Airwolf Wiki

[File A56-7W briefing]

At a rocket launch control center

[controller chatter on radio]

[radio chatter continues]

(controller) T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

[rocket roaring]

(controller) Go for main engine start. And ignition...


Bogard: And we have 72 hours. More than enough time to accomplish an intensive satellite scan of the southwest region. This is the route of the satellite. It includes all of the possible locations.


Bogard: It will circle every 92 minutes, the time decreasing as the circle tightens and adjusts.

Unknown Agent: Is that enough time?

Bogard: That's all I have. It took all the power of the department to get me this much.

Dickens: Sorry, sir.

Bogard: Since we won't fail, there’s no need to apologize.

[beeping continues]

Bogard: When the target’s been located, we'll switch to radar and heat-seeking devices and release the satellite back to its space agency function. I assume everything else is on schedule?

Dickens: The strike force will be available in 12 hours. The surveillance and inside people are already in the area.

Bogard: Then I'll either destroy Airwolf, or fly it back to Washington myself.

Bombing range

[Jet fighter strafing a target with guns. A missile is launched and hits.]

Hawke: They sure don't spare any expense on these war exercises, do they?

Dominic: This is gonna make a hell of a training film. I mean, just wait till you see that B-52 bomb run. They chew up everything on that range. First time I saw one of those Air Force films, I thought I was back over in Germany during the war. Of course, back then we had Messerschmitts to deal with, you know.

Hawke: Did you get the shot?

Dominic: Yeah, I got it. Great shot, too.

Archangel: (radio voice) This is Archangel. Santini One, come in.

Dominic: Uh-oh, I think we died and went to heaven.

Hawke: We're not scrambled. Where are you?

Archangel: Take a heading due west at 50 feet. You'll find me.

Hawke: Santini One to Ground Control.

Ellison: Come in, Santini One.

Hawke: I think we shook loose one of our camera mounts. Better come down and check 'em.

Ellison: All right, listen, Sgt. Nash is an expert on air photography. Come on in, I'll have him give you a hand.

Hawke: `Uh, if we need him, we'll use him. Have him stand by. We'll just check 'em ourselves first.

Ellison: Well, remember, we've got a time element here.

Hawke: Yes, sir, I understand. We'll do our very best to keep to it. Out.

[birds chirping]

[helicopter approaching]

Dominic: Do you think he has that chopper washed every day?

Hawke: Well, probably with him in it.

Hawke: I'm working for another government agency today. What's so important?

Archangel: D.G. Bogard. He's got me. He wants you.

Hawke: So who's D.G. Bogard?

Marella: Department of Public Security. He's got an undersecretary title, but he's actually a top operative.

Archangel: You’re his assignment. And therefore, the most important thing in his life.

Hawke: Don't worry about it.

Archangel: Easy for you to say. Difficult for me to do.

Hawke: It's been tried before, Michael.

Marella: Not by this man. And not with such organization and financing. Airwolf is about to become the recipient of a high-intensity satellite survey.


Hawke: It's quite a mouthful.

Archangel: It requires above-average oral dexterity. However, that doesn't change the fact that satellite survey photography of remote sections of the West Coast could turn up Airwolf. I can only offer you a printout of the gaps in the satellite schedule. You might hide Airwolf in one of those gaps. I won't be available to you.

Dominic: I'm sure we'll be able to manage. Have a nice vacation.

Marella: He'll be sitting in a Senate subcommittee trying to answer a series of allegations that could be a disaster to the Firm.

Dominic: Oh?

Hawke: Bogard?

Archangel: Yes.

Hawke: You gonna come out okay, Michael?

Archangel: I like to think positive. It's just a stall. But it leaves you without my cover for the 72-hour period of the search. All I could do is warn you. You’re still on your own.

Hawke: You know, we could always give him Airwolf.

Archangel: No way in hell!


[helicopter engine starting]

Bombing range control

Nash: Santini, we can't afford to fall behind schedule. We’re synchronized with a B-52 bomb run that's departing out of Baltimore.

