Airwolf Wiki

In a field somewhere at night

(a plane lands) CARLOS: Let's go, Alvin. Let's go.

(police sirens) POLICE ON LOADSPEAKER: Stop that plane.

ALVIN: It's a bust!

(indistinct shouting during drug bust)

POLICE ON LOADSPEAKER: ....this is the DEA. Come out with your hands up!


POLICE ON LOADSPEAKER: Come out! Right now! This is the DEA.

In a dilapidated shed somewhere

FRANK: Now, Hawke, you know you can't rush a starter generator.

DOMINIC: Hi, guys!

HAWKE: Hey, Dom!

DOMINIC: There she is, that little beauty!

DOMINIC: How are ya, sweetheart?

DOMINIC: How's it coming, for our girl?

HAWKE: 2 days.

DOMINIC: 2 days? Oh! Frank!


HAWKE: Jalapeno?


FRANK: Have one.

DOMINIC: Time to go. Come on. Come on, come on.

CAITLIN: See you, Frank.

FRANK: Well, how do ya like that? Hey, Dom! My Mom made these!

On board the Santini Air Jetranger

CAITLIN: You know, it doesn't seem right leaving Frank to do that work all by himself.

HAWKE: Oh, he never did like me looking over his shoulder.

HAWKE: Besides, how often does Dom invite you out to meet his best friend?

HAWKE: What is this best friend anyway, Dom? A gopher?

CAITLIN: Horned toad maybe. A gopher couldn't stand it out here.

A boxing match at the refinery

(men cheering)

MAN: Come on, Carnes! Give him a shot!

MAN: I told you, Cece, you could do it, huh?

MAN: I told you, Cece. You knocked the heck out of him with that one.

LITTLE CECE: Hey man, it's Dom!

LITTLE CECE: Hey, Uncle Dom!

DOMINIC: All right!

DOMINIC: Ah, you got a right just like your old man!

LITTLE CECE: Hey, I know you. Dad's got a picture of you at home. You're that war hero, aren't ya?

HAWKE: I was just there, that's all.

DOMINIC: Hey, how's Big Cece?

LITTLE CECE: He had this dumb little accident. He's home, laid up.


LITTLE CECE: Noble Flowers, this is Dominic Santini, Dad's best friend.

NOBLE FLOWERS: How are ya? Glad to meet ya.

DOMINIC: Hey, you think you can get off and take us to him?

LITTLE CECE: I'm on shift.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Oh, that's okay, Carnes. Catch a rabbit. Tell the boss I've got everything under control here.

DOMINIC: Hey, thanks a lot.

DOMINIC: You're up front with me.

LITTLE CECE: All right!

(Jetranger lifts off)

On board the Jetranger

HAWKE: Dom tells me your old man made it all the way through Korea without so much as a scratch. What happened?

LITTLE CECE: This rack of drill pipe shifted. Pinned his leg. But he's okay.

At the Carnes residence

BIG CECE: Dom Santini.

BIG CECE: Danged if you ain't still as ugly as a mud finch.

DOMINIC:You looking pretty good yourself. For you.

(laughter) BIG CECE: What are you doing off of the job?

HAWKE: Dom, asked him to show us the way.

DOMINIC: Oh, come on, come on, will ya? Let's go. Come on! Hey, did you make any of that siping whiskey?

Inside, over dinner

DOMINIC: Just like Korea, Santini wins again.

BIG CECE: You had fresh goat over there, and all I had was government issue.

DOMINIC: Oh, and my special thanks to Little Cece. Seconds 3 times!

HAWKE: Well, you know, he does eat out of this kitchen all the time. It's probably just 'cause it was something different.

LITTLE CECE: Sure was.

BIG CECE:If the boy hated my cooking that much, it's a wonder he never took his turn at the stove, ain't it?

HAWKE: Well, you know I hate to eat and run, but Cate and I have got a real early morning tomorrow.

