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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Season 1

Klaus Kinter discovers that String is missing and draws a PPK.

The fake "Saint John Hawke" captures String and Susan Hill with a PPK

  • Fight Like A Dove (episode) - Sarah Lebow uses one. She is an accurate shot and nicks the ear of both Archangel and Helmut Kruger with it.

Sarah Lebow points her PPK at Archangel. Archangel and Sarah are supposed to go in and capture Helmut Kruger from his estate but she wants to go alone.

Sanchez uses a nickel-plated version as his personal sidearm.

Season 2


Maria von Furster points her PPK at Archangel.

The director decided this lovely closeup was necessary, and quite right too.

Karl Kruger with his PPK.

Elena with her PPK. Next to her, the terrorist leader Steele is using a MAC-10 also with a suppressor.

Season 3

Vivian drawing her PPK. Hawke's quick reaction ensures that she never got to use it.