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On board Airwolf

Hawke: ETA in two minutes, Dom.

Dominic: Come on, baby, you can do it.Just a little further.



Hawke: Damn, there goes the port engine again.

Dominic: She's been through hell. How about a little compassion?

Hawke: How about a little compression? The number two engine keeps flaming out.

Dominic: She'll make it. Don't worry.


Hawke: We made it.

Dominic: That's it. First thing tomorrow, we strip all armament and electrics, repair that number two engine and double-check all circuits.

Hawke: How about a wash and wax job while you're at it?

Dominic: That's not a bad idea. So long, baby. We'll be back real soon.

Santini Air


Caitlin: Okay. So what you're trying to sayis that there's no special helicopter.

Hawke: Oh, yes, there is.

Caitlin: There is?

Hawke: In your mind.

Caitlin: Oh, I see. In my mind.

Hawke: Well, at the time, you were about to be abused by that sheriff and his men.

Caitlin: Hawke, do you see my purse? Where's my makeup bag? Where are my earrings?

Hawke: Well, I came along and you were so gratefully relieved.

Caitlin: Thank you. Okay. Now, let me just try and get this straight. What you're trying to say is that I just imagined that I saw you in the biggest, blackest, most awesomely powered, rocket, chain-gun, missile-laden helicopter in the whole wide world.

Hawke: You got it.

Caitlin: You know what? It's a good thing the cavalry didn't come. I'd be dreaming about horses.

Hawke: It's too bad that guy doesn't like you how you are.

Caitlin: That guy likes me any way I are.

Dominic: Oh! Hey.

Caitlin: Hey.

Dominic: I thought you were gonna hang around and give me a hand to clean up.

Caitlin: Oh! Is that my job?

Dominic: How do you like that for a question?

Hawke: I love it.

Dominic: Yeah, you would. You don't have a job! I don't have enough workaround here for jobs. You are a part-time contractor, okay?


Caitlin: Oh, Okay. Listen, I wouldn't want to take any work away from your regular employees. Let them do it.

Rosalind: Miss Gregory. I'm here to see Mr. Santini.

Caitlin: Right. Mr. Santini! Mr. Santini, there's a Miss...

Rosalind: Gregory. This is Mr. Spandel, my assistant, my staff. Do you have a moment?

Dominic: Sure, sure. Thanks, Cait.

Caitlin: Oh! Sure.

Dominic: I'm sorry. My associate...

Rosalind: Stringfellow Hawke.

Dominic: So, what can I do for you?

Rosalind: We'd like to contract all of your services and all of your facilities for the next 30 days,Mr. Santini.

Dominic: Thirty days?

Rosalind: Yours as well, Mr. Hawke. We find everything here satisfactory.

Dominic: Well, that's a big order, ma'am. You see, we got choppers and we got maintenance...

Rosalind: We can afford it.

Hawke: So what do you want us to do?

Rosalind: Nothing special.Just do what you do. Fly our staff around when we have the need for it. In the meantime, just go to your mailbox, pick up your check and enjoy the money.

Dominic: Uh, what are these fellows doing?

Rosalind: Just a cursory inspection.

Dominic: Oh.

Hawke: Who's gonna pay for all this?

Rosalind: Carter Anderson III.

Hawke: It's that industrialist.

Rosalind: Industrialist, philanthropist, patron of the arts, advisor to the President on military technology.

Hawke: Good old boy. So when do you want this done?

Rosalind: You'll have ample notification. Fellas?


Hawke: At least now I know why you never win at poker.

Dominic: Now, that's how to do business. I hope you were watching and learning. The way I played it.Cool! What a piece of cake. No maintenance, no repairs, nothing. All we have to do is wait for a telephone call from a guy who'll probably never call. Huh? Remember Howard Hughes with the Spruce Goose?

Hawke: It doesn't bother you at all? That she just walks here and acts like she can buy us like a couple of hunks of meat in a freezer?

Dominic: Are you kidding? At these prices, I'll pop for the sweaters.

Hawke: No case.

Edna Mosconi's Studio

Edna: Look, Susan, you made a commitment. You be there or there will be no more jobs. You understand? Yeah, I got to go. Bye-bye.


Edna: Are you still serious about buying me out?

Villers: If the price is right.

Edna: I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Santini Air


Hawke: What?

Caitlin: Hawke, don't hang up.

Hawke: Caitlin, this is the sixth time.

Caitlin: This is not the sixth time I'm calling. It's only the fifth.

Hawke: Listen, I'm expecting calls. You're tying up the line.

Caitlin: Is Santini there?

Hawke: No.