DOMINIC: Hey, keep in touch now, will ya? And stay on top of that guy, will ya?

BIG CECE: What are you folks doing here anyhow? You're staying on, Dom.

DOMINIC: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, I happen to have my over-nighter with me.

LITTLE CECE: I'll drive you folks into town. I'm going in anyhow.


BIG CECE: Cecil Junior, you stay out of that saloon and get your butt back here before midnight or I'm gonna kick it so hard, you'll be wearing it for a collar.

HAWKE: You know Carnes, you really do have a way with words. Much thanks.

CAITLIN: Did we come at a bad night?

BIG CECE: No. This is the Carnes house.

(outside) HAWKE: You know, Cece, it's funny that we never met before, 'cause you sure do remind me of somebody I knew once.



(inside) DOMINIC: You oughta be ashamed of yourself.

BIG CECE: Don't start in on me now.

DOMINIC: He's a good kid!

BIG CECE: You can have him for 2 cents on the dollar.

DOMINIC: But I don't get it! The last time I was here, you 2 were…

BIG CECE: Things have changed. Ever since Evelyn.

DOMINIC: Evelyn! But that was 3 years ago!

BIG CECE: You was at the funeral. You saw how he looked at me.

DOMINIC: But it was the shock and everything. He got over that. Well, the last time I was here, he…

BIG CECE: We was puting on an act for ya.

BIG CECE: It got to where we just don't bother no more.

DOMINIC: Boy. If Evelyn knew how you 2 were tearing at each other…

BIG CECE: I know! I know. What can I do when he keeps looking at me like I killed her?

DOMINIC: Oh, you've got it all wrong.

BIG CECE: Oh, the hell I have! Every time we get into a fight, it always ends up with him talking about her like she never should've been there at all, driving him to school. It shoulda been me! But I took off for the rig.

BIG CECE: You want to know what hurts the most, Dom?

BIG CECE: Not him a-blameing me for her not being here. It's her not being here.

DOMINIC: I remember how you used to write her letters every night in Korea. I just don't understand about Little Cece. I mean, he's always been such a good kid.

BIG CECE: You think so? Well, if he's such a good boy, how come he didn't reach in there and pull her out instead of hanging back with his tail between his legs?

DOMINIC: Now, you hold it right there, Cece! You know it wasn't like that at all! I talked to the Police the same as you did. When that drunk ran that light and rammed her car, Little Cece was thrown out! The car went up like a matchbox! He could not’ve gotten her out! And the report said she died on impact!

DOMINIC: I just hate it when you get those stubborn streaks! Did anybody besides me ever tell you that you're ½ mule and 2/3’s jackass?

BIG CECE: Evelyn did all the time.

DOMINIC: So don't worry about Little Cece. Look, it's just a phase that he's going through just like all kids his age. He gets a few days of hard work under his belt, he'll know how much easier college is than real life!

DOMINIC: Next year, when he goes to A&M, he'll crack those books. You'll see.

BIG CECE: If you're gonna keep telling fairy stories, I think I'll hit the sack. This ol' leg of mine is acheing up a storm. You gonna stay up? There's a quart of that siping whiskey in that cabinet over yonder, rassling on the cable.

DOMINIC: Texas holiday, huh? Ha! Well, I'll sample some of that siping whiskey, but on the educational channel, they've got Rigoletto!

BIG CECE: Dom, you never was like regular folks.

In a dark field

MULE: I got better things to do than to walk a mile through snakes and mesquite.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Let's see the goods.


NOBLE FLOWERS: I'll have it to my main man for testing tomorrow. When do we get the rest of the 100 keys?

MULE: I can't carry 120 pounds on my back. I have to bring it in by 4-wheel drive.

NOBLE FLOWERS:Well, when do we get it?

MULE: Tomorrow afternoon. 6 o'clock.

NOBLE FLOWERS: 6 o'clock.

Carnes residence

DOMINIC: What the hell.

