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At a funeral

(Buglar plays taps) (Drill commands)

HAWKE: You know, it's funny. I wonder what John would be thinking if he knew I was taking his Congressional Medal of Honor to his brother. His draft-dodger brother.

ARCHANGEL: It was that kind of a war.

DOMINIC: You still gonna go looking for that Billy Fargo?

HAWKE: I've got to, Dom. I owe it to John. And I'd like to head up there tomorrow. You think you could spare me?



HAWKE: (to himself) Kids.

HAWKE: Excuse me. Boss around?

HAL: That's me, sir.

HAWKE: You run this place?

HAL: Yes, sir. May I help you?

HAWKE: I'm trying to find a fellow called Billy Fargo. He lives at 4434 Sierra Drive.

HAL: Well, I don't know a Mr. Fargo, but North Sierra Drive is at the stop sign. You turn left. You can't miss the place, it's the only house on the block.

HAL: Peace, brother.

HAWKE: Peace, brother.

Cotton’s house


HAWKE: My name is Stringfellow Hawke. I was looking for Billy Fargo.

COTTON: There’s nobody here by that name.

HAWKE: Are you sure?

COTTON: I'm positive, sir.

HAWKE: Aren't you Wendy Fargo? John and Billy Fargo's niece?

COTTON: I'm Cotton, after things that grow and bloom.

HAWKE: Yeah okay, I see. Wendy, maybe I could talk to your Mother or your Father.

COTTON: They're not here right now. They're visiting in San Francisco.

HAWKE: Okay Cotton, tell me one thing. Does anybody live in Beaudy besides kids?

COTTON: I'm sorry, I can't talk anymore right now.

Beaudy Police Department

HAWKE: I'm looking for a Billy Fargo. And every time I ask about him, all I get is…

DEPUTY 1: That he used to live here?

HAWKE: That's right, Deputy. DEPUTY 2: It's true, sir. Mr. Fargo was a longtime resident of Beaudy, until he decided to head east, Connecticut, I believe.

DEPUTY 1: Connecticut or Maine.

DEPUTY 2: You're just a little too late.

HAWKE: Why is it I have so much trouble believing anything that I ever get back from anybody in this town? You mind if I use your phone?

DEPUTY 1: Right at your service.

DOMINIC: (Santini Air, on the other end of the line) What do you mean "flower children"?

HAWKE: Like stuck in the '60s. They got beads, flowers in their hair. The Beatles. "Hell no, we won't go." "We shall overcome." "Make love not war," the whole thing. Peace symbols.

DOMINIC: Listen uh… did you find that Billy Fargo yet?

HAWKE: No. Every time I ask about him, he's either not here, or he's gone, or he's never been here. Anyway, I met this girl the other day. Dom, I swear it's his niece. And she seemed real spaced out, real strange. I got this gut feeling something's going on here. Anyway Dom, get me anyinformation the Firm has on Billy Fargo. Especially about his recent whereabouts. Anything you can get.

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure, okay. But listen, I hope you're not gonna make a career out of this, now. Because we got a stunt job starting Friday.

HAWKE: If I'm not back in 18 hours better call in the grown-ups.

DOMINIC: Okay. Meanwhile, take good care of yourself, will ya? I certainly don't want you coming back here with any beard or sandals.

Beaudy Post Office

HAWKE: Excuse me son, is the Postmaster in?

RANDY: No. Not at the moment, sir. But he usually is, though. Mr. Evans is very attentive to his duties and whatnot.

HAWKE: Yeah, I'm sure he is. Look, what's your name?

RANDY: Oh, Randy, sir.

HAWKE: Do you have a William or Bill Fargo that lives in Beaudy?

RANDY: No, never heard of him.

HAWKE: You sure? I have an address.

RANDY: Sorry.

(van arrives) FARGO: All right children, over here.

CHILDREN: Father, father.

HAWKE: Peace, brother.

FARGO: Who is he?

DEPUTY 2: Cotton says his name is Stringfellow Hawke, Father.

DEPUTY 1: Do you know him, Father?

FARGO: He was a friend of my brother's in the terrible war. They fought together in Vietnam. He’s a dangerous man. A warrior, a threat to peace and love.

DEPUTY 2: Lead us, Father. What do we do?

FARGO: For now, we wait. But if the man comes back, he must die a Warrior's death.

At a campfire

(guitar and singing)

FARGO: And there will be peace.

GROUP: Peace.

FARGO: And love.

GROUP: Love.

