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Vivian is the name of an aide to Archangel who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Day of Jeopardy (episode).


Vivian is the Archangel aide who assisted Archangel in the difficult operation to transport Tess Dixon to testify at a Senate committee against a secret conspiracy to assassinate world leaders. Vivian is present at the beach to receive Tess after she escaped from Cullen Dixon's yacht. She later conducted the investigations when Hawke and Archangel began to suspect a traitor within the FIRM.

She pinned the blame on a ground control officer Peters but it was later discovered that she was herelf the traitor. She was part of Barkley Kase's fail-safe plan to intercept Tess Dixon, a plan he code named "Blue Star".

Towards the end of the episode, all of Kase's efforts to intercept Tess Dixon had failed. Tess arrives at the Senate hearing. Vivian is among the FIRM personnel escorting Tess to the hearin committee chamber. This would be Kase's last chance. Vivian is sightly behind Tess and attempts to draw her Walther PPK to shoot her in the back. Unfortunately for Vivian, Hawke notices her and is faster on the draw. He pushes Archangel away and shoots her in the leg.

In custody, she apparently confesses. The motive, according to Archangel, was "something one": money. She was also disenchanted with the way the FIRM was handling international affairs.

Vivian with Archangel. Note her brooch. Kase said his code name was appropriate.

Portrayed By

Vivian is played by Kandace Kuehl.[1] This is her third sorties as an Archangel aide. Previously she had played Amanda in Airwolf II (episode) and Denise in And a Child Shall Lead (episode).