DOMINIC: What the hell are you doing? It's freezing!

BIG CECE: That punk kid of mine never flunked out of A&M. He got thrown out! You wanna know for what?

BIG CECE: For selling marijuana.

BIG CECE: They figured he was selling for somebody on the outside, but he wouldn't tell 'em nothing!

BIG CECE: The only reason the law wasn't called in, is 'cause I got friends down therethat didn't want to see the family name dragged through the mud.I should've let ‘em throw him so far back in jail, they'd have had to shoot him his beans to him with a 12-gauge!

DOMINIC: Oh, Cece. I'm really sorry.

BIG CECE: Well, I gotta take some of the blame my own self. I knew he was into something that he couldn't handle. But all I done was crack down on him harder.

BIG CECE: You know how I am.

BIG CECE: He looks up to you, Dom. Always has. I want you to see if you can't straighting him out for me.

DOMINIC: Sure. But I'm only here for a couple more days.

BIG CECE: Take him back to California with ya. Put him to work. Get him back in school. And if he gives you one little bit of trouble, you got my permission to kick his hind end clear up betwixt his shoulder blades!

BIG CECE: I just can't help it, can I? You know what I mean.

DOMINIC: All right. I'll talk to him. And I'll tell him how you really feel.

DOMINIC: And if it'll do you any good, I'll stay over a few more days.

DOMINIC: But will you do me a favor? Lay off Little Cece, will ya?

BIG CECE: Something I left out. This busted leg… Little Cece let a rack of pipes slip and I couldn't get outta the way of it.

DOMINIC: Are you telling me he did it on purpose?

BIG CECE: Oh, no, no, no. No, just butterfingered. But I was so dang mad, I said he did.

DOMINIC: When you talk to him, tell him I didn't mean that.

At a bar

ALVIN: You must be Cecil Carnes, Jr.

LITTLE CECE: Don't rub it in.

ALVIN: Flowers said we might find you here.

ALVIN: He needs you tomorrow.

LITTLE CECE: Hey man, I always show up for work.

ALVIN: He wants to make sure you don't take the day off. We got a special job. Delivery.

LITTLE CECE: Sorry, fellas. I'm not in grass anymore.

ALVIN: Neither are we, kid. We graduated. It's candy now. Nose candy.

LITTLE CECE: Count me out.

ALVIN: Flowers said you're in. And if Flowers said you're in, you're in.

On board the Santini Air Jetranger

DOMINIC: You wanna fly her?

LITTLE CECE: Didn't the old man tell you I never soloed before. I figured he couldn't wait to tell you that.

DOMINIC: No, he didn't.

DOMINIC: Did you ever figure maybe you got him all wrong?

DOMINIC: All right, you got her.

DOMINIC: I'll take over in case you get in too deep.

DOMINIC:You know, there is something your Dad told me about the accident.

LITTLE CECE: Yeah, he said I did it on purpose, didn't he?

DOMINIC: No, he said you were butterfingered. And he said he was sorry that he flew off the handle when he said you did it on purpose.

LITTLE CECE: My old man said he was sorry? That's a first.

DOMINIC: Well, you know, he's hard-headed. From what I've seen so far, you're pretty bullheaded yourself, you know.

DOMINIC: Hey, watch those birds!

DOMINIC: That was pretty good.

At the Carnes refinery

LITTLE CECE: Noble, I gotta talk to you.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Later, Carnes. Get over there and help Moose out.


DOMINIC: Hey, if he's late, it's my fault.

NOBLE FLOWERS: No, no, nothing like that. I was just wondering if you could do us a big favor.

DOMINIC: Sure, what is it?

NOBLE FLOWERS: Well, with Cece being out, it's really put us in kind of a bind. He's the only one who flies a chopper.

DOMINIC: Well, I'd be glad to help. What is it?

NOBLE FLOWERS: Well, we got some instruments that really need to go into the shop. And also, we got test samples. I thought you could see your way clear to take 'em on in. The company will pay your hours, whatever it is.

