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Appearances in Airwolf episodes

The two bodyguards in the foreground are holding what appears to be Uzis.

  • Dambreakers (episode) - this is the primary weapon of the terrorist group which is holding the religious community hostage.

Hana, one of the lead terrorists shoots at Hawke and Kelly Dayton with her Uzi.

Hawke is handling the Uzi while Dominic examines a clue as to what had happened at the lab. He would normally use his Detonics Combat Master but they had just come across signs of a heavy firefight outside and would be expecting trouble.

Devon Ericson with an Uzi again, this time as another character, Tracey Cooper. The muzzle flash is too big to be realistic but at least it lights her and her gun up nicely.

An unidentified member of Tracey Cooper's gang with a Uzi emerges from the Maxtech buidling after grabbing the nuclear detonators.

  • Annie Oakley (episode) - used by Karl Stern. Here he is holding the Uzi as he prepares to board a truck to escape.

The long barrel and handgrip shows this clearly to be a full-sized Uzi in Karl Stern's hand. However, a few moments later, when he shoots ar Hawke from on board the truck, it becomes a Micro Uzi!

Tran Van Hieu's masked men armed with Uzis kidnap Jimmy Oshirp's family.

The same men later turn up at Santini Air to kidnap Dominic and Caitlin.

  • Half-Pint (episode) - used by members of Glen Carson's gang, including Darren McBride, to engage Airwolf.

Glen Carson's gang engage Airwolf with their Uzis. The dust comes from Airwolf's rotorwash.

A view of one of Carson's gang members holding his Uzi. He is too close to be in focus.

FIRM assault team trooper points his Uzi. The funny thing is that, a few frames before, it appears all four of these men were using the Heckler and Koch HK-94.