FARGO: And the end to the shedding of blood.

GROUP: Hallelujah!

FARGO: And the pain of violence.

GROUP: Hallelujah!

FARGO: When love comes.

GROUP: When love comes.

FARGO: When peace comes.

GROUP: When peace comes.

FARGO: When brotherhood comes.

GROUP: When brotherhood comes!

Hawke on the line with Caitlin

CAITLIN: There's no question about it, String. The Firm is certain that Beaudy is still Billy's address. There's been no relocation to the northeast. And Billy is Wendy's guardian. The age and description matched the girl you talked to. It all fits.

HAWKE: Cate, I just don't get it. The draft-dodgers were pardoned years ago. Why's he playing this hide and seek? And why's that girl denying her identity?

CAITLIN: I don't know, but I don't like it. Maybe you oughta come home and let the military handle this.

HAWKE: Listen, as far as the military's concerned, John Fargo's been dead and buried. It's up to me.

DOMINIC: Are you planning on being back here tomorrow?

HAWKE: Well, let me give it one more shot in the morning. If I don't find anything, I'll head home. But I got an idea that there's more than meets the eye here in La-La Land.

Cotton’s house

HAWKE: Wendy, I have connections with the federal government Intelligence community. I happen to know that your Uncle Billy resides here, and that your name is Wendy Elizabeth Fargo. Now, won't you please tell me what's going on here?

COTTON: I can't. My Earth name is Cotton, my birth name is Alicia Louise, and my parents are vacationing in San Francisco.

HAWKE: Your Mother's name is Linda Fargo. She and your Father were killed in a traffic accident. You're being raised here by your uncle, Billy Fargo.

COTTON: My name is Cotton, after things that grow and bloom.

HAWKE: Okay Cotton, you know and I know that's not the truth. Now, I'm gonna to have to go back to Riverline. And those government officials are gonna ask me a whole lot of questions. And I'm not gonna have the answers. And that means there's gonna be a lot of trouble around here. I wish it hadn't been that way and I wish you'd told me the truth as a friend.

(Fargo comes out from a room) FARGO: My child.

COTTON: Father, why must I always lie to people? He didn't seem like a bad man. He knew our family. It was hard to lie to him.

FARGO: I understand, my child. I understand. But you know Cotton, he tried to deceive you into betraying us. You deceived him instead. You did well, child of love. Child of peace, you did well.

On the road out of Beaudy

(sirens) DEPUTY 1: I'm afraid you're gonna have to come with us, sir. HAWKE: What?

DEPUTY 2: You were speeding, sir. This is a dangerous road.

HAWKE: 40 miles an hour.

DEPUTY 2: The speed limit is 30, sir. You must have overlooked the sign.

(smashes tail light) DEPUTY 1: And your taillight seems to be missing, sir.

DEPUTY 2: I'm sure this can all be cleared up in town, peacefully.

HAWKE: Yeah, right.


FARGO: Welcome to Brotherhood Village. I'm Billy Fargo. You will forgive our method of, shall I say, escort.

HAWKE: You're Billy Fargo? Funny, I wouldn't have recognized you. So, what's going on around here?

FARGO: We're building a new society. We're starting with the children that the old society threw away.

HAWKE: Seems like a kind of funny way to do it, going back to the '60s.

FARGO: Those were a time of great sharing, of great commitment to ideals.

HAWKE: Ideals, huh?

FARGO: Will you take his cuffs off? I'm sorry, they said you had something for me?

HAWKE: In my car.

HAWKE: This is the flag from your brother's casket, he was buried 2 days ago. This is his Congressional Medal of Honor. John was a good friend and a brave man.

FARGO: I would say more foolish than brave, wouldn't you? If he would have joined me, crossed the border, he'd still be with me here today. Take him away. Now!

In a store room

SABRINA: All right. Now!

(grunts) SABRINA: Very good. Good! Rick! Now.

(more grunts) SABRINA: All right. Very good. Very good. Thank you very much. Very good work. Excellent. You can take a short break.

FARGO: They are doing well.

SABRINA: Far better than I had expected.

SABRINA: What about Mr. Hawke?

FARGO: He's where he can't interfere.

SABRINA: Look, be careful. I've seen his kind before. He's dangerous.

FARGO: I said he won't interfere.

SABRINA: And if he does?

FARGO: Trust me to do what must be done. Our plan involves the death of thousands. What's one more?

SABRINA: Indeed.

FARGO: Indeed.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: Nobody knows where he's at! I had the Motel Manager check his room. The bed hadn't even been slept in.