DOMINIC: You know, I'd be embarrassed to admit what Santini Air gets, so I better just do it for nothing.

NOBLE FLOWERS: We sure appreciate that, Mr. Santini.


NOBLE FLOWERS: Listen, Carnes can go with you. He knows where everything's supposed to go back in town. And I'll give him the rest of the day off after.

DOMINIC: Hey, that's great!

NOBLE FLOWERS: Listen, why don't you grab yourself a cup of coffee. I'll get the boy organized.

DOMINIC: I'll do that.


DOMINIC: You bet.

LITTLE CECE: Noble, what you mean puting those goons on me last night?

NOBLE FLOWERS:Shut up and listen. We got in some high-grade sample last night. It has to go in pronto. Alvin tell you?

LITTLE CECE: Yeah, he tried to but I wasn't listening.

NOBLE FLOWERS: All you have to do is drop it off. And you're in for a full cut.

LITTLE CECE: Yeah, like with the grass? No, thanks.

NOBLE FLOWERS: I'm not looking for thanks. Santini's gonna fly you in.

LITTLE CECE: I don't believe that.

NOBLE FLOWERS: He'll never know what he's carrying. It'll be mixed in with the other drops. All you have to do is follow the checklist and make sure you hand Alvin the right package.

LITTLE CECE: There's no way in hell I'm gonna be messing with cocaine, or let Uncle Dom.

NOBLE FLOWERS: You don't go along, Alvin's not gonna like it. There's nothing he and Carlos like better than hurting folks. And hey, I don't wanna see either one of you get hurt.

LITTLE CECE: Either one of us?

NOBLE FLOWERS: You or your Daddy.

LITTLE CECE: You are scum.

On board Santini Air Jetranger

DOMINIC: So what are you gonna do on your unexpected day off?

DOMINIC: Ah, you got a girl.

LITTLE CECE: Had a girl.

LITTLE CECE: She didn't like my hours.

DOMINIC: So why don't you take me fishing? Maybe your Pop will come too.

LITTLE CECE: Not if I was along.

DOMINIC: Watch out! Piper at 6 o'clock!

DOMINIC: What the hell's going on?

DOMINIC:Careful, Cece. The package is jammed between the rudders.

DOMINIC: Hold her steady, hold her steady.

DOMINIC: What is this?


DOMINIC: Oh, Cecil, how could you be so stupid? Who else was in this? Flowers?

DOMINIC: Keeping quiet's not gonna get you anywhere.

DOMINIC: You'd be a lot better off if you give me something to work with.

DOMINIC: Now, where was this stuff going? Where is the next stop on your list?

DOMINIC: I'm gonna find out where this poison goes to and why. And without your help.

LITTLE CECE: Uncle Dom, I know I screwed up bad, but I just can't rat on ‘em!

DOMINIC: Rats on your not ratting! And don't call me Uncle Dom!

DOMINIC: I'll find it without ya.

Rendezvous with Carlos and Alvin

CARLOS: When the punk gets here, how 'bout I bust something for being late, huh?

ALVIN: If he gets here. I'm calling Flowers.

LITTLE CECE: Uncle Dom, the big guy carries a gun.

DOMINIC: When we set down, you don't open your mouth, you understand?

(Jetranger lands)

ALVIN: Who are you?

DOMINIC: I'm sorry, but I don't do business with strangers. Show me some ID.

ALVIN: Who is this joker?

DOMINIC: You want the goods, you gotta show me something.

ALVIN: That's me, all right?

DOMINIC: That's you, all right.

(Jetranger lifts off)

DOMINIC: Who's Alvin Brock? And the other goon?

LITTLE CECE: I don't know. Honest.

LITTLE CECE: They just came up to me at the Shy Texan.

DOMINIC: Do you expect me to believe that?


LITTLE CECE: You are just like him.

LITTLE CECE: I suppose you're gonna turn me in now, right?

