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Horn's lab

(repeated voices in lab: Revert to all primal instincts. You owe him. He saved your life. Undying allegiance to the end.)

Horn: How do you feel, Donald?

Harry: I feel fine.

Horn: And what is it you want to do, Donald?

Harry: Whatever you want me to do, Mr. Horn.

Horn: And you know what that is, now don't you, Donald?

Harry: Yes, Mr. Horn.

Horn: Then do it.


Horn: The next subject will be Stringfellow Hawke.

Santini Air

Dominic: (on the phone) What kind of charter and for how long? Oh, no problem. You called the right place, mister. I got two of the best. Myself and Stringfellow Hawke. Er ... nobody over forty? Then I guess you want Stringfellow Hawke. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'll be there. Right. (hangs up) What the hell's so bad about being over forty?

(cars arrive, later)

Hawke: Mr. Van Dorian. Sir, excuse me but I'm curious. you've hired myself and this helicopter for three days. It's only a three and a half hour trip to Scottsdale. We could be there and back by tonight.

Horn: No, no, Mr Hawke. This is no ordinary charter. This precious gems that you and Miss Bolliton will deliver, they're worth over one half million dollars. My client is a very very important, very busy man. He don't like to be pressed. We at Van Dorian jewelers do not press. Is that not so, Angela?

Angelica: Never. So don't be surprised, Mr Hawke, if we find ourselves lying around the hotel pool for a few days.

Hawke: Life sure is sweet below forty, huh?

Dominic: Huh.

Scottsdale hotel

Angelica: That goes in there. That one in there.

Hawke: Hey, what about the buyer? Don't you think....

Angelica: He knows we're here. He'll turn up in his own time.

Angelica: Now, I'm going to race to the tub, take an hour's nap, and I'll meet you in the lounge for cocktails straight up at eight. How's that sound?

Hawke: Yeah, fine by me.

Angelica: And Hawke, wear a tie.

Hawke: A tie? What do you think about purple?

Angelica: Yuck.

Angelica: (makes call) This is Angelica Bolliton. Suite 1116. Mr Hawke and I don't want to be disturbed. No phone calls. No messages. No exceptions. Thank you.

(In the lounge. Music. The Girl from Ipanema.)

Hawke: You know this may be the greatest all expense paid vacation I've ever had.

Angelica: Yeah, me too. Oh no, we've got a problem here.

Hawke: Yeah?

Angelica: Yeah. Well when the man snaps his fingers, it'll be over.

Hawke: Yeah, that is a problem.

Angelica: Yep, sure is.

Hawke: Who is this guy anyway?

Angelica: Nope. Sorry. Can't. No names. Likes to keep a very low profile. Very eccentric. Very unpredictable. Does most of his wheeling and dealing under street lamps. He's as likely to show up at four in the morning as he is at four in the afternoon.

Hawke: Sounds like Howard Hughes.

Angelica: He is like Howard Hughes.

Angelica: You know I'm afraid that I could get used to you.

Horn: Angelica! Angelica! I'm mighty sorry for the intrusion at this ungodly hour, honey, but plans have changed as usual.

Angelica: What is it, Neal.

Horn: Well the boss got himself held up down in Texas. Other kinds of business. And he wants the gems to be delivered down there.

Angelica: Of course.

Hawke: Where.

Angelica: Ah... Neil, this is Stringfellow Hawke. This is the pilot that flew me down here. String this is Neal Streep. He's the buyer's representative here in the Arizona.

Horn: My apologies, Mr Hawke. But you see my employer has decided to fly out to the Netherlands this morning in his own plane. He's got to have those gems. He's got to have 'em with him.

Hawke: Where in Texas?

Horn: Why, down around his home. It's down around the Palidor Canyon area. We can have a limousine waiting for you right down by the pad if you get there around dawn. You've been there before, Angelica. I have the flight plans right here for you all.

Hawke: We'll be there.

Horn: I appreciate it. Until then, Angelica, Mr. Hawke.

Angelica: Neil.

Horn's base and lab

(helicopter landing, shutting down.)

Horn: Welcome, Mr. Hawke.

(troops and vehicles surround Hawke and capture him. )

(repeated voices in lab: I am John Bradford Horn. You owe him. Revert to all primal instincts. You owe him. He saved your life. Undying allegiance to the end.)

Angelica: Please, have a seat Mr. Hawke.

Horn: Mighty nice having you with us, Mr. Hawke.

Horn: You know this gentleman, son?

Hawke: Yes, sir.

Horn: You know his name?

Hawke: Better than I know my own.

Horn: What is it?

Hawke: John Bradford Horn.

Horn: You know where he is now?

Hawke: No, no, not exactly.

Hawke: I lost touch with him. There's one thing for sure. I owe that man my eternal allegiance. I'll die for him.

Angelica: How do you feel about me, String?

Hawke: I like you, I truly like you, Angelica.

Angelica: And how do you feel about my deceiving you. Deceiving you to bring you here?