CAITLIN: Dom, he's 2 hours overdue now. You think he's had trouble?

DOMINIC: I'm afraid so.

CAITLIN: What do you wanna do about it?

DOMINIC: Listen, you contact Archangel, see what he can do from this end. I'm gonna get the Lady.

Store room

(Sabrina types on a computer keyboard. Manages to log in to a computer somewhere else)

Beaudy Police Department

FARGO: There you are. You saw my children leave?

HAWKE: Billy, what in the hell is going on here?

FARGO: The birth of a thunder that will shake the world.

HAWKE: You're using those kids for something.

FARGO: They are my children, committed to the task of peace and love.

HAWKE: Peace and love?

FARGO: In 2 hours I will have in my control a force so great, that the enemies of peace will have to listen to me.

HAWKE: Fargo, you're a phony. Either that or you're just a plain lunatic. Nobody interested in peace would ever speak of the violence that you're committed to. You know, I'd peg you as gutless. A lotta guys that went to Canada went 'cause they had real doubts. The rest were just cowards, like you.

FARGO: There's more involved, money, my friend. Millions and millions… HAWKE: That's all the truth you've spoken, money. That's the bottom line, isn't it?

FARGO: And not just for money alone. It's my brother who's still a prisoner. It's the 2,400 others still missing. Missing in action. It's the means to find them.

HAWKE: You desecrate your brother's memory with this sick scheme you have. Yeah sure, you want money. Money gets you respect, gets you recognition. Your brother had both those. Something you'll never have.

FARGO: Shut up.

HAWKE: Your brother was a hero. He was a leader of men.

FARGO: Shut up!

HAWKE: Eats you up, doesn't it?

FARGO: Shut up!

HAWKE: Hand me that gun son, or I'll hand you your daddy's head.

DEPUTY 1: You won't get away.

HAWKE: That's my problem. Now!

FARGO: Give it to him.

HAWKE: Open this door.

HAWKE: Get in here.


On board Airwolf and on the road out of Beaudy

(Beaudy Police car is pursuing Hawke) DOMINC: What the hell?

HAWKE: Nice timing. If you're scanning audio, get these guys off my back, will ya?

DOMINIC: You got it, String.

(machine gun fire) DEPUTY 1: Watch out! (police car forced off road) (Airwolf lands)

HAWKE: Get outta there.

HAWKE: Move it. Come on.

HAWKE: Yeah, move!

HAWKE: Get on the ground! Now!

HAWKE: All right guys, recess is over. Now you're gonna answer some questions 'cause we're going to school.

DOMINIC: You all right?

HAWKE: Yeah, I'm fine.

On board a school bus

(guitar playing and singing voices) FARGO (on radio): Brotherhood Mobile, come in.

SABRINA: This is Brotherhood Mobile.

FARGO (on radio): Trouble, move with all due speed. I repeat, move with all due speed, or our plans are for nothing.

SABRINA: Roger, will comply at once.

On board Airwolf and Archangel’s Jetranger

HAWKE: You'd better contact Archangel. Fargo's got some kind of a plan to blow up the world.

DOMINIC: Roger. Airwolf to Archangel, over.

ARCHANGEL: Dominic, have you found Hawke?

HAWKE: I'm here, Michael. I think we got big trouble. How soon can you get up to Beaudy?

ARCHANGEL: Oh, I'd say roughly 22 minutes. I'm already en-route. I've already alerted an assault squad stationed in the area. Will we need them?

HAWKE: It couldn't hurt, Michael.

HAWKE: We're on our way to Beaudy. We'll notify you of our rendezvous site.

ARCHANGEL: Roger, see you there.

Aeroresearch International

SABRINA: Come on. Come on. All of you. Just get in 2’s here. Okay. Ready? Come on, just follow after me.

WATKINS: Welcome.

SABRINA: Good afternoon.

WATKINS: Good to see you.

SABRINA: It's good to see you again.

SABRINA: Attention, children. This is Dr. Francis Watkins. He's the President of Aeroresearch International, who has decided to lead us on this very special tour today.

(applause) WATKINS: Thank you. Thank you. Shall we?

WATKINS: Let me say, on behalf of A.I., we are delighted to have you youngsters here with us on such a historic occasion.

WATKINS: And we are especially pleased to re-welcome Sabrina Cooke, who helped us establish our data-programming system some years ago, and to see that she has undertaken such a noble effort.