DOMINIC: Can you give me 3 good reasons why I shouldn't?

DOMINIC: But don't worry. I'm gonna get you some company. You're not gonna take this rap alone.

DOMINIC: And yes, I am just like him. Because neither one of us want to see you ruin your life.

At the refinery


ALVIN: (on the phone) What's going on, Flowers? Your couriers just took off with my stuff.

NOBLE FLOWERS: What? It's not my doing Alvin, I swear.

ALVIN: I know you wouldn't be that stupid. I figure they're either going into business for their selves, or they're going to the cops.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Well, what do we do?

ALVIN: Listen, and get this right. Carlos and me are going after your people. If we get 'em, I'll call ya. If you don't hear from me, you'll have to meet the Mule yourself. Tell him the heat's on.

NOBLE FLOWERS: I understand. I'll take care of it.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Well Moose, we may be going to do some traveling.

Carnes residence

LITTLE CECE: That's my house.

LITTLE CECE: Oh, you couldn't wait to give the old man his crack at me, could you?

DOMINIC: For your information, we're getting your Pop outta there until I decide what to do.

DOMINIC: It'll be the first place your buddies will look.

LITTLE CECE: They're not my buddies!

DOMINIC: Cece, get some things together and come on!

BIG CECE: What? What's happening?

DOMINIC: I'll explain later.

CARLOS: Bingo!

LITTLE CECE: They're coming!

DOMINIC: Big Cece!

BIG CECE: Oh, wait a minute, I forgot something!

DOMINIC: Come on, Big Cece! Hurry up!

DOMINIC: Hurry up!

(gunshot) DOMINIC: Here. Come on, get up there!

At a hotel

BIG CECE: I'm almost glad your Mama ain't here to see what you're mixed up in.

LITTLE CECE: You happy now? I finally proved I ain't any good.

DOMINIC: Oh, shut up, both of ya!

DOMINIC: Now, is there any more stuff back there at the refinery?

BIG CECE: Answer him!

DOMINIC: I said shut up!

BIG CECE: I don't have to take that off of you or nobody else.

DOMINIC: Look son, I'm not asking you to name names. But if there are any more drugs out there that you haven't told me about, the Police will get it out of you. Don't you understand?

Carlos and Alvin in pursuit

CARLOS: I checked all 3 motels. Nobody there with a broken leg.

ALVIN: There's only one other place they could be.

At the hotel

DOMINIC: Read this. Out loud.

LITTLE CECE: “Dearest Evelyn, can't wait till this here job is over so I could see you and my little guy.”

LITTLE CECE: “It's the second best thing I ever did, next to marrying you.”

LITTLE CECE: Things sure have changed, haven't they?

DOMINIC: Now read this.

LITTLE CECE: It's just last week.

LITTLE CECE: “Sorry I missed my visit yesterday.”

LITTLE CECE: “I had this fool accident and I broke my leg. But I'm doing fine now.”

LITTLE CECE: “Cecil Junior is doing real good out at the refinery. I’m proud of him. You would be, too.”

LITTLE CECE: “Now, he's gone through a bad spell but he'll be okay. We both know when you come right down to it, he's the best kid in the world.”

DOMINIC: What's the matter? Swallow a bug?

DOMINIC: You still got nothing to say to me?

LITTLE CECE: Flowers said something about the real shipment coming in this afternoon.


LITTLE CECE: I don't know. Probably the oil field.

DOMINIC: (on radio) String? It's Dom. Do you copy, String?

DOMINIC: String, are you there?

HAWKE: I got ya, Dom. Go ahead.

DOMINIC: String, we need the Lady.

HAWKE: Dom, I think it should be later on tonight.

DOMINIC: Tonight's not good enough!

DOMINIC: Look! Meet me at that refinery as soon as you get her buttoned up.

BIG CECE: I'm going with ya.

DOMINIC: With a busted leg?

