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This is the tabel that I started I was thinks we could use this for

I've been finding information here and there and chatting with folks that were part of Airwolf, fans and more. GinnyStar-STD MOT (talk) 05:01, September 14, 2015 (UTC)

Infobox via [1]


Here is a generic template which you can use to design an infobox. Just fill in whatever headers and labels you want.

In this example, it is set up like an infobox about an Airwolf character. There is one header called "Infomation", and then lots of labels like "Nickname", "Alias", "Gender" and so on. Whatever you don't use is not showm.

Later, when you complete your design and are satisfied with the labels and headers, we can then convert everything to the new code.

|title= Eddie Donahough
|image= [[File: Sample photo.jpg|thumb|250px]]
|caption= Insert a caption for his photo here
|label1= First Appearance
|data1= Firestorm (episode)
|label2= Last Appearance
|data2=  Firestorm (episode)
|label3= Portrayed by
|data3=  Eugene Roche
|header4= Information
|label4= Nickname
|data4=  None
|label5= Alias
|data5= None
|label6= Gender
|data6= Male
|label7= Occupation 
|data7= ---
|label8= Title
|data8= friend 
|label9= status
|data9= ???
|label10= Nationality
|data10= American



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