WATKINS: This is our launch control room, from which we control and monitor by computer the many aerospace vehicles that have helped push back the frontiers of space.

GIRL: Is this big machine a computer too, sir?

WATKINS: Why, this? Why, yes it is, young lady.

WATKINS: That's a very good question. What you're looking at here is the main console in the Andromeda 5000 series. It's a computer that's so sophisticated, it can hear an astronaut whisper in an orbiting space shuttle.

WATKINS: And today, as you will shortly see, A.I. is about to join the United States Air Force.


HAWKE: The town's nearly deserted, Michael. Looks like the best place to land is next to the City Hall.

ARCHANGEL: Okay Hawke, I'll be there in 5 minutes. Sit tight. Out.

CAITLIN: This Fargo seems like a real nutcase. You don't think there's anything to this "destroy the world" stuff, do you?

ARCHANGEL: I don't know. Let's just say he makes me nervous.

Aeroresearch International

WATKINS: Our Chief Aerospace Project Coordinator, Dr. Cuthbertson, by initiating the computer clock for what we call Project Slingshot, will begin the countdown that will automatically launch our drone F-4, which contains a missilethat we here at A.I. have especially developed.

WATKINS: Spaceguard is what we call the main projectile … contains 8 smaller missiles….

WATKINS AND COTTON: ….each armed with a 1.2 megaton warhead, and capable of striking….

COTTON (alone): ….armed enemy space satellites at distances of up to 700 nautical miles apart and capable, if necessary, of remaining in a search-and-destroy configuration for up to 72 hours from the start of the operational clock.



WATKINS: What's going on?

SABRINA: Hold it!

WATKINS: What is this?

SABRINA: Welcome, Dr. Watkins, to Project Reverse Shot.

SABRINA: Station Blue, do you copy? Roger, I read you five five. Report your status. I'm patching you through to the data link now.

FARGO: I'm receiving you, Sabrina. Signal me if all went well.

On board Airwolf at Beaudy

DOMINIC: We're getting an audio link signal. Audio signal locked in.

FARGO (in his control room at Beaudy): Listen, Mr. Watkins, and listen well. We have complete operational control of Project Slingshot.

WATKINS (at Aeroresearch International): That's impossible.

FARGO: You think so, huh? Nothing is impossible in the name of peace and love.

HAWKE: Can you locate the other source?

DOMINIC: In a second.

FARGO: You know Sabrina, Mr. Watkins? She is a genius with computers.

DOMINIC: There's a telecommunications link between City Hall and a point 47.3 miles, 18.5 degrees north by northwest.

HAWKE: What's there?

DOMINC: Checking.

(voice heard over audio tap, likely to be FARGO) …and your government kickbacks, all getting rich while moving the world closer and closer to the brink of annihilation.

DOMINIC: Oh, Aeroresearch International?

HAWKE: I think we just found Billy Fargo's heavenly thunder.

FARGO (voiceover): If you watch your screens, I'm going to launch your F-4 drone from here. Are you watching, Mr. Watkins?

SABRINA: The drone has been launched. I repeat, the drone is airborne at 1430.

DOMINIC: String, we got a launch at A.I.

HAWKE: You got identification?

(computer sounds)

FARGO (very soft, on audio tap): Pay attention, Mr. Watkins.

DOMINIC: An F-4, unmanned.

ARCHANGEL: It's Slingshot.

FARGO (audio tap): You will deposit the sum of $20 million in a Swiss bank account, the numbers of which will be forwarded the moment you confirm. This will be accomplished by an electronic transfer.

WATKINS: We will not submit to this kind of terrorist piracy.

FARGO: You have no choice. I recommend that you do it right away, because we control the drone jet and the nuclear potential of it. You will submit or I will launch that missile as I please.

DOMINIC: Can he do that?

FARGO: Moscow would not expect it and the devastation would be terrible. You have 15 minutes.

HAWKE: Billy Fargo, this is Stringfellow Hawke.

FARGO: Don't interfere, Hawke. There's nothing you can do. We have multiple control.

HAWKE: Billy, that missile carries more pain and destruction than anything you ever endured about Vietnam. The war's over. Billy, give it up, give it up for peace. Give it up for John.

FARGO: John has nothing to do with it.

HAWKE: I think he does, Billy. I think you loved John. He was your brother. I think you hated him, too, and when he died, you felt terrible guilt.

FARGO: Go away. I warn you. Go away.

CAITLIN: Hawke, you did the best you could. That man can't be reasoned with.

HAWKE: Here. I need some air.