Caitlin: What, is he avoiding me?

Hawke: You know he's not.

Caitlin: Okay, I just wanna know why he can't hire me on this Anderson deal.

Hawke: I never said he couldn't hire you.

Caitlin: Okay, okay. Well, the way I see it, if he gets this deal, he's gonna need more pilots, right?

Hawke: Yeah, probably.

Caitlin: Okay. Well, put in a good word for me. You know, getting paid for no work is likemy favorite thing.

Hawke: Yeah, I'll cite your diligence and initiative.

Caitlin: Don't pull my leg, Hawke. You're always teasing me and you never tell me anything.

Hawke: Caitlin, hang up the phone.

Caitlin: Oh, oh! Wait a minute. Mmm-mmm. Hawke, wait. One more thing.

Hawke: What?

Caitlin: Well, I can't start until Monday.

Hawke: You know, I don't believe you. You're begging for a job. And you want your vacation up front.

Caitlin: Look, we have the whole weekend planned. We're going sailing, a ball game. You know.

Hawke: Bye.

Caitlin: Bye.

Edna Mosconi's studio


(KNOCKING) Villers: Yeah!

Edna: Are you still alive?

Villers: What is it?

Edna: Robert, if you're gonna spend another night in there, I am leaving.

Villers: That's okay. I'll lock up.

Edna: No kidding. What are you doing in there?

Villers: Surprise.

Edna: Would I disturb you?

Villers: I'm a perfectionist.

Edna: Come on, Robert, let me in.

Villers: I'm almost done!

Edna: You know, I know what you're doing in there. You're developing porno films. You can't fool me. You know what I'm gonna do, Robert? I'm gonna call the police. That's what I'm gonna do.

Edna: I got you.


Villers: I'll see you later. Don't play games with me.

Edna: Oh, baby. I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting.


Hawke on tape: So when do you want this done?


Rosalind: Look, you'll have ample notification.


Hawke: Who's gonna pay for all this?

Rosalind: Carter Anderson III.


GREGORY: Carter Anderson III.


GREGORY: Carter Anderson III.

Onboard Airwolf

Hawke: Yeah, it's a picnic. It's a great way to pocket some bread.

Dominic: And use the downtime to fix Airwolf. Now, come on. Stop being so stubborn.



Hawke: Damn. Number two engine stalls every time I do a right bank.

Dominic: I'm trying for a relight.

Hawke: Go.

Dominic: Hey! Why take it out on the lady?

Hawke: I'm not.

Dominic: Okay. So you don't like the Anderson deal.

Hawke: I don't know. Just something about it feels funny.

Dominic: Like what?

Hawke: I mean, they walk in right out of the blue and they hire us, right? Nuts, bolts, light bulbs, everything. Why us? They got their own fleet.

Dominic: Look, billionaire industrialists do things for their own reasons. The man can afford it. Hey, he wants me waiting? I'll be waiting, man.

Dominic: Do I have to remind you that all we've been doing lately is to get our tails shot up for free?

Hawke: I just don't like being bought. I didn't like the way that gal Rosalind looked right through me. And they knew all she had to do was up the price.

Dominic: Look, just try to get along with her, okay? She's the big man's right arm. She's very sharp. Besides, we can both use 30 days of R & R. So can this lady here.



Dominic: I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.

Hawke: Number two engine's out again. Let's take this thing down.

Coogan's Workshop



Coogan: Yeah, I can do it.

Villers: I need them quickly.

Coogan: Of course, you know I got to do it when the place is closed.

Villers: I know.

Coogan: Got to work all night. It's gonna cost.

Villers: I expect it to.

Coogan: The call I got said, "Treat him good."

Villers: Did it?

Coogan: You must be one big banana. What's these tubes for? Some big deal?

Villers: Personal.

Coogan: Personal? Sure.

Santini Air

MAN 1 : Right, did you get some quick pictures of those file cabinets?

MAN 2: Yeah, I got pictures.

MAN 2: I'd take it over to the back side if I was her.


Dominic: Hey, Everett, what's going on here?

Everett:I don't know.They said it would be all right with you. I wasn't sure what to do.

Hawke: What's going on?

Spandel: Just a routine security check. For your benefit as well as ours.

Dominic: Hey, hey, hold it here. Hold it. These are my personal business files.

Spandel: Congratulations, Mr. Santini. We've decided to hire you. Mr. Anderson's enemies are now your enemies.

Dominic: You close those files. Now!

Spandel: Close them. We're partners, Mr. Santini. We have no secrets. The negatives will be burned as soon as the data has checked out.

Hawke: Hey, just like he said. Put them away.