Dominic: Oh, we'll be ready to shoot tomorrow. Hey, man, we'll cash in on that schedule. believe me.

Nash: Col. Ellinson doesn't want to hear about your equipment breakdowns. Now, the US Government is picking up the tab for this film.

Dominic: And they'll get every penny's worth.

Ellison: I'm here to ensure they do.

Dominic: It couldn't be in better hands, sir.


Nash: How can you be sure it'll all be ready by then? You know, once those 52s take off, there is no abort. I mean, these guys fly radio silent the whole way. This is a simulated atomic attack.

Dominic: I got a spare camera mount that I can rig in a few hours. I just gotta get to it, that's all.

Nash: Look, I'm sorry about your problems, but I gotta get a better time schedule to the Colonel or I'm gonna be the oldest private in the Air Force.

Dominic: All right, I'll tell you what you'll do. Y-you just give me an hour to figure it out, and I'll radio back. How's that?


Nash: Well, I guess I can stay out of the Colonel's way for an hour.

Dominic: Ah, you're a gentleman.

Nash: No. Officers are gentlemen. Sergeants like me just make things happen.

Dominic: [chuckling] I owe you.

Wolf's Lair and onboard Airwolf

[helicopter engine whirring]

Dominic: God, she looks beautiful.

Hawke: Yep.

Dominic: beautiful or not, where are we gonna hide it?

Hawke: In one of those satellite gaps Archangel showed us.

Dominic: I still don't see how that satellite can pick up Airwolf.

Hawke: High-resolution photography can look right down a chimney and spot it.

Toni: (on radio) Mayday. This is a mayday. This is Stearman 01544 Charlie.

Hawke: Dominic, you copy that mayday?

Dominic: I heard it, String. Did you get a bearing?

Hawke: Yeah. bearing 285. Weather radar shows a king-sized cold front moving in from the northwest.

Dominic: It takes a special kind of fool to fly in weather like that.

Hawke: By the time you get there, it'll be gone.

Toni: This is a mayday.


[helicopter engine whirring]


Hawke: Those fender bumpers have moved off. And I've just about got him pinned. Dominic, take a heading of 270. About 20 miles.

Dominic: 270. You got it.

Hawke: I can't hang around any longer. I got to hide this baby.

[beeping from a satellite]

At Toni's Stearman

[helicopter engine revving down]

Dominic: Hey, buddy, looks like you made it.


Toni: Do I look like a "buddy"?

Dominic: What the hell is a woman doing out here--

Toni: Okay, make up your mind. You wanna yell at a man or a woman?

Dominic: Both. It takes two kinds of fool to fly a Stearman into a storm all alone. And way out here in the middle of nowhere and--and--and-- and--and--and...

Toni: You done?

Dominic: Yeah!

Toni: Good. I usually fly alone when I don't have passengers. It just sort of works out that way.


Toni: Oh, I can see you're not in the mood for subtlety. What does that mean, that I have to walk?

Dominic: Walk where? There's nothing around here for 30 miles.

Toni: That's right, and then there’s the Turner Ranch, due east, sitting in the sun, worn but proud. Listen, I'd call a limousine, but I--I think I'm in the wrong neighborhood. There is no neighborhood.


Toni: I mean, am I getting through to you, mister?

Dominic: Look, lady--

Toni: No. Toni. Toni.

Dominic: Lady, I'm in a rush.

Toni: What do you expect me to do, sit out here and wait for some cowboy to come riding by? Look at this place! I mean, this is a-another planet. Salvador Dali country. W-what do I have to do, beg for a ride?

Dominic: I'll call Air Force Search and Rescue. They'll come pick you up.

Toni: And report my little mishap to the FAA and my insurance company? No, thank you. Listen, if you're not gentleman enough to help a stranded pilot, then go. Just go. Y`our karma will take care of you.


Dominic: What are you doing here, anyway?

Toni: Either we discuss this in the comfort of your Jet Ranger, which no doubt is heated, or we do not discuss this at all. I'm shivering and you stand there and gape?