Hawke: You know I don't like being lied to. But if you did it for the purpose of helping me find John, I owe you many thanks.

Angelica: I'm glad, String, because that's exactly why I brought you here. And I want you to know something else. I am John Bradford Horn's daughter. And you are going to see my father now.

Hawke: John!

Horn: That's right Hawke. John Bradford Horn. And I need your help now.

Hawke: Anything you ask.

Santini Air

(drilling sounds)

Messenger: Got a special delivery for a Dominic Santini.

Caitlin: Hey Dom, special delivery for you.

Dominic: I'm not expecting any special delivery.

Caitlin: Well you got one anyway.

Dominic: Well sign for it, will you.

Messenger: Right here.

Caitlin: Hey, want to give me the package.

Messenger: Oh yeah.

Caitlin: What do you want me to do with it?

Dominic: I'd like you to cut it up into small pieces. Put it into a big bowl with lots of salt. Open it, what else!

Caitlin: It's an envelope marked personal and a videotape.

Hawke: (on videotape) Dom, I am being held prisoner. I want you to deliver Airwolf at the exact time and the exact place given in the instructions you received with this tape. If you do, I will be set free to return with you in the JetRanger. If you don't deliver Airwolf, I'll be killed. The detailed instructions for the exchange must be followed to the letter. There will be no further communications. Dom, my life is in your hands.

Around town in Archangel's limo

Dominic: Place is stripped.

Archangel: Let's try that.

(phone recording) This is a recording. If you persist in doing things your way, you are building a casket for your friend. Follow the instructions you were given or he is dead. This is your last warning.

Dominic: This whole thing is fixed.

Archangel: Well we know that van Dorian is tied in.

Caitlin: So he's tied in so what, he's flown the coop.

Dominic: That's it.

Caitlin: We got to get the lady.

Dominic: Not we, me. The instructions say me.

Caitlin: Dom, don't do that to me. I care about him too you know. Probably more than you know.

Archangel: Neither one of you is going.

Dominic: What! What the hell are you saying?

Archangel: Hawke told you not to tell me anything about all of this and I wish to God you hadn't. But now that you have, it's my responsibility to alert the FIRM

Dominic: If you do that, they'll send in the marines. And that will kill String for sure.

Archangel: There is no way the FIRM is going to sit back and let you just give Airwolf away.

Dominic: Hey, we are talking about String's life.

Archangel: I know that Dominic, I am not a machine. Damn it, it rips my guts too.

Archangel: Now if we can just some way to save Hawke and still keep Airwolf, I'll go along with you.

Caitlin: May be we can.

Caitlin: We all now that if those people that nabbed Hawke had already known about Airwolf's existence, he wouldn't have told them. Right?

Archangel: Go on.

Caitlin: Okay, people operating on that stratum demand a thorough job. Now don't you suppose they know that Hawke and Dominic are the only ones who can fly the lady.

Archangel: Of course. That's how they knew that Dominic could deliver her.

Caitlin: Well I know something that they don't.

Archangel: And that is?

Caitlin: I can fly Airwolf.

Archangel: You can fly Airwolf? What?

Caitlin: Yes, Hawke and Dom taught me, nothing can undo that.

Caitlin: Now you want to talk about letting us go?

Archangel: All right, let's talk.

Dominic: Come on. Come on.

Archangel: I'm giving you 48 hours and then I'm hitting that location with everything I've got. Understood?

Dominic: Understood.

Archangel: This is an experimental serum the FIRM has been working on. It blocks the action of all other drugs on the cortex. If Hawke is under the influence of a mind altering serum.

Dominic: What a minute. You mean this will set his head straight?

Archangel: It's supposed to but don't use it unless you absolutely have to. Reported side effects have been radical drops in body temperature, convulsions and in about a third of the tests, death.

Horn's base

(Airwolf lifting off from Wolf's Lair. Turbos.)

Dominic: We're going in, Cait. If you get hung up, remember the missile compartment. You got it?

Caitlin: Right.

(JetRanger engine running)

(Airwolf comes in to land. Shuts down.)

Dominic: Good luck, Cait.

Dominic: Hi.

Hawke: How're you doing?

Dominic: You okay?

Hawke: Fine. Thanks for coming.

(three shots)

(inside Airwolf, Caitlin gasps)

(missile compartment door opens. Caitlin presses a button.)

==Room in Horn's base--

Horn: I don't understand it. I simply do not understand it. The world is full of, plenty of important young men and you have the wherewithal to have any of them.

Angelica: Spoken like a true father, daddy dearest.

Horn: Then why this Stringfellow Hawke?

Angelica: Because he touched me. Can't explain it. When it happens, it just does, that's all.

Horn: He's a paper hero. All you have to do is look at his dossier to know that.

Angelica: Why is he here?

Horn: Because, my dear, he is expendable.

Angelica: Why are we having this conversation.

Horn: Because I don't want you to get hurt if something should happen.

Angelica: No, no, no, no. I mean why are we really having it?