Spandel: Do it. I said, put the files away, now. In the interim, you and your employees are to have no contact with any outside sources.

Dominic: The hell you say.

Hawke: Get the boss lady on the phone right now.

Spandel: She's out.

Hawke: You can handle this. I'm gonna go find out what's really going on.

Dominic: So while he's finding out, you guys wait outside. Come on.

At a greengrocer

Market owner:So, you tell me, eh? There's a good chance that Santini's gonna put you on full time?

Caitlin: Oh, I think this new contract's just about decided for him.

Market owner: Uh-huh. What kind of a job is it?

Caitlin: Oh, it's very hush-hush. See, we fly these heavyweight business people to first-class parties and meetings. I think there's a big one coming up.

Market owner: Oh, yeah?

Caitlin: Yeah.

Market owner: So, you're gonna get a regular check, huh?

Caitlin: Oh, like clockwork.

Market owner: Brava! I'm happy for you.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Market owner: So now, that means you're gonna be able to pay your bill, no?

Caitlin: Any day.

Market owner: By the way, you have any trouble catching this boy of yours, I know all the tricks. You come talk to me.

Carter Anderson's villa

Rosalind: What is it,Mr. Hawke?

Hawke: I came here to tell you that we've decided not to accept your most generous offer.

Rosalind: What happened, Tony?

Spandel: He was upset with our security check.

Hawke: When I hire on as a chauffeur and people start looking for bugs and bombs, I get real nervous.

Rosalind: That's standard procedure.

Hawke: Look, you either level with me or we're out.

Anderson: (on speaker): Let him in.

Rosalind: I can handle this, sir.

Anderson: Let him in. I'll handle it.

Rosalind: Follow me, please, Mr. Hawke.

Anderson: Do you like Van Gogh, Mr. Hawke?

Hawke: Very much. I also know a Cezanne from a Van Gogh. Is it your habit to invite people into your home to test them?

Anderson: When I want to check out the quality of my investigative reporter, yes.

Hawke: And?

Anderson: You also prefer fish to beef.

Rosalind: I'm afraid it's my fault. I thought you'd be so delighted with our deal, you wouldn't mind the security check.

Hawke: You assume too much.

Anderson: That's the trouble with us zealots, Mr. Hawke. We sometimes forget that not everyone shares our opinion that our lives are as valuable as we think they are.

Anderson: Brussels, full priority.

Man: They're asking too much.

Anderson: They now know we want it. That's our fault. Pay their price.

Hawke: Who's trying to kill you, Mr. Anderson?

Anderson: Mr. Hawke, I know you play cards.I know that you don't mind losing. That's because you only bet what you can afford.

Anderson: In my game, we play with empires. And we mind losing very much.

Hawke: So you're telling me the stakes are very high.

Anderson: There are three states in this country with 27 corporations that are closed down or closing down. Fifty-odd thousand workers are unemployed, or about to be unemployed. I've invested several hundreds of millions of dollars, Mr. Hawke. You see, I've got this idea. Rehabilitate the factories, or build new ones. Put Americans back to work on a competitive basis internationally. And, yes, you bet, make a bundle, if I can, doing it. You see, that's the better idea that built America.

Hawke: So who would try to stop you?

Anderson: There are vultures in this world, Mr. Hawke, in case you haven't noticed, making billions on these failures, feeding on those corpses.

Rosalind: They tried to kill him three times.

Anderson: One day this month, at a private ceremony, I'll sign the final papers with government, labor and local businessmen. Once that ceremony concludes, the deal is set.

Hawke: So you want me to get you there and back in one piece?

Anderson: Exactly. Are you with us?

Hawke: I'm very impressed by what you have to say, Mr. Anderson. The big-business power play, unemployment, hungry families. A whole corner of the United States going down the drain. All we need is color slides.

Anderson: I'm glad you understand.

Hawke: Oh, I do. I've also had you checked out. And you are everything they say you are. But what I have not heard is why us?

Anderson: Or why Airwolf?

Hawke: Airwolf?

Anderson: Or Archangel? Mr. Hawke, we both deal with contacts in high places.

Hawke: Why wasn't this mentioned before?

Rosalind: Sometimes, the less said, the better.

Anderson: I'm well covered on the ground. It's in the air that I'm most vulnerable. That's why Airwolf. What do you say?

Hawke: You do it by my plan, my way. I'm the only one that knows. And I decide when, where and if any special equipment is to be used.

Rosalind: That's ridiculous.

Anderson: You drive a hard bargain.

Hawke: I intend to stay alive.

Anderson: Welcome aboard.