Dominic: Okay, all right, get in. Go on, get in. here, give me that. Come on.


Dominic: Don't touch anything. here.

[birds chirping]


Toni: I thought you were in a rush.

Dominic: I got a feeling I'm being hijacked.

Toni: I don't have a .38 in my bag, Me. Santini. You wanna check it?

Dominic: How'd you know my name?

Toni: It’s all over your chopper.

Dominic: Oh.

Toni: Oh, such eloquent eyes. They tell me you don't trust strange women casually met. That's a good character trait.


Dominic: Who are you?

Toni: I thought you'd never ask. Antonia Donatelli. And thank you for the rescue.

Dominic: Antonia Donatelli? Uh, you a nice Italian girl?

Toni: Yeah. You a nice Italian boy?

Dominic: Hey!

[both laughing]

Dominic: Hey, cinch up, cinch up. [laughing]

Toni: Okay.

Dominic: [laughing] Yeah!

[helicopter lifts off]

Hawke's cabin

Toni: Ah, this is beautiful.

Dominic: You like it, huh?

Toni: [laughing] Oh, boy!

Dominic: How 'bout that lake back there, huh?

Toni: That's not bad either.

[both sighing]

Dominic: Okay. Hey, Tet.

Toni: Oh, essence of orchid. I hope you approve.

Dominic: Listen, you make yourself at home. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Toni: Wait a minute. You just can't abandon me.

Dominic: Uh, make friends with Tet.

Toni: Where are you going? How come I can't come? When are you coming back?

Dominic: You ask too many questions.

Toni: I can't help if I'm the curious type.

[Tet whining]

Mojave boneyard

Dominic: I'm two miles west of the boneyard. I'll be there in about 60 seconds.

Hawke: That's a roger. I'm shutting her down. Pick me up at the old C-133.

Dominic: Got it.

Dominic: Okay, where is it?

Hawke: Hiding in plain sight.

Dominic: But I don't see it.

Dominic: I still don't see it.

Hawke: That's the idea. It's wedged in underneath that C-133 down there.

Dominic: Oh, yeah, there she is. Yeah. Looks safe enough. Ah, but it just don't seem right.

Hawke: Yeah, it's only there for a visit. As soon as that satellite's photographed the Valley of the Gods, we'll move it back.

Hawke's cabin


Toni: April 14. I'm at the cabin of Stringfellow Hawke, who I have not met. I was abandoned here by Dominic Santini. And this cabin is tucked in between two mountaintops.

[classical music]

Dominic: Mmm. Sure smells good.


Dominic: Ow--ow--ow--ow--ow! Vitello alla parmigiana? I'll never say another word against your cooking. I swear, String. [chuckling]

Hawke: It’s eggplant.

Dominic: Egg...

Dominic: Well, anyway, it's Italian. [both laughing]

Toni: Listen, I love vegetarian cooking, it's just as long as somebody else does it. Have you always been meatless, Me. Hawke?

Hawke: No.

Toni: Oh. Well, I, uh... I fly prop jets for Tahoe Airlines. Why are you looking at me like that?

Hawke: Nothing.

Toni: You're skeptical, like Dominic? Look, it's okay. I get lots of that. You know, I’ve even had passengers ask to see my copilot's certificate.

[Dominic and Toni laughing]

Toni: You wanna see it?

[Dominic and Toni laughing]

Dominic: So you fly prop jets, and you fly biplanes. And what else do you do?

Toni: I write. In my off time. Which I have a lot of right now since I’ve been furloughed. The Turners loaned me their guesthouse so I could finish my novel, so, you know....

Hawke: Why did you chance the storm?

Toni: I don't know. I'm an optimist, I guess. I just thought I could duck under it.

Hawke: Under it? Why not over it?

Toni: In an open cockpit? Mmm-mmm. No, thank you.


Toni: So what about you two? So are you independently wealthy, or do you both have rich girlfriends?