(FIRM assault team van arrives) SULLIVAN: Sullivan sir, awaiting your orders.

ARCHANGEL: I want you to take over the computer control room located in that building.

HAWKE: Our instruments pinpointed it n the southeast corner of the basement.

ARCHANGEL: Try to surprise them. Try not to damage any of the equipment. And if possible, don't hurt anybody.

SULLIVAN: On our way, sir. Come on, men. We've got to secure the building. Follow me.

HAWKE: Aren't you gonna go, Michael?

ARCHANGEL: They're specially trained. I'd just be in the way, and so would you.

FARGO (on radio): Your time is up!

WATKINS: There will be no negotiations.

Beaudy town hall

ASSAULT TEAM MEMBER: Easy does it, kid.

SULLVAN: Watch the back hallway. Set the charges there.

FARGO: Then let the purifying flames begin.

SABRINA: We have launch sequence.

FARGO: Sabrina, instruct the drone to prepare the missile for launch. Inform me when we are ready. Then Armageddon begins on my command.

SABRINA: I understand, Father.

SULLIVAN: Blow that door, now!

FARGO (heard behind door): Hey, get your hands off me. It's too late. The missile has launched.

SABRINA: Now! MAN’S VOICE (possibly computer generated): We have a launch. Missile is away at 1445 hours. Bearing 298. Speed 837 miles at angels 68. Target estimated as Kamchatka Peninsula. Blowback and auto-destruct systems inactive.

At Airwolf , Beaudy

CAITLIN: Hawke! Hawke! He launched the missile!

SULLIVAN: Computer room secured, sir. No resistance.

HAWKE: I'm going after that missile, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: We'll see if we can abort it from here.

At Aeroresearch Control Room

COTTON: It wasn't supposed to launch. This is what we were trying to prevent. You told us. Father told us the plane was to be used as a bargaining chip. A hammer for peace, not this.

HAL: This will cause war.

GIRL: We don't want to die.

Beaudy town hall

(Airwolf lifts off, turbos)

FARGO: Peace, life, I shall be back.

CAITLIN: Can they stop it in time?

ARCHANGEL: I don't even know if they can reach it in time.

HAL: Father lied to us.

SABRINA: Be quiet. You're all too young to know what this will do. In the end, this will be a triumph for the people.

COTTON: How can killing people be a triumph? We don't believe you anymore. We won't listen.

SABRINA: Do you think I care? You've already served your purpose, Cotton.

COTTON: My name is Wendy Elizabeth Fargo. I don't want your lies and I don't want your name.

HARVEY: Make it stop.

SABRINA: I can't. No one can.

COTTON (now WENDY): Put the gun down, Harvey. You don't want to be like her, a killer.

SABRINA: It wasn't supposed to be like this. We're sorry.

WOMAN’S VOICE: I have you now. Please stand by for corrections on your trajectory.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: Estimated time of interception.

DOMINIC: 13 minutes.

HAWKE: Not good enough. Can you give me some more speed?

DOMINIC: String, we're Mach 1.5. That's our limit without crossing the red line.

HAWKE: Remove the lid.

DOMINIC: We'll blow up! HAWKE: A hell of a lot more is going to blow up if we don't stop that missile!

DOMINIC: What the… I don't believe this.

HAWKE: What is it?

DOMINIC: The Spaceguard missile, it made a U-turn.

HAWKE: Estimate a new target.

DOMINIC: Good God! The thing is headed for Washington D.C.!

HAWKE: Remove the lid! Fast!

DOMINIC: You've got it. Go! (turbos)

Beaudy town hall and Aeroresearch control room

FARGO: Sabrina? The missile?

SABRINA: A little change of plans, Father. Do you really think bombing Moscow makes a forceful anti-nuclear statement? But what about Americans blowing up their own capital?

FARGO: Destroy the missile! Destroy it!

SABRINA: What's the matter Daddy, losing your nerve?

CAITLIN: Michael, they'll scramble jets out of Washington to get this thing, won't they?

ARCHANGEL: They'll try, but Spaceguard's too high for any conventional interceptors.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: String, we're Mach 2! She's ready to come apart at the seams.

HAWKE: We've got to keep it wide open. It's our only chance.

DOMINIC: Okay, but I'm showing vibration in the tail rotor.

HAWKE: Dom, hold the speed.

ARCHANGEL (on radio): Gentlemen, we're out of options, D.C. is on red alert. Nothing we've got is good enough to stop that thing. It's up to you, Hawke.