BIG CECE: There ain't nobody else here in this room that's man enough to help.

BIG CECE: It's all over for him, ain't it? He asked for it. Serves him right.

DOMINIC: I don't believe you mean that. Now look, if we can nip that shipment before it gets into town, maybe, just maybe, we can get Little Cece a separate deal than that scum who used him.

BIG CECE: How do you tell him from the rest of the scum?

DOMINIC: Oh, come on, will ya? We're wasting time. Let's get moveing.

BIG CECE: You're leaving him here. Ain't you afraid he's gonna duck out on us?

DOMINIC: No, he's coming with us.

DOMINIC: Little Cece! Little Cece!

(door bursts open) DOMINIC: What the…

CARLOS: Nobody.

ALVIN: Where's the stuff?

ALVIN: Where's the kid?

ALVIN: He got my goods with him?

BIG CECE: Oh, was that your box? I'll get it for you.

BIG CECE: Kinda reminds me of that time at the Golden Dragon Bar in Yonchon, don't it you, Dom.

DOMINIC: Hop! Hope! Heep!

At the refinery

MOOSE: Did you hear from Alvin?

NOBLE FLOWERS: Nope. We're takeing off with the Mule.

(siren) NOBLE FLOWERS: Good. The day shift's finished. We're gonna give ‘em something to take their mind off of us.

On board Santini Air Jetranger

DOMINIC: We found your letters.


DOMINIC: He read them, too.

BIG CECE: Well, you didn't have no right…

DOMINIC: If you had said some of the things tohim that you wrote in those letters, maybe he'd have turned out different.

BIG CECE: So now it's all of my doings, huh?

DOMINIC: I didn't say that. But you don't exactly come off smelling like a rose, either.

At the refinery

(timer clock ticking)

NOBLE FLOWERS: By the time she blows, we'll be on our way.

MOOSE: What about that dynamite? Is it gonna go, too?

NOBLE FLOWERS: Who knows, who cares.

(Jetranger arrives)

NOBLE FLOWERS: Hey. That's Big Cece's chopper.

MOOSE: Let's get outta here.

LITTLE CECE:You're coming with me, both of you. Get in the chopper!

NOBLE FLOWERS: Now, you're makeing a big mistake, son. Let's take it easy. Simmer down, let's talk it over.

LITTLE CECE: No, now! Come on, let's go!

NOBLE FLOWERS: Better get him inside before somebody sees us.

(multiple explosions)

INDISTINCT VOICES: The rig's on fire!

MAN: Get on that derrick, and try shutting down the capping line!

NOBLE FLOWERS: That oughta get their minds off us.

BIG CECE: My God! The rig!

DOMINIC: String, do you hear me?

DOMINIC: May Day, May Day! We got a fire on the site!

BIG CECE: That's my bird down there. You spot Cecil Junior anywhere?


BIG CECE: Well, come on! Get me down there!

MAN: Get back!

MAN: It's gonna blow!

DOMINIC: Come on!

DOMINIC: Somebody hand me a shovel!

BIG CECE: Where is my boy?

BIG CECE: What happened?

MAN: It went off like a bomb! I ain't seen Little Cece!

BIG CECE: Dom! Go find Little Cece!

BIG CECE: All right, shovel! Shovel hard, men!

DOMINIC: It's like shoveling some sand against the tide.

BIG CECE: All right, keep shoveling! Can't let the fire get to that dynamite shack!

MAN: Keep shoveling! You heard Carnes!



DOMINIC:Are you all right?

LITTLE CECE: Flowers and Moose took offwith someone in a 4-by!

LITTLE CECE: You gotta stop ‘em! They set the fire!

DOMINIC: Let's go! Come on!

MAN: Get away from that dynamite shack!

DOMINIC: Stay with your Dad!

BIG CECE: Keep the fire away from that dynamite!

DOMINIC: String! String, do you receive me?

HAWKE: We're airborne.