Dominic: W-Well, I--I’ve got an Air service and, um... Well, I supply planes and pilots for films and stuff and String is a pilot.

Toni: Oh, boy, that's a fascinating line of work. I tell you, I am so bored with straight-and-level milk-run puddle-jumping I could spit ten penny nails.


Toni: Do you always scowl at your quests or am I especially deserving? Is it because I didn't help you cook?


Toni: Oh. Hey, for that I'll do the dishes.

Hawke: And for that I'll get some firewood. It’s getting chilly in here. Wanna give me a hand, Dom?

Dominic: Oh, sure. Excuse me.

[crickets chirruping]

Hawke: She doesn't add up. There's too many things happening at once here.

Dominic: Oh, it's just a coincidence.

Hawke: Maybe.

Dominic: She was a million miles away from that--

Hawke: She snagged you.

Dominic: She snagged me? All I did was--bring her here. You're right. Next pretty lady I meet, I'm just gonna let her freeze to death. And then I'll introduce her to you. In the meantime, you just relax. And you'll live to be the oldest hermit in the world.

Dominic: Oh-ho!


[birds chirping]

Next morning, Hawke's cabin

Toni: I almost forgot my bag.

Dominic: You almost forgot to close your fuel drain line, too.

Toni: I did? It must've worked loose. I had it fixed.

Dominic: Ah, but some things are better replaced than repaired.

Toni: Only if you've got the cash. It’s all I can do to keep this baby in fuel. Is it okay?

Dominic: Oh, keep an eye on it.

Toni: Ah, you're wonderful, Dominic Santini.

Toni: Ooh! Thank you, Me. Hawke.


Toni: Will we meet again?

Hawke: It could happen. Why?

Toni: I hope it does. Soon.

Toni: Clear.

Dominic: Clear.

[engine starting. Stearman takes off]

[Dominic laughing]

Dominic: Hey, how many pilots do you know that can handle a Stearman like that, huh?

Hawke: Oh, a whole lot.

Dominic: Yeah, but are they as beautiful as she is?

[both laughing]

Bombing range control

Ellison: This is the section for the saturation bomb run. It’s surrounded by mountains and the only thing semi-alive in the area that may get some stray damage is that aircraft boneyard twenty miles away.

Hawke: Just how precise is this precision bomb run?

Ellison: Very. The red zone will be saturated. With the TNT equivalent of one Hiroshima-sized atomic bomb.

Hawke: That's when we fly in.

Ellison: Well, no. We'll give you a couple of minutes for the turbulence and dirt to settle. I wouldn't expect anyone to fly through that concentration of fire. We'll work on it in editing and make it look right.

Hawke: Uh, excuse me a second.

Dominic: So, then, you suggest going up to the north canyon...

[clears throat]

Nash: Oh, just checking out the camera mounts. That's quite a setup you got in there.

Hawke: Yeah, that's a real precision piece of equipment. You have to be awful careful, or you'll shear the pins.

Nash: Is that what happened yesterday?

Hawke: Uh, no, we seized a bearing.

Nash: Oh, yeah? Where's that? I didn't see any new bearings.

Hawke: Well, I'd show you. I--I'd even be glad to let you operate it, but Dominic is so, uh, protective about his equipment.

Nash: Yeah, I know how you feel.

Dominic: See you at 09 Let's fire her up.

Airborne in a Jetranger

Dominic: Well, why are you flying east? The cabin is west.

Hawke: I don't think we're up here alone.

Dominic: A million miles of empty sky and you think we're being followed?

Hawke: I know we are.

Hawke: Bandit on our high four.

Dominic: I don't see any bandit.

Hawke: You will.

Dominic: I still don't.... Oh, yeah, there. Hey, but he's heading south.

Hawke: Not anymore.

Dominic: Coincidence?

Hawke: There's no such thing.

Dominic: What are you looking for?


Dominic: Hey, what's that? Looks like a thermometer.

Hawke: Yeah, and she knew right where to stick it. It's a homing beacon.