Angelica: Don't smoke screen me, daddy. It doesn't track. This isn't some wonky ponky wind up barbie doll you're talking to anymore. I now know whereof my father speaks it is never without devious purpose, even when talking with me.

Horn: Why must you be so damned intelligent.

Angelica: You don't trust me do you. After all the years and you still don't trust even me.

Horn: I love you.

Angelica: But you don't trust me. And you are trying to find out if because of my feelings for Hawke I might conceivably try to save him. Isn't that it?

Horn: Indelicately put, yes. I've got too much at stake not to cover all my bases.

Angelica: What do you want me to say?

Horn: Would you betray me?

Angelica: No.

Horn's base

(doors open and close.)

Dr. Carling: Mr Horn.

Horn: Why isn't he out of it, doctor?

Dr. Carling: He's a big man. Hawke shot him three times. Any one of those pellets would have knocked him out for four hours. He won't be fully recovered until morning.

Horn: As soon as he comes to, I want him programmed the same as Hawke.

Dr. Carling: Yes, Mr Horn.

Horn: Angelica, where are you going?

Angelica: Going to see Hawke. Since he's taking off at dawn, I thought it might be nice to see him one last time. I'll see you back at the house. Isn't that all right with you, father?

Horn: Of course, daughter. You see I do trust you.

(gates sliding open and shut)

(knocking on door)

Hawke's room

Angelica: I wanted to see you. Um. I'd like to talk.

Angelica: Ah, I know that you said that you could handle the deception. I want you to know that I hated it as much as you do. And I just want to know if there's still a chance for us. Is there?

Hawke: Why?

Angelica: Damn it, I want you. I care about you. And because I am afraid that you may not come back.

Hawke: I'll be back.

Angelica: Do you care about me?

(light being switched off. Music.)


Angelica: Yes?

T> Mr Hawke's dinner tray.

Caitlin: Hawke. Hawke.

Hawke: Why!


(Hawke gasps, convulsions)

Caitlin: Hawke. Hawke. No! No! No!

(Caitlin crying)

Caitlin: Hawke!

Hawke: Cait?

Caitlin: Yeah. You all right?

Hawke: I killed DOm!

Caitlin: No! No!. He's in a cell here. Your gun was filled with tranquilizers. He's all right. I've seen him. I've seen him.

Caitlin: Hawke, who is this guy Horn?

Hawke: All over the news a couple of years ago. He er. duped people ... high rises that didn't get built, oil wells that didn't get drilled. Government contracts....

Caitlin: The government had him up for a grand jury indictment. Right. He disappeared.

Hawke: Feds have been after him ever since.

Caitlin: What does he want with you?

Hawke: An Airwolf mission.

Hawke: We gonna find a way. We're gonna find a way to get us all out of here.

Caitlin: We will.

Outside, around Airwolf

Horn: Everything all right, Hawke?

Hawke: I'm fine, John.

Horn: I don't know if you are familiar with my accomplishments over the past several years.

Hawke: As a matter of fact, I'm not.

Horn: My intellect has been pitted against oil tycoons, Wall Street wizards, even the United States government.

Hawke: And of course you've won.

Horn: Every time.

Horn: But as a result I've been labelled a fugitive. A lawbreaker. I'm a man without a country.

Hawke: Men of intellect such as yourself should be above the law.

Horn: Precisely. I am in the process of establishing a world base on a magnificently beautiful independent island country in the Caribbean for those who think as I do.

Hawke: What can I do to help.

Horn: An agreement has been reached with the government in power to take control over the island. A leftist rebel group is causing problems. I want it out. The rebel stronghold is surrounded by radar. It's heavily fortified. Your mission is to root it out, destroy everything until a flag of surrender goes up. You'll then radio our planes which will be circling off the coast. We'll then move in with our paratroopers.

T. J.: You'll rendezvous with our other planes 1 mile south of here. They'll be taking off the same time 0600. Flight plan is across the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Cuba, over Jamaica and directly in over the island of Maura, your target.

Horn: Do you have any questions, Hawke?

Hawke: No sir,I'm ready.

Horn: I'm depending upon you, my friend.

(Airwolf lifts off)

Horn: Angelica.

Angelica: I don't want to talk to you now.

(Airwolf engages combat mode. Music. Turbos.)

(machine gun fire)

T. J.: Take cover! Take cover!

(gun fire and explosions)

T. J.: Take cover! Take cover!

Soldier: Hey!

(shoots at Caitlin. She returns fire. Shoots lock.)

(Airwolf lands to pick up Caitlin and Dominic.)

Angelica: What do you think of the paper hero now?

Horn: I haven't lost yet.

(Airwolf lifts off)

Hawke: I want to take care of this personally. Horn's mine.

Caitlin: I've got dibs on Angelica.


Dominic: I got them, String, quarter mile ahead.

Hawke: I'll handle this. Stay out of it.

Dominic: Where they go?

Hawke: Don't know. Horn's going to turn up again some time. When he does....

Caitlin: And the daughter. Remember, she's mine.

Dominic: Well, we've got to notify the authorities. Let's go.