they will know exactly why they died!

TRAN: I want you to say precisely what I tell you.


LIA: Hello, Hawke?

HAWKE: Lia. Are you okay?

LIA: Yes, I'm okay. The question is have you found out anything more?

HAWKE: Hey, Michael promised us he'd pull out all the stops. So far nothing's come in.

LIA: Perhaps I have someone who can help.

HAWKE: We're sure looking for all the help we can get.

LIA: He can't promise anything, but he was once very influential in Vietnam. He still has contacts.

HAWKE: Look, you just tell him anything he wants anything, I can get it.

LIA: I'm sure he'll ask for it.

HAWKE: Call me back.

At the old mine

DOMINIC: How does it look out there?

CAITLIN: Same as it did when you asked me a minute ago. It's quiet.

DOMINIC: Carol, are you sure she's gonna do it?

CAROL: She said she would.


CAITLIN: Wait a second. There it is. She did it! She did it!

DOMINIC: How does it look?

CAITLIN: Are you still here, Dom?

DOMINIC: I'm gone.

ALL: Bye! Come back with my daddy.

VOICES: Hurry up! This thing's gonna burn down. Fill up the buckets first. See if you got a hose. Come on, get the hose over here.

VOICES: Go, go, go.

VOICES: Hurry up, guys.

VOICES: Check for the kids. See the kids in there?

VOICES: Did we get the lady out yet? But hurry, your tallgate's...


BONART: You made a mistake, partner. You made a big mistake.

BONART: You were warned not to try to escape, but you wouldn't listen, would you, partner? Just so there's no more misunderstandings, okay?

CAROL: Come on, kids let's play a game, okay?

BONART: Get him out of here.

BONART: You stay here and guard the door.

BONART: I'll get this fixed later. Meanwhile, anyone tries anything else, and I'll kill everyone in here.

In an alleyway in Chinatown

HAWKE: You sure that this is right?

LIA: Yes.

DAO: Looking for someone?

LIA: No. No! No! No! Stop it!

LIA: Hawke, Hawke... No! No! Stop it!

LIA: No! Stop it! Stop it!

HAWKE: Back off! Back off now! Now!

DAO: This is far from over, pal.

HAWKE: Are you all right?

LIA: Yes, I'm fine.

LIA: Why are you looking at me like that?

HAWKE: I've got a real funny feeling.

LIA: What are you talking about?

HAWKE: I'm not sure but I don't believe in coincidences. Maybe we didn't just meet. Could be you called me when you did to keep me away from that hanger. And maybe you knew that these guys were gonna be here, and that your influential friend was not gonna show.

TRAN: You're wrong, Mr. Hawke. I am here. I have, in fact, been here for some time.

TRAN: You were in Vietnam during the war.

HAWKE: So were a lot of guys.

TRAN: Like Miller, Kovac, Oshiro.

HAWKE: I came here because this lady told me that you might be able to answer some questions.

TRAN: The answer to that question begins with the destruction of a village in Vietnam.

HAWKE: There were a lot of villages destroyed.

TRAN: I believe you knew this one, it's village 108.

HAWKE: 108? Was that an operation or did this... This village have a real name?

TRAN: Undoubtedly. That's all I can tell you for now. I'm certain you'll make the connection.

HAWKE: Hey! Hey, what connection?

LIA: Let him go.

Lia's residence

HAWKE: [ON THE PHONE]That's all I got, village 108. Run it on my second Nam tour, sir, '71/'72. That's when we were all together. Yeah. Look, I'll clean up and I'll meet you.

LIA: I'm sorry, does it hurt badly?

HAWKE: Everything on my body hurts.

LIA: What else can I do to help?

HAWKE: You can start by telling me this was a set-up or not.

LIA: Hawke, I swear to you. Look, if I had known anything, why would I help you when they attacked you?

HAWKE: Who's this guy you called Tran? Where do you know him from?

LIA: The American-Vietnamese community is a tight one.

HAWKE: What about the others?

LIA: Their names would mean nothing.

HAWKE: He told me we destroyed that village. If that had happened I would have remembered.

LIA: You said you flew a lot of missions during the war?

HAWKE: Yeah. And if we'd hit that village I would have remembered it. The hardest part was to forget. 108 is just... 108?

LIA: But you were there.

HAWKE: My brother, Saint John. Saint John. I was scheduled to go on a mission. The code name was 108. That's right, 108.

LIA: You said you were scheduled?

HAWKE: Yeah, I was. But during the flight briefing, a Recon team came in and he had a V.C. prisoner that he'd picked up real close to where my brother had last been seen, and I requested that I be allowed to interrogate the prisoner, and my commanding officer scrubbed me from 108. That was it, 108.

LIA: Are you sure?

HAWKE: Yes, I can remember the day and the month. 108.

LIA: Hawke?

HAWKE: I never went on that mission.

LIA: Did you ever find your brother?

HAWKE: No. No, he's still there.

LIA: Hawke.

FIRM Headquarters

FRANCESCA: Cross-checking the mission roster.

HAWKE: I'm telling you I stood down on that one. Some company clerk failed to take me off that duty roster.

HAWKE: What have you got on that village?

ARCHANGEL: Looks like the mission was a search and destroy operation on suspect Viet Cong village.

ARCHANGEL: Oh, my God. An entire village destroyed because of a false intelligence report.

HAWKE: What kind of a follow-up was conducted on this?

FRANCESCA: The files indicate that the village's survivors were compensated by the United States.

HAWKE: How the hell do you repay somebody for something like that?