Dominic: Who, Toni? Oh, come on, wait a minute, will you? Listen, Nash was around here. He--he could've planted that thing alone.

Hawke: I didn't see Nash inside.

Hawke: Let's see if this thing speaks bandit.

Hawke: Drop down into that canyon. Let's see if we can lose him for a few minutes.

Dominic: I don't see him.

Hawke: Follow that truck. Let's see if he'll follow that load of bacon instead of us.

Hawke: Now head back into the canyon.

Hawke: He's taking the bait.

Hawke: I'd like to have a word with our Miss Donatelli.

Dominic: Why? You think she used me?


Toni's ranch

[birds chirping]

[helicopter approaching]

[engine revving down]

Toni: Boy, you two sure do get around. Isn't this place beautiful after a storm?

Dominic: You lied to me.

Toni: Okay, this place isn't beautiful after a storm.

Dominic: Why did you lie to me?

Toni: What's the matter, Dominic? All right, all right, uh, s-straight goods. I followed you. And then I lost you in the weather. I faked the mayday at first.

Hawke: At first?

Toni: There's a good reason for it. I’ve tried to reach you at the studio. No one would put me through. I called the hangar. No one's ever there.

Dominic: I have an answering machine.

Toni: Did you ever try to convince an answering machine to give you a job? I--I did lie to you about one thing. I said I was on furlough with that Airline job at Tahoe. Well, I'm not. I’ve been pink-slipped because I wouldn't play house with the chief pilot. That's something you male pilots don't have to contend with. I hope.

Hawke: It’s awful hard to feel sorry for somebody who is hedgehopping around the country having fun playing pilot.

Toni: I am a pilot. I fly most things, including your chopper. See, I don't own a car or a house or--or any fancy wardrobe. This plane is it. I don't want sympathy. I wanna fly. For Dominic or for anybody who'll hire me without putting their pawprints all over me.

Hawke: Let's go.

Toni: I followed you, Dominic, to meet you, with the Stearman. After the first mayday, I really did have engine trouble. It’s my karma, I guess. But then I was lost and scared. You saw me shaking. That wasn't just the cold.

Dominic: Did you lose a beacon, a homing beacon out of your flight bag?

Toni: A--A beacon?

Hawke: Dom, let's go.

Dominic: Look, uh, n-next time, s-send a resume.

[helicopter lifts off]

Dominic: You don't believe her, do you?

Hawke: I think she's lying. Right through her pretty white teeth.

Dominic: Well, I'm not so sure about that. I saw something different in that lady's eyes. Something nice, something honest.

Hawke: Yeah, she's bright. She's quick on her feet. And she pushes all the right buttons with you.

Dominic: You're seeing agents and double agents coming out of the woodwork.

Hawke: And satellites, mystery choppers, and homing devices.

Hawke's cabin

[clock ticking]

[helicopter approaching]

Bogard: I think it is time we reached some sort of settlement. It’s really quite simple. I'm giving you the opportunity to capitulate in private. I want Airwolf. You can give it to me or I can take it.

Hawke: Officially, all I can say is I don't know what you're talking about.

Bogard: Now that you've totally convinced me of your absolute innocence, I'd like an answer. Where is Airwolf?

Hawke: Well, standing in a grocery line, I hear it's somewhere between modern history and current events. Airwolf was destroyed in Libya a few months ago.

Bogard: And Archangel will be destroyed by a Senate subcommittee in a few days. One reason being his conspiracy with you in hiding Airwolf. Let's cut down the words.

Hawke: Archangel isn't my responsibility. He can take care of himself.

Bogard: Not in this instance. He's overmatched and so are you.

Hawke: Maybe so. I don't know much about this spy game. you're the expert. All I know is, as good as you are, if I'd done anything wrong, you'd have got me by now.

Bogard: My satellite will.

Hawke: Well, you lost me again.

Bogard: I know Archangel informed you. It’s another nail in his professional coffin. The printouts are no longer of any value. The orbit’s been adjusted. It’s only a matter of another few hours before we locate Airwolf.