Rosalind: I'm glad we'll be working together. If there's anything you need, just let me know.

Hawke: I certainly will.

Coogan's workshop

Coogan: That's it. All done.

Villers: It's good work.

Coogan: You know, I took a big chance sneaking in here after hours.

Villers: My money thanks you.

Coogan: Yeah, well, it ain't thanking me that much.

Villers: We agreed on a price.

Coogan: The job was bigger than I thought.

Villers: Okay, what do you want?

Coogan: Consider my situation. You got my tubes. I mean, I've done 12 of them for you already. I say to myself, what are they for, plumbing? I could be in big trouble.

Coogan: Look, we're two professionals. I heard about you. If half the rumors are true, I don't know how you manage to stay alive.

Villers: I make certain there are no witnesses to my existence.

Coogan: That's pretty good. You'd have to kill a hell of a lot of people.

Villers: How much?

Coogan: Double.

(suppressed gunshot)

Santini Air

Hawke: Come on, Dom, do me a favor. Just give me a listen.

Dominic: String, this is very sensitive.

Hawke: I just wanna play devil's advocate.

Dominic: String, if I don't get this fuel control unit in sync, Airwolf will go into a stall every time we make a turn and she'll just tear herself apart. You know that.

Hawke: One minute.

Dominic: One minute.

Hawke: All right. Now, they say that they want us and Airwolf because they're afraid of being shot down.

Dominic: Well, it makes sense.

Hawke: But that's what they say. I've got an idea maybe they wanna steal her.

Dominic: Oh, you know what worrying is gonna do for you. Get you a lifetime full of bills. Besides, what would Carter Anderson want with a machine like Airwolf?

Hawke: Copy it. Hey, there's lots of high-dollar guys could afford the basic unit.


Hawke: I think you need glasses.

Dominic: I got glasses. I can't help if they keep making things smaller.

Hawke: It's Cait.

Dominic: Aha!

Caitlin: Hey! What's that?

Dominic: What's what?

Caitlin: Well, that.

Dominic: Now, you see what it is.

Caitlin: Well, that's why I'm asking. Where's it from?


Caitlin: Huh?

Hawke: Hey, Cait, what happened to the boating?

Caitlin: Well, we went. It got clouded over.

Dominic: The guy or the sky?

Caitlin: Yeah. Hey, listen, I came back to find out if I'm on full time, or... Is that a fuel control unit?

Dominic: Yes.

Caitlin: Yes, it's a fuel control unit?

Hawke: Oh, yes, you're on full time.

Caitlin: I am?

Hawke: Yeah.

Dominic: Thirty days. And we get paid for downtime. So, enjoy.

Caitlin: Paid days off?

Hawke: Paid medical expenses and everything.

Caitlin: Great. Gee, that's... Hey! Welcome me aboard.

Dominic: Welcome.

Caitlin: Thanks, Mr. Santini. Hawke.

Hawke: You know what?

Caitlin: What?

Hawke: Listen. Since you've got the time off, I think you ought to go out and celebrate.

Caitlin: Hey, is that an electronic fuel control unit? What ship is it for?

Dominic: Bye-bye, Caitlin.

Hawke: Say goodbye, Cait.

Caitlin: Goodbye, Cait.


Edna Mosconi's studio

Edna: Hi.

Villers: Hi.


Edna: You know, I love you. A lot. Here.

V;What's this?

Edna: Open it. See.

Villers: You treat your employees too well.

Edna: Only the ones I love.

Edna: You know, I've been giving this question about selling out to you a lot of thought.

Edna: And I have a better offer. The business and me at no cost to you.

Villers: Anyone help you decide that?

Edna: No one.

Villers: I told you not to discuss me with anyone yet.

Edna: Honey, I haven't told a soul. Mmm-hmm.

Edna: And if I was to say anything, they'd say that I was acting out my adolescence, you know? I mean, I have to tell my mother, of course, and my sister.

Villers: Of course.


Onboard Santini Air's JetRanger

Caitlin: We had the greatest day. In the morning, we went swimming. And then in the afternoon, we went to a baseball game. And at night we went dancing. What else can I say?

Hawke: So what did you do for the rest of the day?

Dominic: It should be right over that crest there at 11 o'clock.

Caitlin: Oh, Hawke? There was a fortune teller at the bar last night and she said something very important was gonna happen in my life.

Hawke: I think it already has. You're gonna be flying Carter Anderson III.

Caitlin: I am?

Dominic: There it is.

Hawke: Yeah, Dom and I are gonna fly backup, escort.

Caitlin: Wow, just like that, I fly him.