ARCHANGEL: We killed 33 innocent people just to get four Viet Cong.

HAWKE: Those three names in the bottom there. Tran, Lia and Van Lat. Can you isolate those?

ARCHANGEL: The woman was at the hangar with you.

HAWKE: What about him? What have you got on him?

HAWKE: And the other two. Like to see who sponsored them.

ARCHANGEL: It all fits, Hawke.

HAWKE: Yeah, I guess, but where do we start?

ARCHANGEL: Hopefully at the top. Let's go.

Tran's office

LIA: You lied to me, both of you. He wasn't supposed to be hurt.

DAO: What's with you? This Hawke dude's got into you?

TRAN: Tomorrow at sunrise it will matter little. Stringfellow Hawke and the others have a rendezvous with destiny.

LIA: We can't go through with this, Tran. Please.

TRAN: Lia.

LIA: What we are planning is ugly and horrible.

TRAN: What was done to us was ugly and horrible or have you forgotten?

LIA: I haven't. I couldn't. But it was a mistake.

TRAN: It was an atrocity!

LIA: It was a wartime mistake, and we convinced ourselves that it wasn't because we were crazy with grief, and now we are crazy with revenge. Hawke wasn't even on that mission that killed our families.

DAO: How do you know that?

LIA: He told me. He also told me that he lost a brother in the war. We've suffered enough. Every time I recall that picture of that little girl on that obscene tape...

TRAN: Perhaps you're right, Dao. Maybe our Lia has fallen for this Stringfellow Hawke.

LIA: There has only been one man in my life, and because of my love for you I was fooled into thinking that I too wanted revenge. But the war is over. The enemy is only in our minds. And if we follow through with this, we become no better than those who killed our loved ones. Please, for the sake of our love don't do this.

TRAN: Could I have made such a terrible error? Then before I make another mistake, I must correct it.

LIA: Oh, yes. Please, before it's too late.

On the way and at Tran's office

ARCHANGEL: Our best bet is Tran's business address. What more can you tell me about Tran?

HAWKE: Only what Lia told me, that he had connections.

ARCHANGEL: From his file looks like these connections are still tied heavily to Vietnam.

ARCHANGEL: Fourth floor.


HAWKE: I'm afraid that I know what this is all about.

HAWKE: Village 108 was destroyed 14 years ago to the day, at exactly 07:30.

ARCHANGEL: And only two hours away.

HAWKE: If you had four families hostage where would you keep them?

ARCHANGEL: Somewhere that I could control the situation.

HAWKE: And some place that was familiar.

ARCHANGEL: Like Tran Van Hieu's property holdings.

HAWKE: Right. Look like Tran's got more than just a cabbage patch.

HAWKE: He's got 10,000 acres up in Los Osos canyon.

ARCHANGEL: Ten thousand acres is a lot of ground to cover.

HAWKE: Not in Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: Let's do it.

On board Airwolf


HAWKE: This is the last section of Harvest Valley land. Stay on that scanner.

HAWKE: Let's try the audio scan. Maybe we can pick something up.

ON SCANNER: .... right after breakfast we'll move those30 head down off at the north 40.

ARCHANGEL: We've got live ones, Hawke. Voices.

COWBOYS: What the...

HAWKE: It's just a bunch of cowboys.

ARCHANGEL: Less than five minutes, Hawke.

HAWKE: There's more structures five miles north.

At the mine

DOMINIC: Hey! Anybody out there?

CAITLIN: Dom, what's going on?

DOMINIC: Listen, get everybody ready. I don't think that anybody's left out there.

CAITLIN: Come on. Everybody's gone all right.

DOMINIC: Come on, let's go.

DOMINIC: Get them down there by the van.


DOMINIC: Out, out. Come on, let's go. Hurry up, we're leaving.

CAITLIN: Okay, Freedom Express leaves in two minutes.


DOMINIC: What a beautiful sight!

[CHEERING] HAWKE: That's them. We found them.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, check the scanner. Something's coming in over those hills.

ARCHANGEL: Where'd they come from? There are no military bases around here. They've got enough hardware to blow up...

[ROCKET FIRE. EXPLOSIONS.] HAWKE: They're headed straight for the compound.

ARCHANGEL: This is insane.

HAWKE: They're gonna repeat here what happened to village 108.


CAITLIN: Go, go. Get in the van.

Combat sequence







[AIRWOLF LANDS.] HAWKE: Dom, are you okay?

DOMINIC: Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right.

HAWKE: Where's the women and the kids?

DOMINIC: What women? What kids?

ARCHANGEL: In the van. It's empty.

DOMINIC: Well, of course it's empty.

At a restaurant

DOMINIC: Then I came stumbling out of the van and the first thing I knew, String grabbed me and he says, "Hey, where's the women and the kids?"

DOMINIC: And I said, "What women and what kids?"

DOMINIC: He said, "Those women and the kids." I said, "Oh, those women and the kids."

DOMINIC: He said, "Yes."

DOMINIC: I said, "What do you think I am, crazy? I left them back there under a tree."


CAROL: Dom, a toast.

DOMINIC: No, no, no, wait a minute. Let me finish, let me finish. See, what I didn't tell him is that it wasn't my idea about leaving them under the trees, it was Caitlin's. So there's your toast.

DOMINIC: Here, to our pretty good mechanic and a pretty smart cookie,

DOMINIC: Caitlin O'Shaughnessy.


HAWKE: I want to further this toast. I'm gonna include the kids, and it's for my family, Caitlin and Dom, and to all our families.

HAWKE: To us.

ALL: To us.