DOMINIC: Oh, String! That fires spreading fast! We need you, boy!

HAWKE: Hang on Dom, we'll be there.

BIG CECE: All right, everybody. Move out. Hurry up. That dynamite's gonna go!

BIG CECE: Everybody back! There's nothing we can do now!

LITTLE CECE: Pops, where are you going?

LITTLE CECE: Are you crazy? Get out of there, Pop!

DOMINIC: Cece! Cece! Cece!

LITTLE CECE: Pops, No! The dynamite's gonna blow!





LITTLE CECE: Pop! You all right?

BIG CECE: Damn! I think I just broke my good leg.

DOMINIC: Oh God. All right, let's get him outta here.

DOMINIC: Here we go! Up! Come on!

MAN: FLOWERS: Come on, let's get outta here!

MAN: Watch out!

BIG CECE: Son, we don't get that fire out, the whole refinery's gonna go.

LITTLE CECE: I'm gonna put out that fire.

LITTLE CECE: Come on, you guys! Give me a hand! Hurry up!

LITTLE CECE: Come on, dig! We gotta put this thing out!

DOMINIC: You see how my boy just flat took charge?

LITTLE CECE: Come on, get over here! Come on!

LITTLE CECE: You gotta control it! I need your help! Move it!

LITTLE CECE: Come on, keep shoveling!

LITTLE CECE: Spill! Fire!

BIG CECE: It ain't gonna work, Dom. They can't get it out.

LITTLE CECE: Everybody pull back! Come on! Get outta here!

LITTLE CECE: Everybody pull back!

DOMINIC: Listen, give me a hand and put him in here.

MAN: Hey, look!

HAWKE: Let's take a closer look.

HAWKE: Dom, I've got the fire power.

HAWKE: We'll just dig a trench and divert it.

CAITLIN: Sequential firing locked and ready.

HAWKE: Let's do it.

(rockets and guns fire)

LITTLE CECE: All right! Whoo!

LITTLE CECE: The fire, it's stopping at the trench!


LITTLE CECE: All right!

LITTLE CECE: Okay! All right!

LITTLE CECE: He did it! He did it!

DOMINIC: String! String, nice shooting!

DOMINIC: Listen, Flowers and Moose set that fire to cover their escape!

DOMINIC: Now, if I were them, I'd be heading for the border. You understand?

HAWKE: Roger, Dom. We'll see if we can't change those plans.

The pursuit

CAITLIN: Hawke, I've got something.

CAITLIN: A 4-wheel-drive vehicle but it stopped. Nobody's around.

HAWKE: Sounds like they made a switch.

CAITLIN: Checking. Nothing on the ground.

CAITLIN: Hold it!

CAITLIN: There it is! It's a helicopter headed due South.

HAWKE: On our way.

NOBLE FLOWERS: Mexico is a great country Moose, if you get a few bucks.

HAWKE: We're takeing you in, Flowers. Tell the pilot to land that ship, now!

NOBLE FLOWERS: If you don't want to rot in jail, I suggest you take him down.

(rockets fire and miss)

HAWKE: Give me a hellfire, Cate.

CAITLIN: Hellfire ready!


Carnes residence

BIG CECE: I got me a letter from the Railroad Commissioner of Texas,

BIG CECE: and a get-well card from the Lieutenant-Governor.

BIG CECE: And ‘ol Red Adair sent me this his own self.

DOMINIC: All right!

BIG CECE: And I don't know what all's in here.

DOMINIC: Incidentally, your Pops says you can come live with me and go to college in Los Angeles.

LITTLE CECE: Los Angeles!

HAWKE: The Prosecutor tells me that he's willing to let you do your probation in California.

CAITLIN: I bet you could even get a part time job with Santini Air.

BIG CECE: Oh, no. No, he ain't going to no California.

BIG CECE: He's staying right here in Texas, with me.

BIG CECE: We got our own schools and if he wants to take up flying again, you tell me a better teacher than this old man.