Hawke: So then why are you here?

Bogard: I don't want you to think you have no options and destroy Airwolf.

Hawke: You've got a "being 'em back alive" clause in your contract, huh?

Bogard: Destroying it would be considered a success but that's not my dilemma. It’s yours. I'm close on you. Very close. When and if you decide to throw that switch, how many American agents will you be blowing up with?

Hawke: I'm not much into hunting but I like to fish.

Bogard: Back off, Hawke!

Hawke: You know, I think you just made yourself a trespasser.

Bogard: I covered this visit with a Federal search warrant. I even had the right to break in.

Hawke: Aren’t you goin' a little haywire? Sounds like to me you're just involved in an interdepartmental squabble. lf you win, you become the office hero.

Bogard: You can't win.

Hawke: Maybe.

Bogard: There's a difference between us that makes me much stronger. I have no compunction about blowing you and your machine out of the sky. I don't believe you could do the same.

Hawke: We'll never know, will we?

Bogard: We might.

Hawke: Santini Air. Santini Air. Come on in, Dom.

Dominic: (on radio) You got something against sleep?

Hawke: No, just plan on getting a few hours less. Got to push our call up. Got some things to take care of.

Dominic: I'll be there.

Hawke: See you then.


Toni's ranch

Hawke: (voiceover) I just had a nightmare pay me a visit. His name was D. G. Bogard.

Dominic: Bogard? At the cabin?

Hawke: I'm beginning to feel like there are eyes everywhere, Dom. It's not creeping paranoia.

Dominic: Well, if they are watching you, how can you move Airwolf?

Hawke: I've got an idea.

Dominic: Anybody home?

[birds chirping]

[hinges squeaking]

Toni: What's the matter? Did you forget to kick me the other day?

Dominic: Are you qualified on JetRangers?

Toni: I don't know. I'm not in the market for one.

Dominic: I'm selling a job, not choppers.

Toni: For me?

Dominic: What? Y-you see a crowd?


Toni: You better leave the smart-aleck remarks to me. When do I start?

Dominic: Right now. Get some shoes on.

Toni: And what about that arrogant self-imposed hermit you usually fly with?

Dominic: Look, you want the job or you just want to insult my friends?

Toni: Could I have them both?


Outdoor location

Dickens: We’re down to an 18-mile radius. Airwolf is somewhere in there.

Bogard: When we’re within the 10-mile circle, we can switch to our own equipment.We won't need the satellite.

Toni's ranch

Toni: Ready.

Dominic: I just set the rug for you. You never can tell when it's gonna rain again.

Toni: Thanks, Dom.

[helicopter lifts off. Stearman takes off]

Outdoor location

[beeping] Dickens: Mr. Bogard! We got a couple of blips in and around the search pattern.

Bogard: What are they?

Dominic: The one off the pattern is a chopper. Probably the Santini unit headed for the film site. The other one is a light plane, came from the Turner Ranch.

Bogard: Donatelli?

Dickens: It looks like it. They’re headed into our search area.

Bogard: Have two units keep her under visual. I'm going up. Let's go.

Bombing range control

Ellison: sorry for the delay, Mr. Santini, but our bomber flight flew an evasive action. We get as much as we can from these training missions.

Dominic: How much of a delay?

Ellison: You can find your altitude and await the final order.

Dominic: I'll be on my mark.

Nash: I'll be your ground control.

Dominic: Radio expert. Camera expert. Boy, you're overqualified, Nash.

Mojave boneyard

[tires screeching as Stearman lands]

Dickens: (at the outdoor location) Command One. We've got a contact point: bearing 126, left quadrant.

Bogard: (on his JetRanger) Ground units, tighten the circle to a 2-mile radius. Do not acknowledge. Air units, start a crossing pattern. We're on a visual.

[wind howling]



[Airwolf starting]

Bogard: To all ground units. Cross reference points Delta 21 and Tango 7. Converge aircraft boneyard. We have him.

