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Appearances on Airwolf

Season 1

  • And They Are Us (episode) - fitted with a scope and used by a South Limbawean sniper attempting to target President Seko Logana. It is unlikely that a light machine gun would have been used as a sniper weapon. More likely it was being used to mimic an SVD Dragonuv designated marksman rifle, which it resembles.

Sniper with the M78 fitted with a scope. Note his wristwatch. It was the glint on its face which gave his position away to Hawke.

Season 2

  • HX-1 (episode) - at Dunkirk's weapons display at Red Rock Flats, Armand is seen holding a M78, this time without scope. It was probably intended to represent itself, an M78 light machine gun.

Armand is seen with the M78. The bipod has been extended.