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Appearances on Airwolf

Season 1

A Russian militia man handles his Valmet. Dominic identifies it as an AK-47, what the Valmet was intended to represent in the show.

Dominic with the Valmet.

Cuban soldier engages a rebel Hughes 500 with his Valmet.

A South Limbawean soldier with an M71 shoots at Hawke as he is trying to escape in Airwolf.

Season 2

  • Fallen Angel (episode) - some the East German guards at Kruger's castle are equipped with the Valmet M71S. There's no reason why they should be using a Finnish weapon so it is assumed the Valmet is being used here to represent the AK-47 or AK-74.

One of Kruger's guards fires at Airwolf with his Valmet M71S.

  • HX-1 (episode) - used by Viet Cong during Hawke's flashback to the Vietnam War. The Valmet here is probably being used to simulate an AK-47 or more probably, a Chinese manufactured equivalent such as the Norinco Type 56.

Viet Cong running with the Valmet M71.

  • Once a Hero (episode) - used by the bandits which, for a time, take Hawke and his team prisoner. The guards in the prison camp also use it. Since it is unlikely that Laotian bandits and warlords could have obtained a Finnish weapon, the Valmet here is probably being used to simulate the AK-47, which was commonly used in the Southeast Asian theater by communist troops during the Vietnam War.

A Valmet M71 in the hands of a bandit leader.

A prison camp guard fires his Valmet M71 at Hawke and his team.

Close up of a Valmet beside a bandit. He will shortly lose this weapon to Hawke.

Hawke with the Valmet. He has also swopped clothes to look like a bandit but he always remembers his shades!