Hawke: Well, you're the one that's multi-engine rated.

Caitlin: Well, sure, but, I mean, that's a pretty heavy first at-bat.

Dominic: What, you just signed on and you're complaining already?

Caitlin: No, Mr. Santini, I'm thrilled. Honest, I am.

Hawke: We better play it kind of like a shell game. Three peas as diversion, and one for real. Anderson.

Caitlin: You guys are worried, aren't you?

In a remote area

Villers: Goodbye, Edna.


At a bar

(BAND PLAYlNG POLKA MUSlC) (SINGING: Then you know the Army Air Corps Is on the firing line

Oh, when the lights go on again All over the world)

Dominic: Drinks on the line, ladies and gentlemen.

Hawke: I saw her. Let's get down to business.

Hawke: Listen, we'll have the three choppers. Myself, Dom, and Caitlin. She'll only know that she's gonna pick up somebody from the airport.

Dominic: Thank you, Barbara.

Hawke: What do you think? You feel like dancing?

Rosalind: I haven't danced in years.

Hawke: Neither have I.

Dominic: All the more reason. Come on, let's go. Up you go.


Hawke: Check out Caitlin and her new boyfriend.

Rosalind: Boyfriend? That's kind of an old-fashioned term.

Hawke: Yeah. It's kind of an old-fashioned place.

Rosalind: I like the sound of it. Kind of like old shoes.

Hawke: Yeah, well, so who's your boyfriend?

Rosalind: I don't have one.

Hawke: What's the matter? Against corporate policy?

Rosalind: You'd be surprised.

Villers: When are you leaving? I wanna know. I must know. I'm possessed with knowing about you.

Caitlin: I take off Wednesday at 2. I'll be back by the end of the week. Think you can survive?

Villers: Wednesday. Hurts already.

Anderson's villa

Hawke: We're all set, gentlemen. Let's go.


The Flight


Dominic: Ready,String. All set.

Hawke: Let's go.

Caitlin: (from a KingAir at an airstrip) Ready, Hawke.

Hawke: She's got to beright in front of us.

Dominic: Heading 290.

Caitlin: Hawke, come in. Mayday, mayday.

Hawke: Caitlin. Come in, Caitlin.

Caitlin: Hawke, he's here. It's a Corsair. I'm at Angel six and he's pursuing.

Hawke: I got you. I hear you, Caitlin. Head for the deck and take evasive action. I'm right behind you.

Rosalind: You did it.

Caitlin: Once is lucky. You hold on.

Dominic: He just missed her with a rocket, String. It's a Corsair, all right.Looks like wing-mounted Sidewinders.

Hawke: There he is.

Dominic: Cut him off this side!

Hawke: Cait, now!



Dominic: Not now, baby, or we're all sitting ducks.

Dominic: He's on us.

Dominic: Manual restart.

Dominic: He got one off at us. Dropping the sunburst.

Dominic: Hey, the sunburst got one.But he's got more.

Hawke: Compression stall.

Dominic: Gonna restart. Brace for ignition.

Dominic: Sidewinder, 3 o'clock.

Hawke: I don't have enough power.

Dominic: Climb for ignition! Climb for ignition!

Hawke: Pull up! Climb!

Dominic: He's coming back.



Dominic: (GROANS) Not now!

Dominic: Rocket coming.

Hawke: Sunburst!

Dominic: Sunburst.



Hawke: It's empty.

Dominic: It was enough.

Villers: I'll see you, Cait. It was a good show, fellows.

Caitlin: Robert?


Hawke's cabin


Dominic: I couldn't do a thing with her.

Hawke: You told her she had the rest of her life ahead of her?

Dominic: I told her.

Hawke: Did you tell her that he fooled us, too?

Dominic: Hey, let's face it. My batting average is lousy, even with women who are in a good mood.



Caitlin: Don't bother hitting me with the psychology. Your friend just tried.

Hawke: Hey, I just came here to play.

Caitlin: I'm through, Hawke. I'm through with people, with life, with work, with everything. That's it.


Caitlin: I'm gonna get on a plane, and I'm gonna just keep on going till the money runs out. Then I'm gonna walk. I'm never gonna stop long enough to get involved with anybody.


Caitlin: You think I'm running away. That's what you really think.


Caitlin: You came to my rescue again, didn't you?

Hawke: You know, we really like having you around. But it wasn't us.

Caitlin: Now, wait a minute. You wait just a minute. Do you mean that you're gonna sit there and tell me that I just imagined... Well, that I didn't see... That there's no big, black helicopter? Now, can you do that?

Hawke: I think she's feeling better.