HAWKE: Roger. I'm taking it to 100,000 feet.

DOMINIC: That exceeds our ceiling by 15,000. If we don't shake apart, we'll freeze solid.

HAWKE: Time of intercept?

DOMINIC: 11 minutes, 24 seconds.

HAWKE: Time of impact?

DOMINIC: 11 minutes, 36 seconds.

HAWKE: Do we have a choice?


DR KASPERSEN (at Aeroresearch control room): Time to impact, 9 minutes, 30 seconds.

The Intercept

HAWKE: Are we holding together?

DOMINIC: Barely. 7 minutes to impact. 6 minutes and 45 seconds to intercept. We've gained exactly 3 seconds.

ARCHANGEL: Airwolf, this is Archangel. Come in.

HAWKE: This is Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: Bad news, Hawke. The fuses in the Spaceguard cluster are nose-impact.The cluster will open at tropospheric level, temperature-monitored to minus 63° centigrade. We estimate that time to be in exactly 3 minutes, 53 seconds. Unless you can blow up Spaceguard before it opens, you'll have 8 separate highly sensitive physio-electronic fuses to contend with.

ARCHANGEL: Can you take out Spaceguard before it releases the cluster?

DOMINIC: No way! It can't be done!

HAWKE: That's a negative. We'll have to do it one at a time.

ARCHANGEL: Good luck, Hawke.

DOMINIC: Listen to this, String. The fuses are Triplex/Electronic. Instant Detonation. Our missiles have to impact directly on the fuse relay circuit in order to destroy the warhead without detonating it. Any shot within 30.5” of the nose could set off a nuclear explosion.

HAWKE: In other words, I'm going to have to thread the eye of a needle about 8 times in a row, going 2,000 miles an hour. Window's thin, or Washington D.C. becomes history.

DOMINIC: You got it.

HAWKE: Okay, let's go get 'em.

DR KASPERSEN: Cluster release. Systems functional, all fuses armed. Time to impact 3 minutes, 31 seconds.

DOMINIC: We have a radar sighting.

HAWKE: Distance?

DOMINIC: 98.6 kilometers, still out of range.

HAWKE: More juice Dom, I need more speed.

DOMINIC: The ship's got no more to give.

CAITLIN (at Beaudy town hall): They're not going to make it, are they?

HAWKE: Initiate firing sequence.

DOMINIC: Initiating. Auto?

HAWKE: Manual.

DOMINIC: Manual. Falcons on manual. Code-locked. Standing by.

HAWKE: I've got it, Dom.

DOMINIC: String, there's the first warhead. 58 seconds to impact.

ARCHANGEL: Dead center, String, or we've got a nuclear disaster on our hands.

(Airwolf music. Explosion) DOMINIC: Hurry, they're geting out of range! (3 Falcon missile launches. 3 more explosions) CAITLIN: 4 to go.

ARCHANGEL: Impact 46 seconds.

(3 more Falcon missile launches. 2 explosions, 1 misses and hits the ground) DOMINIC: 1 miss, 2 down, 2 to go. Impact 32 seconds.

(2 Falcon missile launches. 1 explosion. Another misses and hits the ground.) DOMINIC: 1 hit, 1 miss, impact time 18 seconds.

DOMINIC: Vibration increasing.

(A Falcon missile launches. Misses, hits a dockyard somewhere) DOMINIC: String, we're coming apart!

(A Falcon missile launches. Hits. Explosion.) (Cheers and applause at the Aeroresearch control room)

CAITLIN (at Beaudy): He did it!

HAWKE: Hey Dom, you think we can make it home?

DOMINIC: Even if I have to get out and row, buddy. (laughs)


(Jetranger lands) HAWKE: Oh, no. Not again.

DOMINIC: Nah, those bad cops are outta business.

CAITLIN: Yeah, that's the Sheriff's car. STELLA: Hello. Mr. Hawke, you're a hard man to keep up with. I'm Stella Grant, Wendy's Aunt. We both would like to thank you for all that you've done.

WENDY: We trusted Billy, we loved him.

HAWKE: You know, sometimes when you're young you make mistakes. But you remember next year.

WENDY: Thank you for everything.

DOMINIC: Tell me, are the other children being taken care of okay?

STELLA: Oh yes, completely.

DOMINIC: Wonderful. Wonderful.

STELLA: Thanks again, Mr. Hawke. Bye.

DOMINIC: Bye-bye.


DOMINIC: Bye-bye.

DOMINIC: Tell me uh… you ever get tired of being a hero?