Bogard: And here we are, Mr. Hawke, at last.

Bogard: Surely you did not expect a simple deception to throw me off the scent?

Hawke: Who tipped you off?

Bogard: Oh, I can't tell you that.

Bogard: Don't try it, Hawke. You can't do it without bringing us and you down together.

Hawke: Don't tempt me.

Bogard: Give it up, Hawke, there is nothing you can do.

Hawke: And what if I refuse?

Bogard: Then I've got a pair of F-4s sitting on a high cap.


Hawke: Get yourself off the range, Dom. I'm headed your way with Bogard's hunting dogs on my tail.

Hawke: Somebody tipped him off about the switch. I'll bet I know who.

Dominic: You may be right. But listen, String, you can't come this way. Those B-52s are about to let go.

Hawke: That's just what I'm counting on.

Dominic: But you'll wind up in a million pieces!

Hawke: Well, wish me luck.

Toni: We got to stop the bombers.

Pilot's voice: Approaching the bombing range Mr. Bogard.

Bogard: Keep after him.

F-4 pilot: Black Leader, this is Silver One. We have the target in sight and will stay with him.

Unknown pilot: We can't possibly catch him, Mr. Bogard.

Bogard: He can't run from 'em. Just keep going.

Unknown pilot: He went in!

Bogard: It's a bluff. He'll pull out.

Hawke: Okay, Bogard, come and get me.

F-4 pilot: Black Leader, this is Silver One. We have b-52s dead ahead. Black Leader, Silver Flight breaking off pursuit.

Bogard: Return to the pursuit. Get back here. That's an order.

Bombing range control

Bogard: (on a speaker) This is your last chance, Hawke. You can live or you can die. Either way, I win.

Dominic: Just listen to that man, Colonel. He's out of his mind. You've got to send that cancel code to those bombers before it's too late.

Ellison: Nash, what are you doing?

Nash: I'm sorry, sir.

Ellison: Give me that mike. That's an order.

Nash: I have to relieve you of your operational command, sir. Mr. Bogard will make the decision on the bombing run.

Ellison: Who the hell is Bogard?

Nash: He's the Undersecretary of the Department of Public Security, and my boss.

Nash: Black Leader, this is Nash. What are your orders on the bombing run?

Bogard: Do not cancel the bombers. It's Hawke's choice. Let him die with it.

Dominic: Colonel!

Ellison: Are you Bogard?

Bogard: Yes. And I'm taking charge of this operation.

[bombs whistling]

[explosions echoing]

Dominic: No. You killed Hawke!

Bogard: I take full responsibility.

Dominic: You sure will!

Ellison: Sergeant, arrest these two men!

Bogard: No way you can hold me.

Ellison: I’ve got a room with a padlock. What more do I need?

Hawke: (on radio) Brier Rabbit to Brier Fox.

Dominic: String, are you okay?

Hawke: I was born in that briar patch.



Hawke's cabin

[eagle screeching] Hawke: You know, I've never did like the way that doggone Airwolf helmet fit. But I'd sure never complain again after the way that visor slid right down just in time to protect my eyes.

Marella: It’s activated by extremely bright light, a--a precaution against flash blindness.

Archangel: You are a lucky man. I just wish I could have seen the look on Bogard's face when he was arrested.

Dominic: By a lowly Air Force colonel.

Archangel: That lowly Air Force colonel has turned out to be pretty tenacious. He's got Bogard running scared, with a little help from me.

Toni: Hi. You all finished with your classified whispering now?

Dominic: Hi, Toni. Come on, sit down, sit down.

Toni: Okay.

Archangel: Just one last thing. Now that we've finally established that you aren’t working for Bogard, I'd like to say that you are exactly the sort of person my Firm is interested in recruiting.

Dominic: Just a minute there, Whitey.

[Marella laughing]

Dominic: It just so happens that Toni is coming to work for me as my top assistant stunt pilot. Right?

Toni: [tittering] Well... [laughing] Oh, boy!

[all laughing]